NFL.com: Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

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30 minutes ago, Veryoldschool said:


Cousins, the choirboy turned hired gun, unimaginable a couple of years ago but after 6 years on the Daniel Snyder plantation he clearly wants control.  When interviewed recently he was asked about how he was feeling and naturally he said he was loving things and then said it was the first time since 2007 when he picked Michigan State that he got to decide where he played.


Who knows what will happen during the next three years but Minny doesn't have the option to extend him after 3 years unless he agrees or they franchise tag him for 45M.  Kirk holds all the cards and yeah other players may follow his path and exercise great control over their careers but you have to have real talent and balls like grapefruit to play year to year like Cousins did.  Detesting Snyder and Allen were probably a big part of the equation in Kirk's case, but that is just speculation since every public utterance Kirk made was positive.

Personally I believe Kirk didn't want to be here just because of the funeral like atmosphere of his draft party when we selected him....and it wasn't due to rg3 when youre drafted in the 4th, you know youre a backup regardless who drafts you.


We were one of those teams he was praying passed him up every step....but god's plan and all 


Kirk is a smart low key guy though, give him a million he can retire on it if he has too...so no, what hes doing now doesn't take balls, hes playing with house money

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