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  1. Finally, a defensive player from Alabama.
  2. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    I heard he sexually assaulted 48 rescue puppies. Yesterday.
  3. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    I'm concerned about the stories, but calling him a psychopath is, perhaps, a bit of a stretch. And since you don't know how to spell psychopath, you might be less than a 100% expert on what a psychopath is. Is that fair to say, doctor?
  4. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    I think it's more about just losing Fuller in the first place. They need to replace him and pick up a RB or interior OL. Now they can without relying on a late rounder.
  5. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    This is smokescreen season. Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.
  6. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    ESPN is hyping Josh Rosen's lineage .... both his parents were, um, ice dancers. Tuff AF
  7. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    Suzy Kolber says "Coast to Coast" ... yes, from the shining coast of Wyoming to the beaches of Buffalo.
  8. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    You gotta believe they are thinking hard about Josh Allen right now.
  9. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    Sam Darnold's grandfather was named Dick Hammer? That's pretty awesome.
  10. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    That pick makes me think he's got a squeeze bottle full of Everclear.
  11. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    You can change every person in the Browns organization, and yet they somehow find a way to always remain the Browns.
  12. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    Scot McCloughan sighting in the Browns draft room. No cold beverages were seen nearby.
  13. Of course not. It's been demonstrated pretty well over the course of history that a dominant D-line is more impactful than a good secondary. You can't suck at either, but stopping the run, and negatively affecting a QBs ability to throw in rhythm from the pocket, are the surest ways to have a good defense. Is Allen dominant? He graded out very well when he played and he was collapsing the pocket regularly which doesn't show up on the stat sheet. Dominant is a stretch, but he could get there soon. No one says slot corner isn't important. Maybe Fuller transition to the outside, maybe he doesn't. Every position is important in its own way, and slot corner is more valuable than ever in today's NFL. But it's still down the list. I'd say it's no better than 8th, behind QB, DE, LT, RB, DT, outside corner, #1 WR. Wide range of opinions here I'm sure, but follow the money. There isn't a single slot CB in the top 150 players in the NFL by salary. Cornerback is the 6th highest paid position in general, and most of that money goes to outside corners. If they were all that important, they'd get paid better. Fabian Moreau will have a huge role to play. He's better suited to the outside tho, and with the likely loss of Breeland they'll have to draft another (probably a fairly high) pick to man the slot. It's not ideal to be sure, especially with that pick gone. This is where the trade really hurts. Instead of potentially finding an Alvin Kamara or Kareem Hunt at RB (both 3rd rounders), they'll likely use the 2nd on Fuller's replacement and twiddle their thumbs during the 3rd.
  14. These are the two points I'll address, as they are directly related to each other 1) The FO, we can all agree, put themselves in a bad position. They methodically undermined every bit of their leverage with the way they handled Kirk Cousins. It's as if they never played the tape through, never asked all the "what if" questions in 2015, such as: What if Kirk plays really well and his value goes up, and we have to pay through the nose to keep him? What if we franchise Kirk and he plays well again, and he's kinda put off that we wouldn't sign him to a good deal when he was willing to take it? What if Kirk decides that it's better to take the guaranteed money from a franchise deal than any contract we would realistically offer? It's as if they never expected Cousins to play well. Maybe they thought by playing him, they'd give him the rope and he'd hang himself. Their attitude seems to have been, We're talking about a 4th rounder here. He should jump at the chance to sign any halfway decent long-term contract. He should be happy to get what we give him. The FO obviously miscalculated this situation badly on all fronts (although time will tell if Cousins will ever be a wartime consigliere). Now the FO knows they screwed up but can't admit it publicly. They will look like fools – or even more foolish than they already do – if they pay him $30M a year in 2018 when they could have had him for $18M a year after the 2015 season. So they almost HAVE to take the position of "Kirk's not worth the money" and move on. Yes, they did this to themselves. Nevertheless, some kind of move for a legit QB did have to happen. It's kind of like they're saying, Well, all our dumb decisions over the past 3 years make this a good one. Weirdly, that's sort of true. Which bring us to... 2) If I'm the GM, I make the deal now because someone else was going to. I've decided that Alex Smith is the guy, so I go get him. Here are the other options, besides signing Kirk: VETS: Sam Bradford Case Keenum Teddy Bridgewater AJ McCarron Josh McCown Ryan Fitzpatrick Geno Smith Maybe Tyrod Taylor + a bunch of people who are not even going to be in the league next year DRAFT: Josh Rosen Josh Allen Sam Darnold Baker Mayfield Lamar Jackson There's no guarantee that any of the college kids would be available at #13 (remember the run on QBs in last year's draft), and none of them are 'can't miss' prospects anyway. Bradford has all the tools but he's going to join Jordan Reed in the injury-prone hall of fame. Keenum I'm not sold on, and his success seems to be tied a lot to Pat Schumer. Bridgewater is not that good to begin with and he's coming off a Theismann-esque injury. AJ McCarron is an RFA and can't beat out Andy Dalton. The others are not even worth mentioning. Basically it comes down to one simple truth: the FO screwed up. The price for that screw up was Kendall Fuller.
  15. Skinny, thanks for the thoughtful reply. You made a good case. I agreed with some of what you said but here's why I disagree with the assessment in as a whole. All of a sudden people are acting like the Redskins are giving up on the best defensive back prospect in the league and I just don't see it. I like him, and was upset, just not "the doctors tell me they'll have to remove my entire colon" type of upset when I heard he was part of this trade. Yes, I know how he was graded by both the team and Pro Football Focus. I've read the same articles ad nauseam. There's no doubt in my mind that Fuller is a very good player. But with him, the Redskins still had a bad defense. They couldn't make a stop all year when they really had to. Injuries across the front 7 (and holy **** were there injuries) played a huge part in that. Fuller made a lot of nice plays throughout the year, so I'll give credit where credit is due. But I don't understand why so many people are losing their minds over his departure. Swearinger I could understand, because he played alongside Fuller, went into battle with him. The fans, on the other hand, are acting like Kendall Fuller was the best thing to happen to the Redskins defense since they traded for Wilbur Marshall. It's as if the FO jettisoned the lynchpin that held a world class defense together – for a song. The truth is, the past transgressions of the front office are causing a lot of bias, clouding people's judgement. It was a good trade, a necessary trade, for reasonable terms. It comes down to this: You either trade Fuller, or someone else gets Smith. Then you're left holding your junk in your hand when the music stops. Colt McCoy is your quarterback. The defense will not fall off the face of the earth because Kendall Fuller is gone.