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"Well well well, Russell Westbrook IS human after all..."


Great speech by Westbrook.

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4 hours ago, Spaceman Spiff said:

Hats off to Malcom Brogdon, rookie of the year.  Bucks are gonna be awesome in a year or two.  


I don't know, a lot is riding on Jabari Parker and he's already had two ACL tears in his left knee.  They need him to pan out because they need shooting and secondary scoring.  Giannis is great and Maker is an interesting prospect, but he's a ways away and they don't have a quality second option without Parker.  Middleton is an average starter.  Monroe is entering his final year under contract.  The rest of their rotation players are JAGs.


Brogdon is a really nice role player, but he was a 24 year old rookie without a ton of upside and put up arguably the weakest ROY season since the merger.  It was an absolutely horrid rookie class after Ben Simmons got hurt.  Almost all of the other top ten picks flat out sucked.

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