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Found 4 results

  1. For the first time ever, we are hosting a Rivals Pre-Tailgating signing just one mile from FedEx Field 4 1/2 hours before kick off. The signings will be in the conference room at the Residence Inn Marriott, 1330 Caraway Court, Largo, MD 20774. The event starts at noon and will finish at one pm. This event is a competition to see if more Redskins or Cowboy fans will show up. For the Redskins we have Super Bowl Champion and 70 Greatest Redskins Jim Lachey ($25) For the Cowboys we have legendary starting Quarterback and Pro Bowler Danny White ($40) You are welcome to bring an item to be signed. We will have mini helmets and photos available for purchase. Please remember we will not have a credit card machine at the event, so bring your cash and show your love. For more information you can visit our Facebook page or Website.
  2. Any tickets left for tonight?

    Anyone still trying to get rid of 1 OR 2 tickets for the game tonight? I am in DC so can meet somewhere within reason or look to do venmo/paypal or some other alternative.
  3. WANTED- (2) Redskins vs Eagles Tickets

    Hello all, My wife and I are coming into town from Florida for the Eagles game and need tickets. She's never been to a pro game, let alone a Redskins game, so I'm hoping to get some good seats for a fair price. My family and I came to the Cardinals game in 2011 and went to the tailgate and had a blast. I'm also personal friends with Kenny (the guy with the cape) and Eddie (iMeast) just in case you don't know who I am, they can vouch for me (I don't post on here much but have been a member for a while). Let me know if anyone has any for sale! Thanks!
  4. The attack on the Redskins’ name continues in Washington. According to, three former FCC Commissioners (along with others) have sent a letter to Redskins owner Daniel Snyder explaining that a case could be made that the team’s name is indecent. “It is impermissible under law that the FCC would condone, or that broadcasters would use, obscene pornographic language on live television,” states the letter signed in part by former FCC Chairman Reed Hunt and former Commissioners Jonathan Adelstein and Nicholas Johnson. “This medium uses government-owned airwaves in exchange for an understanding that it will promote the public interest. Similarly, it is inappropriate for broadcasters to use racial epithets as part of normal, everyday reporting.” More at: I just saw an article on the front page of CNN as well bashing the name. This cant be a coincidence.