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2018 Redskin's Major Injury Thread

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24 minutes ago, redskinss said:

I'm not that pissed,  you blew this way up and out of proportion to suit your argument. 

I just called the guy a butthead. 

But you keep acting like I lost my mind or something to feel like you won this argument.

Ok I'll be done now now too. 


I don't need to win an argument with some random guy on the internet.  But just to clarify things, you said, "Thank god we didn't draft that butthead.  Man I'd be pissed." The word "pissed" alone sets the entire tone of how you felt should we have used a draft pick on the guy.


To which I responded with "Yeah, he's a butthead because depression isn't real and someone that no longer has the passion to play should stay just because :rolleyes:".  To point out that there are other things in a persons life that matter more than football, including their mental health and happiness.  His decision was based on that.  


Then you replied with "Easy to say because we didn't draft him but I'd bet if we had spent a fourth rounder on him you wouldn't give a rats ass about depression and you'd be pissed.  He never should have entered the draft if he didn't want to play football,  nor should he have had signed a contract as an undrafted free agent but that can at least be forgiven because we didn't waste a draft pick. "


You insinuated that if we had drafted him and him decide to retire after being drafted that I would not "give a rats ass about depression and be pissed".  Which is not the case at all.  Upset that it didn't work out?  Sure.  Ticked off at the front office/scouting department for drafting someone whose passion wasn't there, assuming they put out some red flags (like Cravens did in college).  Sure.  But pissed off at the player himself?  Not at all.  Because I can only imagine the crazy amount of pressure these guys are under and they have life decisions to make.  I imagine that he went back and forth on if he wanted to and had the passion to continue playing and try to make a roster.  He went undrafted, he signed as an UDFA, and made his decision to retire.  


If anyone blew this up way out of proportion, it was you in your responses to me saying it's just a ****ing game and it wouldn't bother me.  Which both are true.  Anyhow......


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I'm rolling around laughing at you insisting you don't need to win the argument and posting the bye Felicia meme. 

Ok you win game over. 


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Interesting take from swearinger.  I agree with the author, if the players aren't doing it themselves, the s&c coaches need to intervene and make sure it gets done.



Recently, D.J. Swearinger made waves with his comments critiquing his teammates about how they care for themselves. Per Matthew Paras of the Washington Times, Swearinger said the following about the situation.


Personally, I’ve been on previous teams where after practice, you have 30 guys in the cold tub or you’ve got 20 guys in the cold tub. I didn’t feel that vibe from this team. Whether they do it here or elsewhere, I didn’t think guys took care of themselves.

If you’re pros, you’ve got to take care of your body yourself. You’re not supposed to wait until something happens to you to get treatment. You’re supposed to be preventive.

This analysis from Swearinger is absolutely correct. The best way to avoid injuries, aside from being a backup quarterback, is to take preventative measures in order to help your body stay in good shape. If the Redskins players aren’t taking that seriously, that falls on them. It does fall somewhat on the strength and conditioning staff and the trainers to ensure that they are seeking these preventative measures, but the players control this as well.


Sorry I closed out the window and can't find the link.  Here is another article with same quote


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