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Reviewing The Raiders - Updated FINAL



Aight. Last week was kinda fun reviewing the Rams tape, so I figured let’s do both Raiders games for this week. Yes, both.  For now, here’s the Raiders at Titans game from Week 1.


First up is Week 1 with the Raiders at the Titans. First thing is it’s weird to hear Romo calling this game because he’s always been an NFC guy yet here he is calling an AFC game. Secondly, the Titans start this game with a failed on-sides kick. It was ballsy, but dumb. 


Now to what I’ve been wanting to see, this vaunted Raiders Offense as never watched them last year. So let’s rearview what the Raiders are doing on Offense, drive by drive. Here we go…


Raiders 1st & 10 at the 50 with 14:58 on the clock. Two WR set with Lynch in the backfield. Pass blocking is perfect, Carr with a quick release throws short of the 1st Down marker (a staple of the Redskins O for years) complete to Cooper for 6 yards as he’s wrapped up & on the ground before he can complete a spin around move to go for the YAK. 2nd & 4. Raiders to the line, Lynch in the backfield, 4 WR set- Trips left overload with the fourth(Rookie) on the right.  Handoff to Lynch. No rust on BeastMode. Gains 14 simply by plowing though & bowling guys over. It takes 3-4 defenders to bring him down. 1st & 10 at the 30. Raiders to the line 3 WR set with an empty backfield & BeastMode out wide to the right. Lynch does nothing. Absolutely nothing. He stands there facing Carr, watches the snap, doesn’t move. Maybe that 14 yard run gassed his ass? Anyways, Carr connects with Cook who spins around & does a forward roll before even being touched by a defender for a gain of 22. Cook was wide open. 1st & Goal for the Raiders who have been playing the Titans aren’t even on the field. Raiders to the line, going 5 wide. Carr to Cooper on the underneath route. Cooper, drags about half of the Titans defense with him, muscles his way across the plane for the touchdown. Raiders send out there new kicker, he nails it & it’s 7-0 Raiders.


Oakland’s Defense on this series is nothing to get excited about as they allowed the Titans to march down the field for a touchdown that was ran in by Mariota. Oh & Rookie WR Corey Davis owned CB David Amerson on a sweet sideline pass.


The Titans kick it off for a touchback. Raiders ball at the 25. BeastMode in the backfield, 4 WR set, Trips Left. Carr handoffs to Lynch for a run to the left with 3 extra blockers already there for him coming out of that Trips formation. Gain of 3 as the WRs can’t block for ****. Raiders again going 5 wide with an empty backfield. Sideline pass to Cooper gets broken up. I believe this is Oakland’s first incompletion. 3rd & 7 Raiders go 4 WRs with Lynch in the backfield. Sideline pass to Cook for a gain of 12 & the 1st down. It took four defenders to bring Cook down. He’s a big boy who clearly ate his Wheaties before this game. Raiders go with the End Around to Patterson to change things up a bit. Personally I’ve never been a big fan of the End Around as it rarely gets you any yardage due to the time it takes to get the runner headed back the other way & just wastes a Down more often then not. 2nd & 5 and the Raiders go back to 5 WRs. Again. With Lynch in the backfield. Carr changes the play at the lineCrabtree gets called for Offensive Pass Interference. Oakland gets backed up to a 2nd & 15. So far the only thing that stops this Offense is, this Offense. Raiders back to their 5 WRs but with an empty backfield this snap. Carr passes it to no one as Cooper ran the wrong route. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but the Raiders are going 5 Wide with an empty backfield. Carr with a sideline lob to Crabtree who makes the catch but there’s a flag out. PI call on the Defense so the Raiders get the easy 1st Down. Trips left this time with the 4th WR at the bottom of the screen. Betting here it’s either the underneath or the sideline pass down the right…..Oh I AM surprised, it’s actually Lynch up the middle for 3. 2nd & 7 with 4 wide & Lynch in the backfield this time. There’s the underneath to Crabtree who gets to the 12. Flag on the play back at the 40 & after zebra conference it’s no foul. Evidently the SJ thought a WR was a T & had thrown the flag for not enough players on the field. Or something. Still, this is a Week 1 game & Del Rio is on the sideline laughing in the ref’s face as they explain it to him. Raider ball at the 12. Raiders again back to Trips left with Cooper as the fourth WR on the right & Lynch in the backfield. Lynch runs to the left for five yards. Those extra WRs seemed to block a lil bit better this time. 2nd & 5 at the 7. Raiders go 3 WRs spread on the right with the 4th on the left & again Lynch in the backfield. Swing pass to Lynch for a gain of 2 on the left side. Oh look! It’s an Orakpo sighting. 3rd & 3 at the 5. Titans show a FS blitz, Lynch up the middle but gets pushed back short of the first down. 4th & 1. Raiders are going to go for it. Timeout Oakland…Raiders going for it. Handoff to Lynch who is hit at the ankles in the backfield & should have been stopped except he plants & slightly pivot to the right away from the clogged middle, avoids the guy coming through the middle & heads towards his new hole where there’s nothing but daylight between him & end zone. However a defender comes in out of the backfield & wraps him up short of the goal line but he gets the 1st Down. 1st & Goal Raiders. Again, trips bunched left, Cooper on the right, Lynch in the backfield. Quick slant to Cooper is bobbled & dropped. 2nd & Goal. Three WRs spread out this time on the left, Copper still spread out solo on the right. Lynch still in the backfield. Pass again to Cooper is broken up & incomplete. 3rd Down. Carr in the Shotgun passes to Cooper who drops it in the back center of the end zone. Quarter ends & Oakland opens the 2nd quarter with a 3 point field goal. Great drive that chewed up the clock & yardage. They just couldn’t punch it in when they needed to. Sounds familiar to anyone that’’s been watching Redskins football here lately. Only difference is the Raiders were feeding Cooper who couldn’t eat while the Redskins just throw fades to short WRs. 


