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  1. Chiefs v Redskins Post Game Assessments

    Yeah I don't see Pryor getting a contract extension as of right now. No need for him at he moment.
  2. Chiefs v Redskins Post Game Assessments

    Has nothing to do with close games has to do with how you lose those games. Washington beat themselves tonight once again
  3. Chiefs v Redskins Post Game Assessments

    Good teams find ways to win and the Skins haven't done that in a long time. The Skins blow games and KC wins games. So I agree 100% KC is the better team period.
  4. Chiefs v Redskins Post Game Assessments

    Well Washington looks improved as a team, but they're still the Skins. It doesn't matter who it is we can always blow a game. Defense gave up what 5 or 6 3rd down conversions tonight because of penalties. Doctson completely s*** the bed with that drop and it took Alex Smith a min to get into field goal rage, hell they probably had enough time to score a TD in a min. I guess it could be worse going into the bye, but I feel like this team could easily be 3-1 hell even 4-0. Problem is they're not and those 2 games can and will come back to bit them in the ass.
  5. Trent Murphy Torn ACL Done For Season,Su’a Cravens Out 2-3 weeks

    Yeah I agree injuries do seem to be a problem with him.
  6. Trent Murphy Torn ACL Done For Season,Su’a Cravens Out 2-3 weeks

    According to Rotoworld the suspension counts during his injury. So in other words. The suspension will be over next year and he won't have to miss any games because of that. I agree I'd rather lose Trent over Cravens. Now of course I don't want to lose either, but I believe this is a big year to figure out what we have with Cravens.
  7. Trent Murphy Torn ACL Done For Season,Su’a Cravens Out 2-3 weeks

    It hurts but at the same time if JR can stay healthy. The Skins will be fine. Problem is can he stay healthy.
  8. Updated: Trent Murphy out for year with Torn ACL. Well not a good start at all last night.
  9. No he is getting a 3 year guarantee instead of a 2 year guarantee. That's what you guys don't get the contract offer was pretty much 25 million more guaranteed next year. Well he wants more years guaranteed. Not that hard you can twist it into what ever you want. He wants more guaranteed money and years like everyone in the NFL. Only difference is Washington gave him the leverage to do it. Where most teams aren't that dumb.
  10. Here's another thing everyone needs to keep in mind and man is Washington stupid for letting this happen. Mathew Stafford contract is up soon. He is going to get paid a butt load. Lions have pretty much made it clear they're going to sign him to extension. He'll bank more than Carr probably closer to 60 million guaranteed. With around 28 to 30 million a year. Go look at his stats and compare him to Cousins the last 2 years. Pretty much the same QB.
  11. Pretty simple Skins offered Kirk 50 million guaranteed. Now that's not subtracting the 24 million already guaranteed this year. So an extra what 26 million. If Kirk is tagged next year he makes 34 million guaranteed. So around the same 50 million or so washington offered him. Here's the kicker odds are no tag and a long-term deal next year. (Probably not Skins) So he's already got 24 million in his pocket and market says day of signing long-term next year he'll make another 50 to 60 million guaranteed. So that's a difference of around 30 more million dollars. Only risk he has was Skins offered him 70 guaranteed if hurt, but if he doesn't get hurt this year he'll make that back next year. Is he taking a risk yes, but I'm sure it will payoff like it did last year.
  12. Lol yep what he said. I don't get what's so hard about this. At the end of the day the Skins still low balled him according to the market.