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ThinkProgress: Trump confidant dumped millions in steel-related stock last week (Also the Trade War thread)

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I wouldn't say the  Chinese gave up nothing.

They had to stand there and compliment Trump on his manly hands and smartlyness.



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I keep remembering something I read decades ago, in the book "Boss", about the reign of Richard Daly, Mayor of Chicago.  (And possibly the King of the patronage system.)  


He said that in those days, the state legislature would occasionally signal to lobbyists that they hadn't heard (meaning, received any money) from them, lately, by introducing legislation which was intended solely for the purpose of calling the lobbyists.  


He used as an example a fictional bill to require all of the railroads in the state to dig up their existing railroads, and build them again, with the rails six inches further apart.  They would have no intention of actually passing such a thing.  It was just a signal that they would like the railroad industry to bribe them not to pass it.  


Sometimes, I look at some of the things Trump says, and I wonder it that's really s signal that he wants somebody to bribe him not to do what he just said.  


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