I may have gotten spoiled in watching McVay’s creativity last week when I reviewed the Rams tape against the Colts. And with the last game I watched being the Thursday Night Shootout between the Rams & the 49ers, this Raiders offense is boring af. I’m go take a power nap cause it’s actually making me sleepy. Hopefully;;y when I get back I can stay awake long enough to get through this Week 1 game tape. No idea how I’ll get through the Riders/Jets game from last week. Maybe a box of coffee from Dunkin will do the trick….


Oakland starts their third drive with Lynch on the bench. Not to be confused with all of those “Remember Elf on a shelf get ready for_______” memes that have been making their way across social media this past week. Raiders line up in what ’s been their base formation this game - Trips bunched left, fourth WR at the top on the screen. It’s a handoff to Washington up the clogged middle for 1. Hot route for 3 yards to Cooper & he picks up the YAC for the first down at the 28. The give is to Washington again up the middle for a gain of 4. No idea why BeastMode is currently BenchMode. 2nd & 6 at the 31. Raiders going 5 wide now with Washington split out wide at the bottom of the screen. Carr quick pass to Cook for the first down. Four WR set with Washington still in the backfield & Carr hands off to Washington who goes up the middle again for 2. Raiders go 5 wide with an 18 yard pass to Crabtree. Crabtree makes the catch in the air, stretched out perpendicular like he’s flying & only missing a cape. 1st & 10 at the 43 & Oakland is back to 4 WRs with Richard in the backfield now. Richard takes the handoff up the middle for a short gain. 2nd & 9 four WRs & Richard  in the backfield again. Play action fake to Richard & Carr is immediately swarmed & sacked for a loss of 5. 3rd & 13. 4 WRs again & again the Titans sack Carr. 4th & 20. Cue the punt team. Punt takes a bounce & Oakland’s ST down it at the 2. Nice ST play. 


On the last drive the Raider Defense pitched a three & out. This drive, not so much. The Titans started at their own 2 yard line & marched it down into the Red Zone where the Defense finally tightened up & held them to a Field Goal. It’s tied at 10 with 43 seconds left in the first half. 


Raiders take the touchback at the 25 yard line. Carr to Crabtree on a 5 yard under route. Crabtree with the YAK & gets out of bounds to stop the clock. Raiders go 4 WR set again with two on each side of the line, empty backfield with 36 seconds on the clock. Titans blitz & almost get Carr for a HUGE loss but his quick release allows him to avoid the sack & connect with Crabtree down the sideline again but 2 yards short of the 1st down & he steps out to stop the clock.  29 seconds on the clock, 2nd & 2. Carr dumps it off to Washington over the middle who has some speed & gets a gain of 13. Raiders call Timeout with 20 tics left on the toc. Titans blitz, Carr lobs it over to Cook at the sideline but doesn’t get out. Raiders call Timeout with 2 seconds left, 2nd & 5 & looking at at 50+ FG attempt. 52 yard FG is good straight down the middle. Raiders up by 3 at the half. 13-10 Oakland.


