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  1. I'm ready for Kirk to pack his bags, but I'd like for him to take Bruce Allen with him.
  2. Who cares how good the offer was. It was a starting point. By not countering, Kirk told us all we need to know: he doesn't give a crap about the team or the fans. The FO may suck to hades. Kirk can join them as far as I am concerned.
  3. Should have drafted the best QB available with first pick in the draft this year. That would have instantly devalued Kirk and given the Redskins a bargaining position.
  4. Kirk didn't counter offer because he doesn't give a crap about the fans and he doesn't want to be a Redskin. EFF him. I would rather they pull the bandaid off now, trade him, start Colt and work on figuring out a long term plan in the mean time rather continuing to dance with a broad that won't be satisfied.
  5. Since the end of the season I have suspected this more of a matter that Cousins doesn't want a long term deal in Washington than the front office just dragging their feet. And if that's the case, then screw him. The fans have come around tremendously for Cousins. He turns his back on us because he doesn't like dealing with the FO, then double screw him.
  6. All of the literary devices in his handle must be lost on you?
  7. Completely unrelated IMO. The board would necessarily be constantly changing, as intel changes and the situation develops....which doesn't stop until the draft. Scott was fired two months ago and hadn't been present for quite some time before that. How could they possibly stick to the letter with a board he drafted last season?
  8. Maybe he's not such a steal???
  9. Falcons just drafted a certified lunatic.
  10. This could be the best first round pick we had since Sean Taylor.
  11. Great pick.....he didn't seem to excited when his name was called.....hope he gels.
  12. Wish folk would stop acting cowardly toward primetime games. The Redskins can never be great again without handling primetime.
  13. Approaching this situation from purely logical standpoint: -in any negotiation, the bargaining point for either party is leveraging their "best alternative to the proposed agreement." Kirk's BAPA is to it free agency where at this time multiple teams will compete to pay him a lot of money. The Redskins BAPA is to tag Kirk again for another year at 28M, which is also a pretty good deal for him. -This situation gives Kirk all of the leverage and the Redskins none. This is a terrible negotiating position. If he doesn't want to be there, even if he just doesn't care one way or the other, then there is no incentive for him to come to the table. So, what is the best way for the Redskins to improve this dismal negotiating situation? How can they create a bargaining position for themselves? I think the only solution is to take the best QB available in the first round of the draft when the pick comes up. This will instantly devalue Kirk. A new quarterback will be learning under him this year. This gives the Redskins a BAPA that doesn't involve Kirk. Other teams will know this and they also will be able to adjust their bidding accordingly if and when he hits free agency. The 28M tag idea goes away completely. His value levels out around 20M/year. This is what they need to do to create a light at the end of this dismal tunnel of one way leverage that they are stuck in.