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  1. Unbias

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    I don't think that's going to happen. Even with an empty stadiums teams are making money. In 2017 the NFL, through their shared revenue the NFL made ~$8,000,000,000. That's ~$250,000,000 per team with the only offsetting expenses being players, which the 2017 salary cap was ~$167,000,000, so each team pocketed ~$83,000,000 before tax/expenses. What's on the horizon is sports betting. For the NFL it's estimated to be a $100,000,000 industry. If they can capture 1-3% of that revenue it's a massive increase. Per team this would boost their income by $30-$90M annually. Then each team has access to their merchandise sales, so the businesses are already very profitable before you factor in any gate revenue. Let's look at the gate revenue a bit more. We get 8 home games. The stadium has a max of 82,000. Let's say the average ticket face value is $200, but an average parking/drink/food per person is $50, so on average the 'max' revenue a team can make is $164,000,000. That's not including expenses like rent or employees. Let's say the net revenue is $80,000,000. That's a lot of money to us, but there are a few things to remember: - If it's 50% sold out he's still making ~$40M based on my quick math, which also isn't bad. - The stadium needs significant investment to bring the fan experience on par with other venues. - He bought the franchise in 1999 for $800,000,000. With the Panthers selling for $2M he's not focused on smaller $40M annual increases in revenue. - The way he can best increase his investment would be through a city funded stadium. If I was in his seat why not just let the fan experience diminish (while still making a lot of money) and relocate to a new place when the opportunity presents itself? In short not attending games won't really mean much in the grand scheme of things. It might help Dan move the team, but if that's the goal it's an entirely different conversation.
  2. Unbias

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Saints

    Swearinger - He's fairly one dimensional as a safety Davis - Yep, but not the future. Payne - Love that he's on this list. Hope he can keep it up. Thompson - He's just not a full time player Peterson - Yep, but like Davis, not the future. I should say, this game was the worst possible scenario. We played against a team that can attack at all levels, punish blown coverages and can run the ball. Our shortcomings were going to be identified. Add in that it was a nationally televised game and that Alex Smith just doesn't play catchup that well and this had all the makings of a disaster. The only saving grace is that the NFCE is garbage.
  3. Unbias

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Packers

    RE: Kerrigan - With all outside rushers typically production comes in bunches. It seems like he just started the season in a bit of a slump. I'm not too worried. He's had way to many productive seasons to thing he's a 'problem'.
  4. Unbias

    Was Letting DJax Leave via FA a Mistake???

    I've never understood the argument of certain positions not winning championships. There is no single path to winning a championship and there are a lot of moving parts. You need talent everywhere and when you downgrade one area it's fine as long as you upgrade other areas to offset that loss. For me when DJax walked that was a start of just being a less talented team. Our defense has some improvements, but not to the same level. It's not quite that simple, but look back at the past couple championships and wonder how they would have played out without big time play makers making plays? the Alshon Jeffery catch was huge. The Edelman circus catch was massive and to this day I don't know how it happened. The QB did make great throws, but there was a talented, well paid WR on the receiving end of both huge plays.
  5. Unbias

    Some Hard Truths

    NFL revenue was around $8 Billion last year. Between 2014 and 2022 CBS, NBC and Fox have committed to spend $39.6B on the NFL, so let's say ~$5B of the $8B came from TV revenue. The big wild card will be sports gambling. We will soon see the NFL directly make money off of betting. The illegal market is estimated to be over $100B annually, so if they make 2-3% of that what will teams care if stadiums are empty? At $250/ticket you have 70,000 seats and 8 games. That's $140M, but there's added revenue from parking, merchandise and food sales. Let's say a team can make an additional $250M a season by selling out. That's fine, but they can sit back, do nothing and just let the shared revenue contracts pay they way more annually.
  6. Unbias

    Was Letting DJax Leave via FA a Mistake???

    With DJax he might be one of the best deep threats ever. It's not his just his speed, but his ability to track and adjust to a ball in the air are second to none. For his stats in Tampa the one thing that's very clear is that Jameis Winston really sucks at throwing a deep ball. Look at what Mike Evans did in college and now what he's doing with Fitz-magic. He and Desean are tearing it up and it's because they finally have a QB that can throw a catchable deep ball. Anyway, I miss DJax and he'd be better than anyone we have. I'm unsure if Alex Smith would be able to do much with him, but he'd be an injection of talent that we are lacking.
  7. Unbias

