The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

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49 minutes ago, JSSkinz said:

So much BS info pre-draft, I think any agents who take part in this kind of draft manipulation should be banned, its unethical and borderline criminal.


They cost Guice a few million dollars with the disparaging leaks and the kid still has a smile on his face.



He blocked KGskins, the guy that called him out on it draft day......Never did reveal his source.....

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25. Bruce Allen/Doug Williams, Redskins


How has Bruce Allen held off would-be usurpers since his restoration to the Redskins’ throne? By not hiring any. The Redskins no longer have a general manager. It’s Allen, owner Daniel Snyder and VP of player personnel Doug Williams. With no Scot McCloughans to rock the boat, the Redskins apparently prefer a power vacuum to a power structure. Coach Jay Gruden presumably does his part to fill it, too. The Redskins’ first GM-less season was a dreary 7-9 affair punctuated by their exile of Kirk Cousins, a man Allen once called Kurt. Upset that Cousins continued to bet on himself and win, the Redskins let him walk, making sure to besmirch him on his way out. His replacement is Alex Smith, a perfectly-fine quarterback who comes with a ceiling so hard the Chiefs saw fit to trade him after a career year. The Redskins have a .406 winning percentage since first hiring Allen in 2010, a number that drops to .364 if you exclude McCloughan’s two seasons at the helm. If Allen deserves to lead Washington’s front office, he’s yet to provide proof. 

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