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Found 2 results

  1. It's been widely publicized that the Redskins have not made a legitimate attempt to sign Kirk Cousins. They've not made a reasonable offer by any standards of the situation and have been sitting on the same offer they went with at the end of last years FA period. He's undoubted a Top 10 QB in the NFL for his first 2 full years as a starter and proven himself again and again. He's the best QB in the NFC East going into this year and is poised for a monster year as the 3rd year in the same offense. The FO needs to listen to the fans and hear about the choice from the 12th Man on the roster! Sign Kirk Cousins now!! HTTR!!
  2. I know we already have a couple active threads about Kirk, but I hope the mods will allow this one, specifically for his contract situation. I'll start with the basic facts and then we can all get on record with our predictions and/or wild speculation. • Kirk is playing 2016 on the franchise tag, for $19.95M. • The Redskins cannot negotiate with him at all until our 2016 season (including playoffs) ends. • Kirk is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent on March 9th, 2017 • Each team gets one franchise tag each year, which may be used between Feb 15th and March 1st on any one of their players who is about to become a free agent. • If a team's tag is not used by March 1st it is gone (until next year) • If a player is tagged, his team has until around July 15th 2017 to negotiate a different long-term deal; otherwise, the tag becomes a one-year contract and no further negotiations are allowed until their 2017 season ends. • Kirk is the most realistic target for our 2017 franchise tag (there could be an argument for tagging Garcon -- debate it below) • Kirk's 2017 tag number would be $24M. • You cannot tag the same player three times in a row.