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  1. Mad hoppin on caffeine? that what those little emojis mean at the bottom of that tweet thing?..the autographs and photos and video message is all cool but the whole him paying for everything is a head scratcher for me..never understood the much love cuz they paid for it thing..just me
  2. Daniel Snyder ...Dare We Say a competent owner

    Completely agree here.. I, year in year out drive myself, push myself to believe that Dan Snyder is just a huge fan like me and is trying to do his best but I can't, it's completely obvious he is a total failure and completely sucks as the owner of the Redskins..
  3. Daniel Snyder ...Dare We Say a competent owner

    I don't wanna disagree here...but I do skinsmarydu..with all do user name was..well it's changed a couple times but most recently taylorcooley1..aaaannny way..2012 was his year... I'm sorry but before that Turf reached up and grabbed his foot we were on our way to the Super Bowl and winning it... We were the hottest team in December, the best team going into the playoffs and we were up on Seattle two touchdowns..than **** hit the fan..the injury leading into the force of the come back.."all in" switching up his playing style.. between the injury and the way the Redskins f***** it up like they do everything I'm sorry but the op is off his rocker, Dan Snyder has always ****ed **** up and always will.. in 2015 to 2016 looked promising with Kirk Cousins, Pierre Garcon, and DeSean Jackson if we would have kept the three together yada yada yada everybody else seen it the whole Scotty mcdoogle **** up.. he should still be here..**** Dan Snyder he is an absolute PIECE OF ****..sorry..back on track Robert Griffin had his only one year.. I guess my point being if had been handled correctly I guess Robert could still be kicking ass.. but I thought he couldn't read defenses? All the negative stuff I seen about him..ok I'm totally derailing this post I'll stop haha.. I think we can both agree that Dan as an owner.
  4. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Maybe just quit checking in with Richmond Dispatch for new articles?
  5. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    And horse face(what my dad calls him lol)has never heard of Marshal Faulk?
  6. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Ya it's crazy the amount of parents who bring babies/young kids without ear protection then they're all worried and bothered about the loud noise from the trucks.. yeah we were trying to leave and we were parked out by the gate where you enter and there was light traffic in front of me exiting and we jumped in the truck and there was openings but this group of people walking stopped right in front of my truck as I was starting it and turned my headlights on and they stood there and I asked them to move so I could leave and that's when **** hit the fan..dude starts yelling at me hey she's lost looking for her car and so I said okay well step aside over to one side or the other so I can leave and look for your car over there or over was stupid..
  7. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Monster truck shows are alot like attending an NFL game..there's stands and they serve my wife and I had a chance to get in a fist fight at the end of this monster truck show.. I had to drag her back in the truck and I refrained from attacking the dude that was in my face at the door of my truck..(no fight, we had our three kids)now at home taking a chill pill watching harold and Kumar escape from Guantanamo's everyone else's Friday goin?..haha..
  8. That clip of payne in high school is.. enjoyable to watch..I CANT WAIT!!..I can...quitely start to hear the ........chants. WE WANT DALLAS!! WE WANT DALLAS!! we goin gerbal/squirrel/which ever rodent Zeke represents huntin..
  9. Good lord Payne is a big man...young man..but big..
  10. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    skinsmarydu..glad to get a response from ya..and I like it!
  11. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    So it definitely looks like a new stadium and possibly relocation for where the Redskins are playing now in the near future... Obviously the name won't change nor the colors but does anybody see a possibility of a little tweaking to our design/logo?
  12. That's cool as **** to see prices slashed... I mean I get it I can understand the high price for the beer.. you get some trailer trash like me that comes in with their weekly paycheck and would spend the whole thing on beer if the beer was cheap enough... I mean maybe that's why they keep the prices so high on beer so the fans aren't drinking like fish because it's cheap..Lord knows we got enough obnoxious drunken fans in the stadiums.. What the hell is the difference between butterless popcorn and regular popcorn? why would butterless popcorn be twice as much?.. I mean LOL that looks like a stupid question from me obviously butterless popcorn doesn't have butter on it but how would serving butterless popcorn be more expensive? doesn't it come out of the maker butterless?..idk
  13. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Thanks for sharing the gma in law story..that's frickin hilarious... My father is a retired Mason and according to him LOL he designed a strap down system for underneath of trailer houses that makes them hurricane he was telling me the other day he designed the system installed it in his trailer and according to him LOL it was a new plan the city implemented for anyone having mobile homes placed on a foundation must have this new design it just made me laugh my ass off as he was telling me as I'm picturing hurricane ripping through his trailer park ripping the whole trailer off of the platform I guess you can say leaving nothing but the platform strapped into the foundation..hahaha ya pa..(clearing my throat)yes there is a way to make trailer houses hurricane proof.. I can imagine with little **** heads like me running around in em lol