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  1. If he was as great at calling plays as he is at “Couch predictions”,he’d probably still have a job..his opinion on anything is about as valuable as any of ours as far as relevance is concerned towards teams with win/loss records!!..But oh wait,his last coached team picked in the top three of last years draft didn’t it??..Yeah,what he says means a whole lot-he couldn’t even keep his own team together for a whole 16,what’s he know bout what anybody else’s team is gonna do!!(and FYI BOB,you can pick the giants to win all ya want,they still ain’t gonna hire ya back-lol!!!)
  2. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I think getting him in the 6th is a great move..Most 6th rd picks aren’t expected to pan out,or good back up player at best..if he pans out then it’s a steal,if not then we haven’t really lost out on too much(better than giving a 2nd round pick to a player that retired,came back then gets traded for peanuts..remind ya of anybody??)..he reminds me of a Richard Sherman type player(who was picked in the 5th if I’m correct??) his speed could be a lil faster but with his size and range,he should be an upgrade at least in the red zone!! With T.Gray coaching him in college,he’s already familiar with what makes this kid tick and help get him up to speed pretty quick-should make a difference towards the adjustment coming into the league(especially this late on the season).. im hoping they develop him as a corner and a backup safety only if needed-swapping a player from a position that he’s comfortable with only works with oh so many guys(Although Dunbar has been decent so far),being multidimensional is always great to have on a team but I’d keep him at CB till he makes the transition first(if he struggles then I’d see where else he could help out on the team) But over all,I think it was a good move-not a lot given up and it’s nothing but all up side for the kid if he can keep it together-looking forward to seeing how he plays out!!!
  3. Are you serious?????...What kind of moron is he?.Taylor was and is still one of the best to ever play that position,hands down!! He, unlike Guice had legit “off the field issues” and he got it together and brought his game to such an elite level!! a player since him at his position that played anywhere close to what taylor brought to the game,I’ll wait????.. His death untimely and as tragic as it was is no way to judge that man(and father too)as a bust..Peter King is a pure slug to even have made that comparison at all..having your house broken into and being killed defending your family to the death is just proof that he was nothing close to “A Bust” at all..he lived as a hero on the field and died one in his home,nothing is farther from the truth..I hate the media sometimes!!
  4. You make great points to me..we’ve either struck out on FA,or the guys we have brought in only played “meh”..I like his upside,he continues to get better(although his stats do not reflect it but he is right on a QB’s ass in a large percentage of the plays he’s in on)..I think he’ll only get better as he develops even more,a good piece to keep and continue to build a defense with(as much as ppl think we’re just one great player away from a SB,it takes all the guys on the field to play at a certain level,and I think he does!!!)..I wouldn’t hand him a blank check and tell him to fill it in with what he thinks hes worth,but I’d definitely make it enough to keep him around(hell,if the rumor is true and we offered Junior G 2yr/10mil,then I think he somewhere in the 7-9mil range all day just on what he’s shown what he’s capable of alone!!)..GO AND SIGN THAT MAN!!!
  5. I was pulling for Galette,when we signed him a thru both injuries..Hoping he’d heal,come in and play to his younger form..His comments and attitude is what turned me off,I mean we stuck by him thruout two Major injuries/surgeries,rehabilitation and handled him with baby gloves during the season only to have him mouth off(blah,blah-Pay me starting “like I’ve done something for my team” money)..I think he got exactly what he deserved!!..pure entitlement,and grandiose attitude-I know at my job I get paid for what I do and show what I’m worth,not sit back and demand a dime because I THINK I’m worth something without earning it..2yr/10 million,yeah poor you!!..ya should’ve blown out both ur ankles again trying to sign that deal fast enough but as you now see won’t get that from anyone else..(Karma bit ya brother,enjoy!!!)
  6. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I’d be Leary at giving anything lower than a 6th or 7th..Although he’s a young man,he’s already shown early on that he has other things going on OTHER than “just” playing football!! We just traded (Cravens anybody???)a kid recently that showed very similar traits while he was in college(minus the suspensions,but tell-tell signs that he wasn’t all in)and we saw how that played out..I’d like to see ya set a higher standard as to the caliber of guys brought in,instead of “maybes”&”could be’s??)!!..just my opinion....
  7. Man those are hell of a difference in stat numbers,thx for digging those up!! With out a doubt,both backs are studs at their positions but I think Guice is going to be the bigger impact player-not just because he is on our team but he adds so much more that we’ve needed for so a lot of years..I can’t wait to watch him run with Trent pulling and clearing a path for him,since both players can pancake a defender and that’s gonna be so fun to watch!! Seeing Guice highlights(and I know it was only a punter)where the kicker is the last man to beat and how he drops his shoulders and levels the guy is awesome!!..D-Backs are gonna think twice bout Guice before they step in front of him coming downhill,I know I would!!
  8. Per Schefter: DeAngelo Hall Retiring