Raiders to kickoff to start the second half. Titans take the touchback at the 25. Titans end up punting & the Raiders get called for a block in the back.1st & 10 at the 9, 5 WR set. Carr incomplete to Cooper. 2nd down. BeastMode is back in & up the middle for 7. #rd & 3. Carr to Crabtree & it’s knocked out of his hands. Raiders punt it the 26 & hit the returner out of bounds but get away with that penalty while the Titans take a 10 yard penalty for a block in the back. That’s the second ref screw up so far in this game. The Defense steps up again & forces another three & out. Raiders Fair Catch at the 37.


Raiders line up in their base offense again with Lynch in the backfield. Seems like with his time out of football the Raiders are easing him back in & working him back into being an every down back. So it’s possible that the Redskins Defense won’t be dealing with him the entire game come Sunday night. Lynch off the Left Tackle for a gain of 2. 2nd Down & 8. Crabtree nobles a completion for no gain. 3rd & 8. Quick pass over the middle to Cooper who comes from across the field while the Titans are rushing 5 defenders,, GREAT play by Carr to avoid the pressure & still make the lobbed pass. 1st & 10. Carr fakes the Reverse & dumps it off to Lynch for the first down. It takes 5-6 defenders to bring his ass down. Geez. Gain of 16 on that play. Carr incomplete to Lynch who was lined up as a WR & completely uncovered. Lynch didn’t take off with the snap, he stood their for a second or two first then took off which threw the timing based pass off. This was similar to the play in the first half where they lined Lynch up as a WR & all he did was stand there looking back at Carr. 2nd & 10. Lynch back on the bench & Richard is back in. Richard up the middle for a short gain. 3rd & 9. Carr complete to Cooper with a GREAT throw that’s negated by a flag on the Center for Hands To The Face. 3rd & 19 at the Titans 43. Raiders go 5 wide, empty backfield. Carr gets flushed out of the pocket, takes off & makes it out of bounds. Raiders forced to punt. Titans get flagged for running into the kicker for a 5 yard penalty. 4th & 10 which put Oakland into FG position at 52 yards out into the wind . Sonofa….It’s good right down the middle. Raiders up 16-10


Personal timeout here as I feel compelled to transcribe this audio gem from Nantz & Romo during the Titans drive. :)


Jim: “Mariota’s never been intercepted in the RedZone in his career the first two years.”

Romo: “You’re right and it’s probably about to happen here since you just said that.” 

Jim: “Well I’m not trying to foreshadow anybody.”


Damnit Romo, you’re making me like you in the booth. :ols: 



Raiders Defense held em to a field goal & it’s 16-13 Oakland as they bobble the fair catch in the end zone. & the Titans are called for Offsides for a 5 yard penalty. Raider ball 1st & 10 at the 30. Raiders in the Spread again, Carr passes short over the middle to Cook who splits two defenders & gets the YAK for a First Down. Lynch is back in & rushes for a first down. Lynch again on his tenth carry for 4 yards. 2nd & 6. Carr passes left to cooper incomplete. Carr over the middle to Washington for six yards & a First Down. Carr goes up top to Crabtree with a SUCCESSFUL FADE ( Hey now I know what that looks like :silly: )to Crabtree who catches it backwards for a First Down. Carr throws a laser to Roberts into the back of the End Zone to Roberts for the touchdown. Impressive throw through THREE defenders. Damn. Kick’s good & it’s Raiders 23-13 


Titans take the kickoff just inside the goal line & run it out. He shakes off one hit at the 15 & bounces right, goes through a hole between 3 defenders, hits the 20, turns straight upfield, at the 30 he freaking hi hurdles a dude in traffic which allows a defender to wrap his ankles up in mid air & bring him down at about the 35. Holy hell that was CRAZY. Turns out he was the PAC 12 long jump champion at USC. TWICE. Titans can’t do much of anything & get forced to punt. Punts goes out of the end zone & the Raiders start at their own 20. Carr hands off to Washington to the right side for a small gain of one. Four WR set, Washington still in the backfield, Carr dumps it over the pass rush to Washington for 4 yards. 3rd & 5. Carr across the middle to Cooper for a gain of 23. 1st & 10 with Lynch in the backfield now. Handoff to Lynch for 1 yard. He gets swarmed. 2nd & 9. Lynch to the right a 3 yard gain. 3rd & 6. Nickel blitz gets to Carr who unloads it out of bounds to avoid the impending sack. Raiders punt it into the end zone. Titans get held to a field goal. 23-16 Raiders / 4:49 left on the clock.


