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      And we are back!
      Hello boys and girls, welcome to another year of Washington Redskins football, home-team style.
      My name is JimmiJo and I am joined by my shuttered compatriot, Spaceman Spiff. Together we bring you the sights and sounds of Redskins preseason football. Tonight represents the first home installment for Washington. I will be looking for fan enthusiasm, tho it is difficult to gauge interest-level from the preseason. These are the games that the season ticket holders give to their siblings and coworkers.
      Tonight may be different as we expect Alex Smith to play. The pundits keep telling me he is Kirk Cousins only better. That will be awesome if so. 
      We are quickly filling the list with season-ending injuries, with Washington losing three projected contributors in the first week of preseason. This wince-producing stat is made worse when we consider the projected contributions of Derrius Guice, now lost for the year.
      All he was brought here to do was resurrect the Redskins' rushing game. 
      This for me is the biggest area of concern for me. The running game has got to get better for this team to have any reason success this year.
      Stand by for Inactives...
      An hour later I remember they don't do inactives in the preseason. Hey, it's preseason for us too!
      Not much to report. Very sparse crowd so far. But given it is a work-night and rush hour is just wrapping up on the beltway I am not surprised we are not overflowing with people yet.
      The Redskins appear to be wearing burgundy tops and mustard bottoms, for those keeping score at home. The Jets meanwhile, are sporting white tops and green bottoms.
      So far just the kickers and long snappers are warming up from both teams. 
      The hot, sunny day is giving way to a warm, breezy evening. Should be fairly pleasant viewing conditions for those coming out.

      It is about that time. Follow along in-game on Twitter @Skinscast
      Alex Smith looked sharp, going 4-6 for 48-yards and a 91 passer-rating. 
      But that's not the story of this game.
      The story is the injuries that continue to mount to running backs. Samaje Perine had an impressive 30-yard run. Then limped off to be evaluated for an ankle sprain. Next was Byron Marshall.  A lower leg injury they say.
      The Redskins are suffering the worst run of injuries this early maybe ever. 
      I am not sure how much we learned tonight. I take that back.
      Kevin Hogan, whom I had taken to calling ‘Nogan,’ somehow produced a lovely comeback victory with no time to spare. Way to send them home happy.
      Beyond the excitement at the end I am not sure we learned much.
      Alex Smith is exactly who we thought he was. Smith went 4-for-6 for 48-yards and a passer rating of 91. There was some excitement on his first call from scrimmage, when Smith play actioned the handoff and kept the ball on a bootleg, he turned to setup to hit Paul Richardson and instead received a face-full of Jets’ linebacker Jordan Jenkins. Smith completed the pass to Richardson and Jenkins was handed a 15- roughing call.
      The offense are exactly who we thought they are. Feckless in the redzone; unable to produce anything but field goals. Even when the stars did align, with Colt McCoy connecting Cam Sims, area spectacular touchdown catch; cruel fate intervened with a chickenscratch procedure call.
      The injuries are exactly what we feared they could be. Why is it every running back who goes for 30-yards on a single play comes up limping? Samaje Perine ran for 30-yards on his one carry on the night.
      The next time he was seen was on the way to the locker room to have an ankle looked at.
      Then there was Byron Marshall. He barely got into the game before coming out with a leg injury.
      After the first few drives Washington did very little offensively until they had to at the very end.
      And as little as this preseason game meant, it was nice to see the valiant stop at the goal line. It was even nicer to see Mr. Hogan lead the team down the field and to victory.
      Oh yea, we learned one more thing - Dustin Hopkins can kick field goals.
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Press Release: #REDSKINS Quotes - Trent Williams

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August 5, 2018


T Trent Williams




On the status of his knee injury:

"It felt great being back out there, finally feeling like I’m part of the team again. But, the knee is fine, you know, it’s going to continue to progress and, you know, just keep eye on the workload, but you know, still trying to get ready for the season, you know, game one."


