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  1. My friend Jkam

    Very sorry for your loss DanT..rip Jkam
  2. This is very true...and ya I truly believe that the name of the team don't help matters...harsh to say but true
  3. Chris Thompson and I know I'll get bashed for this cuz of how injured prone he is but Jordan Reed Trent Williams Ryan Kerrigan Jamison Crowder Zach Brown Brandon Scherff Vernon Davis(best off the field dude)might have something to say about this...I think there star players, and you tell me the patriots,packers,saints,Steelers, ravens, or seahawks wouldn't take half those players than I'd say ur full of it.. we have a list of star players just on the wrong team
  4. That's part of the reason I got a Scherff jersey...if ya think about it the only players that have been drafted by the skins in the first round and have stuck around through multiple contracts have been o linemen ...C Samuel's, J Jansen, t Williams..
  5. Folks...things aren't the same..being a fan, the players being players..it's not the same...people will only wear a jersey of a player who is winning..times have...HORRIBLY CHANGED!!!..and it doesn't help that a major part of Americans want our name changed.... So a question for those who are in...if it even exist anymore..redskins country..is no one sporting skins jerseys?
  6. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Oh **** we wanna talk about negativity towards are beloved redskins..2004 Monday night football redskins at cowboys..the redskins are down 13-0 in a game..they weren't ever realy out of..it had me pissed..so ****ing pissed I pulled a reverse psychology and was actually cheering on the..I puke in my mouth typing this..cowpukes we hit moss on the first of two touchdowns that brought us back to win..I looked like a fool in the sports bar..but it worked..the negative "reversed psychology" game..
  7. I beg to differ...some of us old school football fans know where the game is won...where it begins..The Trenches.. If no one around there realy has a Scherff jersey than I must be an absolute rare bearer of his jersey on this side of the country..I love it tho..
  8. It's a popularity contest..rg me was popular coming out of college..he had the highest selling jersey for a minute...jus wait till we get a top five pick and get the next hottest thing coming out than again we'll have another player selling the most jerseys..
  9. **** Carson Wentz ..can't wait to see the show stopper rip another jersey off that philthadelphia qb.. Still glad I got a Scherff jersey instead of a Kirk jersey..now if we can just keep the Scherff around..
  10. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Good...keep paying Callahan Kirk not getting killed is mostly to do with Callahan in mid-to-late season when our offensive line was depleted.
  11. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    He won the game for us...against the giants...in there house..that's gotta stand for something..if he's in 100 I'd like to see him back.
  12. My Antiques Roadshow-ish Redskins tale

  13. Season Ticket Renewals

    What part about seeing the redskins is a dream?
  14. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Probably at The Peanut Farm in Anchorage Alaska.