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  1. Redskins vs Chiefs Prediction Thread: KC vs KC, in KC?

    I think it might be tough to get in the end zone against the KC defence, so calling for a lot of field goals and a nail biter. 23-21 Skins!
  2. I think that if Cousins gets traded, it will mean two things... 1- they didn't think he would accept a long term deal at a fair price and 2- Gruden gets extended, as it really wouldn't be fair to expect results next year if we are starting over at QB
  3. First quote I've seen that makes this hire a somewhat positive one. I completely agree, and also being a former 'Skins player, I think he could bring on the passion and make this an aggressive D. This is gonna work out...
  4. Doesn't mean he's not capable of turning around our D in 2017. Maybe he's a true Redskin at heart, and was able to show Jay and Scot exactly how he wants to change our defence to an aggressive attacking scheme. Now we need some nasty football players to make it work. I think he's gonna be much better than what some think around here. As a player he was a mediocre talent that played his guts out all the time. I would be thrilled if he could get that same attitude out of our team.
  5. Agreed the optics aren't good, but is it possible that come week eight, they did realize that Barry wasn't cutting it, and waited to finish the season out of respect for Barry and any future coaches that may come here. You can be sure that other coaches would weigh that into their decisions, and we already have fallen off the list of desirable locations sadly. I guess I'm just seeing the glass as half full, and hoping that if Manusky does get hired, he would have actually earned it, and not get it by default. Then it really would be a fail.
  6. How do we know if he had by far the best interview with the team? Yes, on the surface it looks like a lazy, typical redskins move, but it could be possible that his knowledge of the team and coaches gave him all he needed to go into the interview and knock their socks off with his vision of what the defense can be. He knows what Jay and Scott are looking for from the D. How can you know he's the guy if you don't interview others to compare him to. If he is chosen, I for one think he will do fine as long as he hires a competent staff and gets some talent and resources to work with. Ultimate fail? Step off the ledge, and give him a chance...
  7. I don't get the panic over a Manusky hire. I think that even though he worked for Barry, his defense can and will be his own. Just because Mausky worked under Barry, doesn't make him an understudy to Barry's system (not that you could call that an actual system). I think that he will be successful for a few reasons 1- he understands what being a Redskin is all about 2- he was with the Skins when they were at the top of their game (knows what it takes to win) 3- he is an emotional guy with fire, and defence is much more about emotion and attitude than offense 4- he already understands the team he would be leading, and knows the players strengths and weaknesses 5- he also knows the state of pressure the staff is under regarding contracts etc. I think we are greatly underestimating what Manusky could bring! I actually prefer him over anyone but Crennel and about equal to Pettine at this point.
  8. Search over... found our new DC. On a side note, I was convinced that Green Bay had hired Barry last night with all the time they were giving Dak.
  9. Amen to that... attacking, aggressive schemes that force errors and confuse offences. Every time we called a blitz this year that worked, we knew we would never see it again. Need a DC with fire in his eyes who will play tough and demand that toughness from his players.