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Found 1 result

  1. petedaddy

    Six In A Row...Or We Blow??

    I have officially psyched myself out for an epic Redskins paloff run How can someone set themselves up for even more disappointment after the New Orleans meltdown you may ask, well if there is anything the Redskins have been exceptional at during the 25 years of misery, it is going on epic end of season paloff runs For anyone who doesn't know, here's how the season wraps up... vs Giants at Cowboys at Chargers vs Cardinals vs Broncos at Giants Sounds like 10-6 to me!! We have a great day of football tomorrow where we have a great opportunity to gain ground on two of the teams ahead of us with a Vikings win and Chargers win These are the teams in front of us: Through End of Week 11 Wildcard 1 - Panthers 7-3 Wildcard 2 - Falcons 6-4 Lions - 6-4 Seahawks - 6-4 Packers - 5-5 Cowboys - 5-5 Here's how I see it playing out Prediction for Win 1 - the Giants just had their Super Bowl win with their victory over the Chiefs...the players still know they aren't going anywhere this year...the game will be relatively tight early, but the Skins will pull away for a comfortable victory Prediction for Win 2 - after the Chargers beat the Cowboys tomorrow, they will officially be in panic mode...Jerry Jones will threaten to sue the league if they don't allow the Cowboys to replay all of their games with Zeke...a week of chaos ensues and we slip into Dallas and eke out a win Prediction for Win 3 - starting to ride a little high with two straight wins, we had to LA to play the Chargers where it will be a better homefield advantage for us than FedEx...the Chargers will be feeling a little too good about themselves and we'll take another win with a Kirk Cousins 4th quarter drive Prediction for Win 4 - feeling really good about ourselves we handle our business against the Cardinals and whatever washed up corpse they have playing QB that week Prediction for Win 5 - the Broncos, who are used to making real playoff runs, are too disinterested to muster up any real challenge...Paxton Lynch gets it to within one score late but we pick up a first down throwing the ball and run out the clock Prediction for Win 6 - a Redskins team needing a win for a playoff spot faces a Giants team with nothing to play for in the last game of the regular season (sound familiar) this time Captain Kirk exorcises his demons from last season and we win comfortably So...let's call it right now Who's going for Six in a Row and who's going for We Blow???? Also Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Redskins Nation!!!