    Some Hard Truths

    I have a serious question - Does anyone really think Snyder cares about having a partially empty stadium? It was partially empty long ago and the solution was to cover up seats. As long as the money keeps rolling in he doesn't care. He sort of reminds me of slum-landlord, where he won't invest anything into the building unless it's an absolute need. Mapping that analogy over to the football team look at the stadium, practice facility, coaching staff, etc... One thing is consistent - it's all done in a 'cost effective' manner.
  8. Unbias

    Booing - at the Stadium

    I said this in the other thread. In the home opener the Eagles were boo'ed. They are the reigning champions who ended up winning that game. Why should we hold the Redskins to a lower standard?
  9. Unbias

    Some Hard Truths

    I've always disagreed with that statement. If you think of all the logistics involved in setting up a circus, managing different animals, practicing/performing, setting down and then moving on it's actually quite impressive. Add in that the staff organizing and implementing the circus rarely have post secondary education it makes it even more impressive. I wish the Redskins were ran like a circus...
  10. We'll the side issue with the receiving crops is Alex Smith just hasn't ever made a WR look better than they really are. If you think of the elite guys they all take average WRs and make them look great. In Smith's entire career he's never done that. I think he's had WRs do well, but those were always individually talented guys like Hill, Crabtree and Maclin, but they never had their 'big season' with catching passes from Smith. IMO Kirk could sort of do that, which makes this entire corp look worse. Anyway, unless something changes there will be some dark days ahead.
  11. Unbias

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    Wait a second. The owner, management, coaches and players, who all get paid handsomely by the fans need those same fans to cheer in order for the team to win games? Am I missing something? To me you are buying a ticket to a show. If it's good you cheer. If it's 'meh' you don't. If it's bad you throw a tomato (or boo). In Philly's home opener against the Falcons they boo'ed. They are world champions and won that game. Why should we hold the Redskins to a lower standard?
  12. Unbias

    Some Hard Truths

    RE: 1 - Icing knees will be easier in the winter months, Kerrigan had 13 sacks last year and is only 30, Peterson is not the future and CT is good at what he does. RE: 2 - Meh. Some draft picks don't work out (or take a while). He's under contract, so let's see how it plays out. RE: 3 - I do agree accountability is an issue. Jay has always seemed soft there, but then again how can a coach take a hard line when the owner is really making the hard calls. RE: 4 - We'll see about Smith. The trade hurt, but with that contract extension it won't be until 2020 we can get out from under that contract. RE: 5 - Ugh. If Snyder wasn't on board then Allen couldn't have taken that hard line. In short removing Allen from that situation probably doesn't have a different outcome. RE: 6 - No comment. RE: 7 - Tough to judge after 2 games. There's a lot there and with the RB how can you judge a pick that's on IR?
  13. Unbias

    Scandrick Cut

    I just never understood signing an ex-Cowboy...
  14. Unbias

    2018 Season Injury News

    I agree that he didn't protect himself, but they were also calling a lot of zone read plays. The coaches sometimes have to protect players from themselves. I agree he had no pocket presence, but I also think his OL had trouble creating a pocket. After all, their backs were too him and he was always moving. The OL wasn't operating like one group, but rather individual blockers who are watching the defenders eyes trying to guess where they QB was. As soon as Cousins came in it seemed like that horrible OL figured out how to make a pocket. It's because they knew where the QB was going to be. Any of your extremely mobile QBs have this issue. Anyway, to my point, many things worked towards RG3's eventual failure. It sounds like a non-football move where he was given the starting job without having to earn it. He worked hard, but was also hard headed in certain areas. I'd also say the Shanahans worked hard, but were also hard headed. Shanahans looking to succeed at all costs mashed up their zone blocking/WC schemes with his college system to create a short lived Oklahoma drill offense. After he was hurt everyone marketed his return, so the pressure was on. Looking back on how everything unfolded it's not that different than David Carr in Houston. So many people just say the Texans broke him, but he also held onto the ball way to long and had pretty poor pocket presence. I think both team and player have to learn from their failures. With the Skins I think they just have a soft spot for the high risk/reward type draft picks earlier in the draft. Maybe their scouts historically de-emphasize injury history or games missed or maybe it's easier to market guys that have exceptional highlight film? Either way it's time to re-evaluate that approach and know a player that can stay healthy is an asset.
  15. Unbias

    2018 Season Injury News

    When talking about RG3, they also took a 'slight' framed QB and asked him to run a lot. I'm not talking about asking him to keep the play alive, but run as an offensive weapon that would take on tacklers for extra yards. For me, by design, they rushed him to IR, then rushed him back. I'm not an RG3 fanboy, but he was at his best when playing and unsustainable brand of football.