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      Cowboys versus Redskins - now that just sounds correct.
      Hello friends, JimmiJo here along with THE Spaceman Spiff. Space is already on the sidelines, yucking it up with the important people. Me? I'm thinking how grateful I am for the 3-car accident on the beltway...
      If you cannot get up for this game, there isn't enough viagra made on earth for you. After all; the Redskins are hosting their eternal rival, the Cowboys. Winner will be sitting on top of the division, with a truckload of bragging rights.
      What's not to like?
      Well, for starters, everybody and their mom is inactive. Chris Thompson Jamison Crowder, Paul Richardson, Quinton Dunbar; all inactive. What a time to have have your top two receivers out. The chatter here in the press box is Washington should do what they can to bring in receivers - to include making a trade with the Raiders for Amari Cooper.
      Then there's the question of which Redskins show up? They could come out and light Dallas up. Or, post an anemic effort to suffer another embarrassing lost. Neither would surprise me.
      One this is for sure, the distribution in fans is something like 55-45 Redskins. Already an embarrassment. Until you consider this team has done much to earn the lack of support.
      Still, you have offer the finger in the middle to those fans who sold their tickets to Dallas fans. What were you thinking?
      Back shortly...
      The Redskins declared the following players as inactive:
      o   No. 10 WR Paul Richardson Jr.
      o   No. 23 CB Quinton Dunbar
      o   No. 25 RB Chris Thompson
      o   No. 30 S Troy Apke
      o   No. 55 C Casey Dunn
      o   No. 74 T Geron Christian Sr.
      o   No. 80 WR Jamison Crowder
      The team held a touching tribute to my friend Rich Tandler, who passed this week.
      Follow along in-game on Twitter @Skinscast
      Did you hear the one about the team that got chance after chance but couldn't score more than a touchdown?
      That's right; they are tied at 7 at the half and completely anemic in the second half.
      "Against the run of play" is a term you hear in soccer all the time. It is applicable here. It means the better team is either tied or trailing.
      Whoever said football was fair?
      Washington needs to find a way to get hot in the second half. The Dallas Cowboys are infinitely beatable today.
      How do you like them apples?
      The Washington Redskins sent them home happy today. Along the way my ulcer started bleeding, I threw up twice, and peed the chair I was sitting in.
      Up by 10 at the two-minute warning, I did not expect to be hoping for a missed field goal to avoid overtime. But there I was, crossing fingers and toes and noticibly relieved when the ball bounced off the upright to seal the win.
      A lot of things had to go right for the Dallas Cowboys to even have a shot at the end. A lot more things went right for Washington.
      The Redskins held Ezekiel Elliot to just 33-yards rushing. They forced two fumbles by Dak Prescott, one of which went for a Redskins' touchdown, and sacked him a total of four times. 
      Ryan Kerrigan had his best day of the season, sacking Prescott twice, one of which caused the fumble for the score. Preston Smith scored the touchdown off of the fumble. Jonathan Allen and and Ryan Anderson each logged a sack. DJ Swearinger hit Prescott square on the ball to cause the other fumble by Prescott.
      And then there was the offense.
      Adrian Peterson defies time and physics in what he can still do on the football field. His ability to change directions instantly, the speed he still posesses, and his ability to play through multiple injuries is astonishing. He ran for 99-yards on 24-carries with a 4.1 yard per carry average. 
      Kapri Bibbs, the other back; added just 13-yards rushing. But as a receiver he caught 4 passes for 43-yards and the first touchdown of the game.
      Josh Doctson reeled in 3-receptions for 43-yards. Jordan Reed added 43-yards on his two catches. Maurice Harris logged 2 for 22-yards.
      Alex Smith had a adequate outting. He went 14/25 for 178 yards and a touchdown for a quarterback rating of 98.1. He was sacked once.
      His obvious miss of Jeremy Sprinkle running free in the end zone is almost cause for termination. Connect on that throw and the game is much more comfortable at the end. 
      The real stars of this show were the fat guys in the trenches. The offensive line that opened highway lane-wide holes for Peterson to run through, and the defensive line that wreaked such havok all game. 
      But we have to thank Dallas as well for things like an illegal snap to back the field goal unit up at the end. The holding call that negated the big gain one play before the sack/fumble/score was huge. They seemed to find ways to beat themselves.
      Despite the above, Dallas was right there until last miss that struck the goalpost. The win was entirely too close for comfort.
      But now that's it's over, I sure am enjoying the win.
      The Redskins sit alone at the top of the division after 6-weeks. They travel to New York next week where they can continue to help themselves with a win.
      But just because New York currently resides in the toilet does not mean they intend to roll-over and play dead. Washington will have their hands full if they don't get more production out of the offense.
      That's next week though. For now, I am intent on  enjoying an excellent victory. Against the Dallas Cowboys.
      What's not to like?
      Talk soon!
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Yom Kippur and the new year

