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  1. CutPryorNow

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    It would have been great if someone in the front office would have had the stones to fire Gruden and promote Sean McVay in 2016.
  2. CutPryorNow

    Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    I sure hope he beats it or at least gets it under control. Sounds pretty awful. Makes you appreciate this type of player who seems to have a love of the game and even while dealing with something very difficult handles it honorably
  3. CutPryorNow

    MMQB: How Su'a Cravens fell apart..

    To your point - do you remember what happened during that time when the Redskins decided, wisely to go ahead and put him on the inactive list? He was seen partying at a USC game, but was no where to be found when the Redskins played later on in LA that same weekend. And how about when he flippantly stated that he was thinking about rejoining the team for the season, but then insinuated that maybe or maybe not. Go do your research and then keep on making 1+1 = 3
  4. CutPryorNow

    MMQB: How Su'a Cravens fell apart..

    I would have also traded him for just a piece of good cake
  5. CutPryorNow


    John KeimESPN Staff Writer Free agent running back Orleans Darkwa will be among those participating in a tryout at Redskins Park Sunday, a source said. The Redskins need to add another back thanks to several injuries. Both Samaje Perine (ankle) and Byron Marshall (ankle) both will miss time with injuries and Derrius Guice already is out for the season with a torn ACL. They also waived/injured running back Martez Carter, leaving them with three healthy bodies in practice Saturday.
  6. CutPryorNow

    MMQB: How Su'a Cravens fell apart..

    I would have traded him for a good peanut butter and honey sandwich
  7. CutPryorNow

    MMQB: How Su'a Cravens fell apart..

    You speak truth. The problem is that it's a hypothetical truth. This is the NFL. So you better have your s*** together Craven's acted like he was special and could make excuses without consequences and never accepted responsibility for his actions. Sure he is a special human being but the problem is every single one of those players on the Redskins team have fallen on hard times before. The difference is Cravens chose to quit
  8. CutPryorNow

    MMQB: How Su'a Cravens fell apart..

    I'm sure I will offend but your response to this thread sounds pretty close to Cravens excuses and lack of ability to actually take responsibility for actions committed
  9. CutPryorNow

    MMQB: How Su'a Cravens fell apart..

    I understand the context of what you are trying to get across but I completely disagree. Out of every interview and story and the experiences that S. Cravens had as a Washington Redskins professional football player have lead me to believe that he is a **** and a quitter and a narcissistic jerk. So sure like every other human being I hope they figure it out but he is wrong and I would not trust him with my life or any other part of it including speaking the truth and having some self-awareness
  10. CutPryorNow

    2018 Season Injury News

    Robert Davis placed on season ending IR
  11. CutPryorNow

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    And I was referring to this
  12. CutPryorNow

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    Are you trying to say Garcon and Jackson were average wideouts and/or not one of the top 5 pair of Redskins receivers in franchise history?
  13. CutPryorNow

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    Are you sniffing RG3's jock strap or something?
  14. CutPryorNow

    Rank the Skins' head coaches over the last 25 years

    We just have our facts perceived differently. IMO RG3 was the problem all along with Shanny and the rest of the organization contributing to the drama. Griffin was the drama queen and Gruden is actually really good at handling personality problems because he doesn't come off as the top swinging dick. It is well documented that RG3 wasn't equipped to deal with the modern NFL game and it was only a matter of time even without the ACL tear before his world would have come crashing down around him. K. Shannahan utilized his skill set in a really genius like way and we all rode the high from it. RG3's ego was the biggest problem not J. Gruden
  15. CutPryorNow

    Rank the Skins' head coaches over the last 25 years

    Are you seriously suggesting a modern day head coach in the NFL has mind control over their players effectively ruining their career? Jay G. prob handled that F'd up situation with RG3 better than most coaches would have. Seems like to me Gruden made a hard decision (leadership skills maybe) to name Cousins as the starting QB. BTW I am not a Cousins lover, but I do have eyes to see reality