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16 minutes ago, BenningRoadSkin said:

What would you trade for Paul George?

I don't think the Wizards have the assets. Otto, Mahinmi, a pick?


I would trade Gortat/Mahinmi + Oubre + pick.  If Gortat + Oubre, we might have to throw in more as contract ballast.


That's not close to fair value but Indy's not going to get close to fair value for him.  George can force his destination by telling people he won't sign with them.  He could force Boston and Cleveland out by saying he won't stay beyond the year.  LA has already said they wouldn't trade more than Clarkson, Randle, and a late pick for Paul George.  So that's kind of the benchmark of his trade value, and that is peanuts.


I would also trade Morris + Gortat or Morris + Mahinmi and take back a contract as ballast and/or throw in a draft pick.  I could see Indy wanting to get out of Monta Ellis's deal.  I wouldn't love taking him back, but I'd do it if necessary.


We can't offer Otto until late December, and I wouldn't anyway unless absolutely necessary.  Otto is worth a lot more than Clarkson + Randle + late first.  I'd only trade him to beat other offers that would include players like Kevin Love.  And only if Paul George told us he'd sign long term.  If we got that kind of assurance from George... then I think I'd do it.


Other than the fact that we can't deal Otto until mid season, the problem with Indy-Washington trades is that they're front court heavy and all of our tradeable pieces are front court players.  Jefferson is one of their best players and Thaddeus Young is still pretty good.  And their future is Myles Turner.  So they're not going to be that interested in Mahinmi or Gortat or Morris.  We're not going to be able to beat offers from Boston unless Paul George forces them out of the ring.

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