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  1. What is it he did for the team to completely give up on him?
  2. That list of WRs tells me they need to look at WR.
  3. I think the organization has figured it out. They Can't compete in the NFC. Hell they can't compete in the NFC East. So why spend anymore money. Hell we don't even have that much money left under the cap. Yet we can't win 9 games. The team has been garbage pretty much my whole life. I'm 33 and it's just time to say it. The Skins suck and will always suck with Snyder as the Owner. Hopefully I can out live him.
  4. Poe He Gone!
  5. Crabtree would be a better sign when he get's released.
  6. Lol you're very knowledgeable Let me explain something to you. When you're as good as the Pats have been the last 12 years. You get a pass on a player or two that didn't pan out. When you suck for 30 years you dont. So stop comparing the Skins to a elite organization. I'm sure that 5th rd pick the Skins got really worked out. I'm also sure the Pats could give 2 ****s about a 5th rd pick. When the probably had 10 picks in the draft. So in other words I'll back the team looking to sign Murphy ,because there organization at least gets it right 75%or the time compared to 5%.
  7. Lmao so true. The guy has what 8 total TDs in his career. 6 last year on a contract year. Crazy
  8. Let's be clear there GM and head coach is the goat. Bill
  9. You do realize washington ate his contract right?
  10. No we traded him there and ate most of the contract. So there's that Crazy how many wins did they have not to mention the Super Bowl apperance.
  11. Lol okay We'll we don't have either. No depth or solid starters for the most part.
  12. Yet the Pats are interested in him. Crazy I mean I'd take the Skins organization over the Pats. 😒