The Official 2017 Offseason Twitter Thread

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10 hours ago, 757SeanTaylor21 said:

Hey man congrats and happy anniversary. Yall looked amazing! Should post a pic up of Yall now in same outfit lol

We still look the same except we are a lot shorter now and greyer, and I no longer wear  military issue glasses.

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Redskins are either not done with free agent help on D or they plan on hitting 100% in the Draft bc this Defense still needs work #HTTR


Martin Collinson @redskinsfanuk 17m17 minutes ago

@SonofWashington Good news is it's March. Second phase of free agency, draft, post draft cuts, post camp cuts to go before opening day.



Mike JonesVerified account @MikeJonesWaPo Mar 17

Mike Jones Retweeted Louis Riddick


Mike Jones added,

Louis RiddickVerified account @LRiddickESPN
So much BS thrown around this time of year about the draft, it actually gets annoying.
Mike Jones Retweeted

Here is a thought...let's talk about the developmental programs, schemes, strategies, and tactics that these kids will be drafted into.


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Duke IhenachoVerified account @NachoLyfe 3h3 hours ago

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Duke Ihenacho added,

Jäger @hdhargrove12
@NachoLyfe your a trash DB


Junior GaletteVerified account @JovaisG 5h5 hours ago

How you respond to the unplanned disasters Define u


Ryan KerriganVerified account @RyanKerrigan91 6h6 hours ago

Let's gooooooooooooooo babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Rick Snider Retweeted

For as long as I've been listening to sports events on the radio, I've never seen anything go left to right across my radio dial.

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Rich TandlerVerified account @Rich_TandlerCSN 2m2 minutes ago

Rich Tandler Retweeted JR

To an extent, yes. But if they take TE in 1st we’ll know it’s BAP. If they take a 2nd round NT in 1st we’ll know it’s need.

Rich Tandler added,

JR @jrr0206
@Rich_TandlerCSN They could draft the BPA and, regardless of what position that pick plays, also check the Need box



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Jay @RedskinsCult 23h23 hours ago

Path to the draft did their Inside the Redskins war room. Bucky Brooks picked: Dalvin Cook, Dede Westbrook, Ryan Anderson for us...


@RedskinsCult Would not pick Anderson. Solid edge but similar to what we have. Not a quick twitch rusher.


Tailgate Ted @TailgateTed 2h2 hours ago

You know football season can't get here fast enough when the highlight of your weekend is checking out the new Whole Foods that opened


Rich TandlerVerified account @Rich_TandlerCSN 3h3 hours ago

ICYMI—Need to Know: With McCloughan gone, will Allen and Gruden shift the #Redskins towards drafting for need?


@Rich_TandlerCSN Rich is it just me, or is the only thing Bruce really great at is "winning off the field" (making Bank) No upgrade on field


Ashburning @johnnylocal 3h3 hours ago

@Rich_TandlerCSN Swearinger, about it. DL, huge needs, downgraded. WR, strength, downgraded. LBer, not addressed.


Rich TandlerVerified account @Rich_TandlerCSN 2h2 hours ago

@johnnylocal Have written several times that this team was not going to upgrade much in free agency. Bad pool of players, lots of teams w/$$





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cover32 Redskins @cover32_WAS 12m12 minutes ago

Do you like to write about football? cover32 is looking for writers interested in getting their work published. Contact for more information




Kyle @Redskinsfan9000 4m4 minutes ago

Kyle Retweeted Rich Tandler

Going back to the dark ages again

Kyle added,

Rich TandlerVerified account @Rich_TandlerCSN
A sign the #Redskins may draft for need? Manusky said they’re looking for a nose tackle in the draft.


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Warren Sharp @SharpFootball 39m39 minutes ago

The concept of a team trying to load up to help an older QB win a Super Bowl "before his window closes" is simple but difficult to execute.

Warren Sharp @SharpFootball 36m36 minutes ago

Unless it was Brady or Peyton, literally two all time greats, when was the last time a QB in anything but his 1st or 2nd deal won a SB?


Warren Sharp @SharpFootball 35m35 minutes ago

The reality is the "window" is when a team's QB is cheap. Thus this draft for the Cowboys is massive for them. Can't afford to screw it up.


Warren Sharp @SharpFootball

Others like TB, TEN, PHI & to a lesser extent OAK have big chances thanks to tiny cap at the most important position. But window closes fast


Mason_FosterVerified account @Mason_Foster 28m28 minutes ago

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My parents and my lil sister are still here, I own a house in tampa, and I train down here

Mason_Foster added,

JennaLaineESPNVerified account @JennaLaineESPN
Saw @Mason_Foster's comment about loving Tampa. He still visits. Believe his parents are still here. People need to take it easy... 

not football related but interesting.


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