Trump and His Cabinet/buffoonery....9 months in and we're the laughing stock of the universe

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1 hour ago, tshile said:

They also think he's an excellent businessman.


I don't even know what to say to those people anymore.


I know people that are like "he's got billions of dollars he must be smart" and I just sigh. I don't even know how to respond anymore because that level of evaluation is just so far below what I need to feel like there's a worthwhile discussion to be had.

And when they say that I'm just smh with "HE HAS NOTHING. HE WOULDN'T NEED YOU IF HE HAD A LIFE."

Seriously...assloads of money ?  I'd be runnin' wild, not running for office.




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Explores the theory that the Russians have been cultivating Trump for 30 years.



Trump's first visit to Soviet Moscow in 1987 looks, with hindsight, to be part of a pattern. The dossier by the former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele asserts that the Kremlin had been cultivating Trump for “at least five years” before his stunning victory in the 2016 US presidential election. This would take us back to around 2011 or 2012.


In fact, the Soviet Union was interested in him too, three decades earlier. The top level of the Soviet diplomatic service arranged his 1987 Moscow visit. With assistance from the KGB. It took place while Kryuchkov was seeking to improve the KGB's operational techniques in one particular and sensitive area. The spy chief wanted KGB staff abroad to recruit more Americans.




The KGB also distributed a secret personality questionnaire, advising case officers what to look for in a successful recruitment operation. In April 1985 this was updated for “prominent figures in the West.” The directorate’s aim was to draw the target “into some form of collaboration with us.” This could be “as an agent, or confidential or special or unofficial contact.”


The form demanded basic details—name, profession, family situation, and material circumstances. There were other questions, too: what was the likelihood that the “subject could come to power (occupy the post of president or prime minister)”? And an assessment of personality. For example: “Are pride, arrogance, egoism, ambition or vanity among subject’s natural characteristics?”


The most revealing section concerned kompromat. The document asked for: “Compromising information about subject, including illegal acts in financial and commercial affairs, intrigues, speculation, bribes, graft … and exploitation of his position to enrich himself.” Plus “any other information” that would compromise the subject before “the country’s authorities and the general public.” Naturally the KGB could exploit this by threatening “disclosure.”


Finally, “his attitude towards women is also of interest.” The document wanted to know: “Is he in the habit of having affairs with women on the side?”

When did the KGB open a file on Donald Trump? We don’t know, but Eastern Bloc security service records suggest this may have been as early as 1977. That was the year when Trump married Ivana Zelnickova, a twenty-eight-year-old model from Czechoslovakia. Zelnickova was a citizen of a communist country. She was therefore of interest both to the Czech intelligence service, the StB, and to the FBI and CIA.


During the Cold War, Czech spies were known for their professionalism. Czech and Hungarian officers were typically used in espionage actions abroad, especially in the United States and Latin America. They were less obvious than Soviet operatives sent by Moscow.


Zelnickova was born in Zlin, an aircraft manufacturing town in Moravia. Her first marriage was to an Austrian real estate agent. In the early 1970s she moved to Canada, first to Toronto and then to Montreal, to be with a ski instructor boyfriend. Exiting Czechoslovakia during this period was, the files said, “incredibly difficult.” Zelnickova moved to New York. In April 1977 she married Trump.



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4 hours ago, PleaseBlitz said:

“Are pride, arrogance, egoism, ambition or vanity among subject’s natural characteristics?”




But, as to the more overall topic:  Was Moscow grooming Trump 30 years ago?  


Not because they thought there was a chance in Dallas of him becoming President.  Heck, three years ago, the words "President Trump" were as big a joke as, well, as they should be, today.  


30 years ago, maybe, Moscow thought that Trump might have influence in Washington.  I could see that.  Heck, 10-15 years ago, they might well have targeted him as a useful patsy as a money launderer.  (I've heard that one of the favorite ways to launder money is real estate.  And Trump is constantly moving big piles of money around and rolling dice.  


I would not be at all surprised to find out that a good chunk of Trump's "business success" comes from being the public face of Russian money laundering.  


(And I could see him being completely unaware of this fact.  I could easily see a situation in which Putin's buddies think Trump's the most useful idiot they've ever found, while Trump thinks that he did it all himself, and the Russians are buddies who love to invest in him.)

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