On the extent of what he can do with his knee:

"I think the strength and the stability is there it's just the workload. You know, not playing football, not pushing on guys for a long time, you just got to see how it reacts. You know it’s just more being cautious than anything."


On if there is a difference in the team and media contrast to previous years: 

"To be honest, I haven’t picked up on the lack of stories, but, you know, every year it’s a different team. There is a different vibe in the building. We’ve got a lot of new faces. We got a, you know - we added a lot of talent to the core nucleus of this team, so, yeah, there definitely is a different vibe."


On putting more emphasis on short yardage in practice:

"You probably have to ask (head coach) Jay [Gruden] that, but you know it was something we needed, added a different type of competition in practice, you know going full-go. So, we rally every down in the past, so, you know, it did liven the day up a little bit."


On improving in the red zone:

"Yeah, like I said we ran a lot of short yard situations that we wish we could have back from last year. So, it’s definitely one of the things we’re going to focus on going into the season. But, you know, just the red zone in general we had to be better down there. You know, injuries played a huge part but you can’t make an excuse everybody is dealing with injuries."


On Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Linemen Coach Bill Callahan:

"He's meant everything to me. I've been blessed to have two good offensive line coaches in the NFL, and you know, Coach Callahan kind of came and gave me a little kick start. He brought a whole different, new perspective to the game. From my eyes, he added a lot of tools in my toolbox. He's a grinder. I respect his grind, I respect him as a coach, I respect how much time he put in. I think that goes for everybody in the room. That’s why you see him being able to develop people so quickly because they trust him."


On if there are risks coming back from a knee injury:

"Yeah, of course it is. I'd be lying to say it's not but it’s the nature of the beast. You know, the mental part of it is one of the hardest things to get over, but you know, I'm prepared. I got strong mentality. I [can] get through it."


On what he wants to see in the first pre-season game:

"Oh you want to see, you know – compete - see them [Washington Redskins] compete. See everybody a hundred percent effort. You know, just set the tone, set the tone for the season. A lot of these guys are going to be putting on a Redskins uniform for the first time. You know, that in itself is a sight to see, you get to see people fulfill their childhood dreams. But, you know other than that, just to see them you know attack it. Be able to hit another color jersey for once."


On if Callahan gives him a new perspective of the game:

"Yeah he definitely leaned on us. He always kind of puts that on our plate to help bring the young guys along. He has so much he covers; it's hard for him to spend a lot of time on one person. So, you know the veterans are there to help deliver his message. But to answer your question, Coach Callahan breaks the game down to a science. That’s something that I’ve never done before. I kind of just line up, knew my man, knew my assignment and played. But, he brings an overall understanding to the game and he [improves] your football IQ. He definitely did mine. So like I said, he gave me the kick start that I needed."


On what has stuck out at camp:

"I’m still knocking the rust off. I don’t feel like I’m back to being me. But, you know every day is getting better, every day my eyes are starting to adapt to guys moving one hundred miles an hour. So, yeah, I don’t know if there’s anything, you know, left other than just getting more reps."


On LB Pete Robertson:

"Yeah Pete has been doing an outstanding job. I think he came back ready he knows what to expect this year. You can tell he studied his playbook, man, [and] he is always diagnosing the offense, he already has a good grasps of the defense. He puts himself in good positions and you know he knows how to pass rush. In this league, it’s hard to teach a pass rusher. He has that innate ability to put pressure on the quarterback and I think everybody is starting to notice around him."


On his admiration of other veterans in the league:

"Yeah of course you notice them, there your teammates, but I got admiration for anybody in this game. You know who gets to this level whether you’re a star; it takes an incredible amount of focus and hard work to be able to perform at a high level consistently. And it takes an incredible amount of focus to go from one team to the next, pick up the playbook, you know, in a month or so and be able to compete at a high level. So, I mean at every facet of the game, the people who make it to this level there’s something that you can admire about the process."

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