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To all I have wronged intentionally or inadvertently, please accept my apology. I will try to do better and try to be better. May our fasts be easy and our community loving and strong.


Happy New Year to all who celebrate this high holiday. May those who believe and those who do not find the strength to be good, be considerate, to contemplate, to consider, and most of all to try. May you be granted atonement for your mistakes and may your works be recognized.


Peace and joy to all my Extremeskins' family.

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I am relatively certain I could count the number of people you have wronged on no hands...you are a righteous dude.

Speaking of righteous dudes, refresh my memory about how your grandparents were saved by a soldier from the holocaust. That would make a nice addition to this thread, and the newbies I'm sure have not heard the tale.

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Sure. I'm writing this freehand. It's a long, but good story. It's one of my family's most important and likely the only reason I exist.






My mother was born in 1939 in Lodz, Poland only a few months before the Germans closed off the ghetto. Things were already getting bad. There was the simple stuff like the closing of bank accounts and confiscating of money and property and the more direct assaults like when someone tried to tear my great grandfather's beard off his face and left him bloody. At any rate, things were bad enough that the family decided that my grandfather should leave. Initially, my mom, grandmother and everyone else was to stay. After all, who would harm a baby? Or a new mother? What threat were elderly grandparents?


My grandfather left with some other boys and began the trek to Russia. It's about two hundred miles on foot from Lodz to the Russian border. He went a little way and then turned back. According to the story, the things he saw made him come home. He begged everyone to leave with him, but my great grandparents and most of my family decided against going. Even though things were bad they were civilians. I personally think that my great grandparents didn't want to go because they were old and they didn't want to slow anyone down or create hardships.


My great grandparents and my Mom who was just a few months old left Lodz on foot with just the clothes on their back and not much food because that was so tightly rationed. The first night, they were turned away from several homes. The people who lived in them didn't want trouble. They knew what my grandparents were simply because they were on the road. The next day, they were turned away again. They slept in the dirt and tried to keep my mom warm. On the third day, they found a farmer who had lost his wife. He decided to give them shelter and some food. In the morning, he offered even more. He told them he would give them a ride in his hay cart.


They were covered up and given a small basket of food. After that, the farmer took off.


Unfortunately, a German soldier spotted the cart. He marched up to it and ordered it to stop. He must have found something suspicious because he began to look through the cart. Quickly enough he found my grandparents. He unshouldered his rifle and ordered them out. He began screaming and cursing and spitting at them. My grandparents just stood there with the baby in their arms. They spoke some Yiddish so they had a good sense of what he was saying, but they didn't move or say anything back. After a time, the German told them to move off. My guess is he wanted to provoke them and failing that didn't have the heart to do what became commonplace later in the war.


They only made it a few steps. The German soldier ordered them to halt again and told them that he had to do what was right. He had to do his duty. He had to take them to the trains.


Now, my grandparents didn't know what "the trains" meant, but they knew Jews weren't allowed on trains. Nevertheless, they were marched at riflepoint to the train yards.


When they got there, Germans started throwing rocks at them and cursing them. They called them "filthy Jews" and worse.


Then, the German soldier did a very surprising thing. He put up his rifle and began waving at his fellow soldiers.


"No. No. No," he said, "These are not Jews. They are Russians. They hate Stalin. We must send them back."


You see at that point in the war, Russia and Germany were still allies. The Germans believed their comrades and my grandparents were "forced" onto a train. And that is how they made the last hundred miles across Poland and into Russia. It's also the reason I believe that even amongst the worst monsters you can find angels.


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Thanks man! A beautiful story that is desperately needed in these times of vitriolic hyper-partisanship and identity politics.

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Well done, amigo (ancient Herbrew term of endearment)


May all who celebrate have a good and sweet year. :)



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