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  1. At this point how can anyone believe anything Bruce Allen has to say. I believe he's fake and we know he's a yes man. Not to mention his drafts have been horrible. Not sure why he has a job to be honest.
  2. This is a really good pickup. Not sure why anyone would say it's a bad pickup. Depth at any position is good and I don't believe in Doctson yet anyways. Sign Hightower as depth at RB and go nuts on the draft on defense.
  3. Thank you For anyone that thinks Kirk doesn't have the leverage because of signing the tag. Well you're wrong Like this gentleman has said there isn't a team out there that will trade for Kirk if he doesn't sign a long term deal with that team.
  4. At this point if this is coming down to 3 to 4 million a year difference. Snyder is a moron not to just pay the man his money. Signing Kirk to long term deal is about the only thing this franchise can do to save face. I've got a feeling it's more than just the money at this point. I hope I'm wrong.
  5. Well he was also referring to the tag in general I believe. Either way u believe he's more or less saying that dictates his yearly price tag and he's right. This is also true
  6. I'd have to say no. It's pretty simple for me Reed never stays healthy and is one concussion away from maybe retirement. Doctson hasn't really played a game in the NFL. Can't trust him to be healthy and if he is. There is always the possibility he's a bust. It's happened many times before with WRs. So in other words I believe this team should make one more move. Just in case and it doesn't have to be a elite guy.
  7. He is but when someone is wrong they're wrong and he's calling him out for it.
  8. Pretty much and that's why this team will always be garbage. He needs to get out of the way and let the football people do there damn job. Problem is he won't Scot wasn't a yes man and Bruce is. So guess who keeps his job.
  9. Yeah I agree So for now this off-season sucks
  10. Pretty much and I wonder how many of the players see it his way. It's been reported Kirk won't sign long-term with Bruce on he books. Not to mention the players that backed Scot after he was fired. Report yesterday is Kirk won't sign with Bruce Allen being here. So not sure this helps.