Raiders take the kickoff at the 1 & return it to the 41. 1st & 10. Lynch in the backfield. Lynch up the middle, drags the pile with him for a gain of 4. Lynch again to the left side. 3rd & 3 as the clock continues to run towards the two minute warning. 3rd & 3. Richard in, Lynch out. Toss to Richard to the right for the First Down. Richard again on the ground to the left & he’s a hair short of the first down. 2nd & 1. Lynch back in & picks up the First Down. Titans call their second time out. 2:52 on the clock. Lynch up the middle for 2. 2nd & 8. Lynch up the middle, steamrolls Casey. Impressive. 3rd & 2 with two minutes to go. Lynch to the right side & get pushed back. Hard. 4th & 4. Raiders attempt the 43 yard field goal. Down the middle for the third time today. Raiders up 26-16 with 1:09 on the clock. This one is over.



So, what I’ve picked up on Raiders are going to run the Spread & pretty much go 4/5 WRs all game. They’re still going to run as well. However they’re running back by committee right now as they work on easing Lynch back into football. Lynch will get yards, but they’re going to be in small increments unless a defense completely blows an assignment that allows him to spring through them. Its the smaller & faster combo of Washington & Richard that can gash your Defense to shreds. It’s kinda like having two Chris Thompsons. Their Defense never really seemed to show anything special under Ken Norton Jr’s coaching. Their passing game isn’t that exciting or imaginative. What it is however is effective. Carr has a very, very quick release. And their WRs are big, fast, and strong. Though that strength looked to be more upper body. Without actually pulling the stats, I’d say they’re almost a balanced Offense but with a slight lean to the passing game. I’d guess 60/40, again with looking it up. So far after only watching their first game, I think they’re beatable. To do so you’re going to need to have a successful run game that converts yards & eats up clock. Kinda like Goff last week, the best way to stop an efficient QB is to keep him off the field. 


With that, I’m going to take a break for a few then start on the Raiders Jets game tape. 












Alright, time for the Week 2 game against the Jets. Hopefully with this being Oakland’s home opener there’s a little more excitement offensively. That game against the Titans was boring like Pre Season vanilla. 


First thing I notice is Oakland has an entire sideline upper deck tapped off. Second thing is it’s still baseball season in Oakland so a does that mean a pick six gets called an intercepted home run? :silly: 


Here we go…


Raiders win the toss & will receive. Patterson brings it out of the end zone to the 16. Jets are starting two rookie safeties. Expecting the deep ball this game. Raiders come out in a two WR set with Lynch in the backfield. Lynch off the left tackle for a loss of 1 as he’s swarmed immediately.  Raiders catch a flag for Unnecessary Roughness. Tight End Smith ran a linebacker around the pile in a circle after the play was dead. Raiders are backed up to the 7. 2nd & 18. Carr out of the shotgun complete over the middle to Walford for 7 yards. 3rd & 11. Carr again out of the shotgun, Patterson up the middle for 6. That one dumb penalty has already killed this drive & the Raiders are forced to punt. Raiders force theirselves into a three & out opening drive with that penalty. Then they pick up a 5 yard penalty on the punt. We’re 2:12 into the first quarter & they’re being undisciplined in their play so far. On the flip side the Defense forces a three & out on the Jets.


