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  1. To use your signature: Don't quit on your team when times are tough. I didn't when 2010 happened to the Panthers.
  2. Thanks for the opportunity! This looks like it's going to be fun! Question - are compensatory picks included in the draft?
  3. Chris Russell of 106.7 The Fan in D.C. reports Redskins GM Scot McCloughan has lost all power in the organization. Reporting live on air, Russell stated president Bruce Allen, coach Jay Gruden, and scouts Alex Santos and Scott Campbell, and personnel executive Doug Williams are now running the team. McCloughan "has nothing to do with anything and has not for a very long time," according to Russell. McCloughan allegedly has been setting up the funeral for his grandmother. Online records show that McCloughan's 100-year-old grandmother passed away on February 6. The funeral occurred on February 13, and the woman was buried the next day. Source: 106.7 The Fan in D.C. I certainly wish you all the best of luck. This situation sure looks messy.
  4. Alright. Would love to do that.
  5. Wait, co-GM's are okay? Hmm, wondering if it's an okay thing I could possibly do with @Gallen5862, even if I'm in a limited role. Nevertheless, if that's not possible/desired, I'm content with taking an open team; preferably the Seahawks if it comes down to that. Anyhow, hope I'm able to contribute in any way!
  6. GHH I'm willing to still participate with whatever team is open. NFC South teams primarily I should do well on. Any of them open?
  7. Honestly, I don't want to intrude then if whoever has the Panthers absolutely cannot choose another team. I'm pretty invested in the Panthers overall - being a fan since '95 - but I won't want to have me be a priority over a true board member here. I'd love to help draft and give great analysis. I like posting mock stuff all the time on the Huddle. But if a user wants to do them above me, then that's completely fine. All I ask is for me to have some contribution to the Panther's draft picks in here if possible.
  8. I called it up there first
  9. So when's the next one starting?
  10. Yeah I'm interested in helping with providing near accurate Panther picks to the best of my ability. What makes the accuracy tough is finding out the players Gettleman likes, since he's near unpredictable. Bradberry may be the best rookie corner out of the draft according to PFF, but he still wasn't expected. However, noticed he likes physical potential, so I may research based on that, along with obvious needs for the team. Whoever picked for the Panthers Jordan Howard in the 3rd. You don't know how much I wish that were a reality.
  11. Pro Football Focus' Mock Draft 3.0 has an interesting option for you guys. Highly doubt this scenario occurs, since there's no way the Panthers pass on him, but just to give you guys a glimpse of what mock drafter's claim as a possibility: Here it is:
  12. Coming from a Panther fan with the 8th draft pick, I'd be ecstatic/surprised if Adams lasts until the 8th pick. The safeties this year are that good. I don't doubt the Panthers hit on Adams if they don't get a viable starting SS this offseason.
  13. Pleasant surprise after he looked like he regressed this year with how he couldn't contain or do basic fundamentals.
  14. I'm just gonna say some missed opportunities honestly. Reed being hurt, and no run game did kill your offense, but otherwise you nearly could've slashed us honestly. Well granted, you were against one of the tougher defenses of the NFL gelling too late, and did prevent us getting a sack (I believe), so I'd say you did give a decent show. Thanks for letting me come around and talk some good football. You guys still got a good chance to make the wildcard, so don't give up hope for sure.