    Mr.Hall,you have been such a great player to watch and root for over the years!!..Thank You for some really great plays for all the years that you were here!! Ive watched damn near every game that you posted your greatest plays for us thruout your entire career while in burgundy & gold!!..Especially the Bears game..At one point I thought you had put on a Bears jersey the way Cutler kept throwing you the ball all day!! Always a class act and wish ya all the luck in your new future ahead!!! HTTR!!!
  9. 2018 UDFA Thread

    Your point was met..just some ppl are gonna nit-pick you no matter what you mean buddy..”Oh No,you said the sky was Blue,but didn’t say exactly What shade it is so you’re wrong!!”...I know what ya meant and yes you are CORRECT,he don’t favor Doctson in many ways(even if he’s a couple one hundredths of a second different,stop the press!!!!!!!!!!)..big bodied,tall,lg catch radius,does well on jump balls(oh wait a minute,he’s a few inches different on leaping ability so stop the press Again!!!!!!!)..but he’s close enough that I’m hoping both work out,would be hell on any backfield to try to deal with-throw it up on either side of the field and have two twin towers that can win over the top & come down with it!!!..
  10. Everyone is dumping on Perine,but with the addition of Guice I think will help him 10 fold in the long run..Remember this kid put up Crazy number in college(yeah I know,in only a handful of games and not against Top Tier teams)but he knows how to run-if it was that easy every back coming outta college would have 276 yard game under their belt!!! Perine is a thumper reguardless & IMO he still needs another season to grow and adjust to NFL games..Guice is a stud hands down but I’m not thinking we throw Perine on the wood pile just yet but having him as a change of pace guy to help where down defenses,especially in bad weather games won’t hurt us one bit!! im loving the direction our team is headed and with our new upgrades after the draft,plus last years additions are gonna show up Big Time this year..We’re not expected to do much so I can’t wait to prove all the non-believers wrong and show em they really don’t know 💩!!!! HTTR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. What to do with LG

    Man..two linemen in one day!!..Feels like groundhogs day from last season already!! Im was Really hoping Welsh would come in and do well enough to eventually work himself into a decent role player..I hope Ty fills in and we pickup another rotational guy to help with depth🤞🤞
  12. 2018 UDFA Thread

    Wow..I know he had depression concerns as to why he didn’t get drafted but I’m wondering if this kid is having major issues on the inside(that he’s obviously having to deal with)’s sad that he had a chance of a lifetime and was unable to follow thru on it...I’m not the type to drop a tear for too much by I feel bad for the kid,I think that there is more to it..hopefully I’m reading more into it than what it is,just hope I don’t read about him later in life related to a tragedy🤞🤞
  13. The more I look into this kid,watch highlights and read as much as I can find..I’m thinking he has a real decent shot at being on the 53!! Theres a couple of guys Un-drafted that I’m kinda pulling for if they pan out but he’s on the top of my list🤞
  14. Yup..People post waaaaay too much on line..and people loose their jobs over it,and some find it Even harder to get them over the stuff they post!!..I got a good feeling he’ll be the later of the two really soon!!..Human or gotta at least be good at what ya do before ya start bumping your gums and trashing someone who gave you a 1-32 chance of working in a very specific environment at all he’s done is play his way thru almost 25% of the league already and showed his Ass leaving here..Best believe when(not if)he gets cut,he’ll be playing xbox for quite a while before the next team gives him a call(he really ain’t that good,just gonna be a camp body till the end of summer)..he’ll see us twice a season,but that’s only if he buys two tickets to two different games somewhere..I hate when a JAG leaves and talks like he did something and is sooo much better off..Naw Bum,if you were any good ya might would still have a job here ya think???
  15. Annnnnd when did the whole “Ball Out” thing happened with him???..I watched every single game he played last year,can’t remember not a single time I heard him name mentioned???..oh,that’s right..may had been when 9/10th’s of our d-line was hurt on the bench when he actually saw a field other than warmups..the way our team was put together last season due to injury,you’re waving the Balled Out card....uuuum,No were kinda like the prettiest turd in the bowl(maybe once or twice TOPS!!!)..yeah,I’d brag!(get ready to be job hunting in a couple weeks there buddy..the gnants got a decent line and you would definitely be their weakest link!!)