Raiders start this drive in two TE set with Lynch in the backfield. Handoff is to Lynch for 4 yards off the right tackle. 2nd & 6 Carr hands off to Lynch. Lynch flips it back to him, Carr hits Crabtree in stride deep down the left sideline until he’s forced out at the 49. Gain of 26. This is already more exciting the last week’s game. :) Carr pitches to Patterson to the right for a pick up 8. 2nd & 2 Carr hits the slant to Cooper for the first down. Carr in the shotgun again. Lynch lined up at WR like last week but moved to the inside on the left side. Last week he on the outside. Doesn’t matter though as it’s incomplete. So they go back to what he’s really, really good at & send Lynch up off the left guard for a gain of 4. 3rd & 6. Carr in the shotgun again, Jets jump early, flagged for 5 yards. 3rd & 1. Lynch on the ground & picks up 13 off the left guard. Jets had him in a pile but tried to arm tackle him high. Yeah. That ish don’t work. 1st & 10 at the Jets 17. Carr takes a deep shot but it’s incomplete. Carr incomplete to Roberts in the corner end zone. Carr hits Cook on the right for 6 yards. Carr hits Washington to inside the 5. 1st & goal. Lynch is back in. Carr makes an adjustment at the line. It’s a FADE ROUTE TO CRABTREE FOR THE TD. Sorry bout the all caps there its just I’m excited to have now finally seen two successful fade routes in the RedZone. :D 7-0 Raiders. Jets drive ends on a 3rd & 9 sack.


Raiders take back over at the 15 after the punt. Richard runs off the right tackle, Raiders get called for clipping, Ruled No Play.  Richard off the left end for no gain. 1st & 17 Carr in the shotgun again with 5 WRs. Raiders try to run it to the left side. 3rd & 7. Carr to Cooper for 14. 1st & 10 & the Jets call a timeout. Carr with a quick screen to Cooper a loss of one. And that ends the 1st Quarter. 2nd & 11 to start the 2nd Quarter, Carr in the shotgun, dumps it over the middle to Richard who shows the Jets his jets. Richard picks up 39 yards on this one. I said it before, Richard & Washington are like having two Chris Thompsons on your team. 1st & 10 at the Jets 30. Lynch in the backfield, Carr under center this time. Hand off to Lynch who gets nothing up the middle. Back to Carr in the shotgun, 4 WRs & Lynch in the backfield this time. Usually when in shotgun they’ve been lining Lynch up as the fifth WR. It’s possible they took him out of the WR lineup here because he never had his timing right when Carr would throw to him. Anyways, handoff to Lynch for 4 off the left tackle. 3rd & 6. Carr in the shotgun, 5 WRs….Carr down the sideline complete to Crabtree at the 5. TE Cook draws a double team which puts Crabtree in single coverage down the sideline. Crabtree splits two defenders at the goal line & he’s in. Again. This time on an under thrown fade route

14-0 Raiders.


Seven plays & the Defense allows the Jets in the end zone & on the board. 14-7 Raiders. By the way, the Jets scored on a 34 yard Fade Route. Go figure. :ols: Patterson takes the kickoff out of the end zone to the 30. Oakland called for their third Unnecessary Roughness penalty during the return. Their second was during the Jets last drive. 1st & 10 at the Raiders 15. Carr out of the shotgun complete to Crabtree for 21 yards. 1st & 10 at the 36. Raiders go no huddle for the next two plays, both out of the shotgun. Lynch up the middle picks up 8 then an incomplete pass to the TE Cook. Raiders burn a timeout. Another incomplete short pass over the middle to Cook. Raiders are forced to punt. During the Jets drive, the Oakland defense picks up a Taunting penalty but holds the Jets to a field goal. 14-10 Raiders with 3:11 left in this half. Raiders take the touchback on the kickoff. 1st & 10 at the 25. Lynch picks up 2 yards off the left tackle but more importantly he gets the clock running. Carr is incomplete to Cooper but connects with Cook on the next snap. Cook gets pushed out at the 31 to stop the clock. The Jets had already burned two time outs. Doesn’t really matter though as it’s the two minute warning. 4th & 4 has the Raiders punting it 55 yards to the Jets who muff the catch & Oakland recovers it. At. The. Four. 1st & 10 raiders at the 4. Raiders try Lynch to the right for nothing. 2nd & goal. Lynch finally gets yardage in this game as he picks up two. Lynch up the middle for another gain of two & the touchdown. Lynch had ben shut down on the ground until these last two plays. He’s got 4 yards & a touchdown right before the half. 21-10 Raiders. Raiders punt, Jets takes a knee & that’s Halftime.


Back from the Half, the Jets go 12 plays for 45 yards, chew up nearly 8 minutes of the third quarter & only come away with a field goal. It’s not that the Raiders Defense is THAT good, the Jets just aren’t very good at this whole football thing. I mean McCown, a 39 year old journeyman QB had a 22 yard run on them this drive. 


