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Nationwide Removal of Confederate Statues

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5 hours ago, Riggo-toni said:

Apologies if this is already posted in this thread somewhere, but THIS is the Confederate General of whom we should be building statues. If it were truly about heritage and not hate (hint: it's not), we should replace statues of Forrest and Lee with Mahone and Longstreet.


I'm reading Ron Chernow's biography "Grant," and I'm at the post-Civil War era where Reconstruction is falling apart and Southern whites are usurping State authority through terror and armed militias, essentially intimidating blacks out of the political arena by threat of violence or death.  New Orleans was the scene of some particularly violent episodes.  Longstreet, in New Orleans, helps fight a mostly losing battle against that tide. 


President Grant deserves credit for his desire to enfranchise blacks and give them equal footing.  Early in Reconstruction, he sent Federal forces down to quell the violence, but later on, as Northern sentiment toward Reconstruction faded and turned openly hostile to black enfranchisement, he hesitated to respond to pleas for Federal help to quell the violence. Things got worse. The ideal of equality for southern blacks was lost for a hundred years. Or more.


I hadn't heard of Mahone.  Thanks for sharing that piece about him.

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