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  1. Not sure about the draft, but I know it's been reported that 4-5 teams have called about Kirk and Washington gave each team a firm No. Here you go it's been reported it's 4 teams.
  2. Happy with Draft and free agency. With that being If this LTD doesn't get worked out this off-season is still a fail. This teams getting better yes, but super bowl contender? Nope If we lose Kirk next year we're basically starting over. So get the contract done and this might have been one of the best off seasons that I can ever remember.
  3. I've got a feeling this pick is the pick all Skins fans scratch there heads.
  4. Yeah losing your 2nd rd pick next year. Not good
  5. Doubt it younger than Peterson and Peterson will probably get hurt again this year
  6. We've got to go offensive line or defensive line again. Secondary isn't going to have anything left.
  7. Well consider the fact if he hit the market. Teams might have thought of him as a LT and would've paid him even more.
  8. Well sounds like the suspension was upheld. No Trent for the 1st four games and I'm sure he'll be back to sucking anyway with no PEDs when he returns. Washington Murphy suspended four games for PEDs
  9. The guy can't stay on the field anyway. So really who cares
  10. I'd take Wentz Younger and he looked pretty good for a rookie. Not to mention the Redskins last year and this year have more talent on offense compared to the Eagles. So Wentz would have a easier time with Reed, Crowder, Pryor, Quick and maybe Doctson. Kirk is our guy though and I back him. I heard he's going to just throw TDS To himself this year. Organization might sign him to a long-term deal after that.
  11. Nope sorry Pryor is going off this year. He'll be the RZ target.
  12. Just wondering do you think draft picks come in and take over and become elite after one year. Let's be fair know one knows how last year's picks are going to work out yet and the picks 2 years ago could turn out to be better than thought as well. Point is give it another year or 2 to determine if Scot found any gems or bums.
  13. I also said that maybe he just doesn't want to be here and also said I don't blame him. Reason for that statement was because of how the organization has handled his contract situation. With that being said I've always wondered why guys that say they want to win a championship can't take 3-5 million less a year when they're already making so much money. If it was me I would take 20 million a year and be happy. Of course I'd also want so much guaranteed as he does.