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"Dear Leader" Kim Jong-il Dead (and other North Korea related news)

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On 3/20/2017 at 1:37 PM, Why am I Mr. Pink? said:

When I went onto fox news about a week ago, the top 6 articles were about North Korea. 


Pretty sure Bannon/Trump/Boening/Northrop/Ratheon/Lockheed et al will be bombing North Korea within the next 6 months. 


Only question I have is whether Bannon will seek congressional approval for military intervention or if he will claim he has the powers under the 9/11 or some mix of "imminent threat and national security" talk.  



I just dont think they can pull off a preemptive strike.  Seoul is within artillery range, youre not stopping that with any kind of missile defense


I do give the Trump administration credit for the idea to start sanctioning chinese companies who are doing business with and enabling the DPRK.  This puts the pressure on the chinese where it should have been all along

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