1st & 10 at the Raiders 16. Carr under center hands off to Washington & he picks up 6. Washington again this time to the left side for 10 yards. Raiders run it a third time this time Washington goes nowhere. 2nd & 10 at the 32. Raiders continue to feed it to Washington for the fourth time in a row, this time it’s through the air for 1 yard. Flag out on the Jets this time for Unnecessary Roughness which moves the Raiders down the field by another 15 yards. 1st & 10 at their own 48. Carr with a swing pass to the right sideline complete to Crabtree who gets pushed out at the Jets 48. Gain of 4 yards on this one. Carr over the middle to Cook for 5. Then Carr hands it off to Patterson on a draw play for a 43 yard touchdown. Jeez that kid has some, ahem, jets. The Raiders just went 84 yards in 7 plays in 3 minutes 39 seconds. 28-13 Raiders. 


The 3rd Quarter ends with McCown getting sacked & the 4th opens with the Jets punting it. Carr passes to the left to Cooper for 6 who then picks up another 10 in YAC. Next play Lynch finally catches a pass from Carr for 4 yards. Lynch off the right guard for a gain of 7. Next play Carr pitches right to Richard who makes one cut & ****ing explodes down the field & into the end zone. Holy **** that was impressive.  4 plays, 79 yards all in 2 minutes & it’s 35-13 Raiders


Raiders kick off for 65 yards & the touchback. Jets in the shotgun when McCown gets sacked for a loss of 8 yards, Fumbles & the Raiders recover it at the Jets 18. 1st & 10 Raiders. Carr goes for the kill shot in the corner end zone to Cooper. Carr’s pass is caught out of bounds & ruled incomplete, Jets are called for Defensive Pass Interference, ball at the 1. 1st & goal. Carr out of the shotgun rolls right & fires it to Crabtree in the right corner of the end zone at the pylon for his third touchdown of the day. Kick is good & it’s 43-13 Raiders. They’re rolling.


Jets go 75 yards in 10 plays for a touchdown to try to somewhat stay in it. It’s now 42-20 Raiders. Still trying to stay in this one, Jets go with an on sides kick that’s recovered by Washington for Oakland. Are you geographically confused now? :D  After 37 yards in 12 plays the Raiders are held to a field goal of their own. 45-20 Raiders with less then 30 seconds on the clock. Jets kick off, Raiders take the touchback then take a knee to end this mauling.





So, after watching 8 quarters of Raider offense, I’m not picking up on them showing one thing to set up another like McCoy did when watching the first Rams game. They’ve ran two plays that stood out. The handoff to the running back who flipped it back to Carr for a pass attempt & the draw with Patterson. I’m only noting the Patterson draw because he’s their primary return guy & they’re already rotating three other, different running backs. 


They run a lot of quick, short passes & expect the receivers to pick up the yards after the catch. His longest completion in Week 2 was only 39 yards. Yet he completed 23 of 28 passes. You have to be wary of Carr as he’s got a super quick release, but on top of that, he’s learned how to move defenders off of where he’s actually going with eyes. Torrian Gray is gonna have to really coach up the DBs to not fall for that. 


As far as their WRs, they spread it around. And around. And around. They’re loaded with weapons in Crabtree, Cooper, Cook at TE & the two Chris Thompson clones in Richard & Washington. 


The Raider’s run game, also nothing special, they just get enough to move the chains. Both teams they’ve played have seemed to made sure they swarmed Lynch anytime he got a carry to stop him from ripping off any major chunks of yardage. In Week 1 they were limiting Lynch to ease him back into football. In Week 2 Lynch had 12 attempts for 45 yards & a TD with an average of 3.8 while Washington & Richardson each had 6 attempts. 


I think the Redskins can beat ‘em, but to do so they can’t make any mistakes. Until Pryor starts catching everything thrown at him & Doctson gets involved to where Cousins looks for him, the Raiders have the clear edge at WR. I’d give the Raiders an edge with the running game as well except the Redskins seemed to found theirs last week against the Rams. At Tight End, if Jordan Reed is out tonight, it’s a wash between V. Davis & the Raider’s J. Cook.


And I fully expect Gruden to call at least two failed fade routes in the RedZone.  :)



Feel free to leave your questions &/or comments below.

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