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  1. Guardshock

    2018 Season Injury News

    We definitely have a rookie WR problem. Doctson too didn't play but two games (I think) of his rookie campaign.
  2. Guardshock


    High Ankle Sprains often take basketball players out for four to eight weeks. That's half the season in the NFL.
  3. Guardshock

    Redskins to sign Adrian Peterson per

    WHAT?! If Guice doesn't go down, why would they add a power back? It'd be guice, thompson, perine or kelley, bibbs or marshall. No AP.
  4. Guardshock

    Redskins to sign Adrian Peterson per

    @maxspruill21 I hope he messages you back asking you to pay up
  5. Guardshock

    Redskins to sign Adrian Peterson per

    Martez didn't affect the signing of AP. Guice affected the signing. Martez was never making this team. Literally a fight between Kelly, Perine, Thompson, Bibbs, Marshall for four roster spots. Now we add AP. That means either Kelly or Perine is gone and I just don't think it's Kelley. Jay has said they will carry a backup for Thompson on the roster.
  6. Guardshock

    Who should be Starting RB in 2018??? (Public Poll)

    We could use a guy like this on our team..
  7. Guardshock

    2018 Redskins Roster Prediction

    Montae is the Defense's Jordan Reed and has yet to show he can stay healthy. Apke doesn't look ready for serious playing time yet.
  8. Guardshock

    2018 Redskins Roster Prediction

    Here's an update to mine From the OP, there's no way that Ziggy Hood doesn't make the team. Phil Taylor is out because Settle looks good. RB situation is in flux because of AP and Charles. Honestly starting to think they put Alexander on IR but not sure. I do not like our lack of safety depth if someone is injured. That's why I think we teach Alexander both Safety and CB and let him float/be a backup. They've raved about SDH and how smart he is. I think he makes the team. OP had him out.
  9. Guardshock

    Gameday Thread: Redskins @ Patriots

    Based on our injury history, those guys starting the game will be starting game 15 for us this year.. LOL. Just kidding. I sure hope not..
  10. Guardshock

    Gameday Thread: Redskins @ Patriots

    Kelly was the first running back last night. I bet he makes this team.
  11. Guardshock

    Gameday Thread: Redskins @ Patriots

    Danny Johnson looked good. Strohman got picked on during camp but honestly looked good. I loved him in the punt return game. Looked fluid. Natural. THey have an issue here at CB. Who they gonna cut? JNo, Dunbar(looked weird in 23), Scandrick, Moreau, Alexander, Strohman, Johnson. No way they keep 7. I see Alexander making the 53 but being inactive on Sundays because Strohman or Johnson can return punts. Apke looked a step slow to recognize what was going on.
  12. Guardshock

    Gameday Thread: Redskins @ Patriots

    I saw some interesting things. Settle looked good 50% of the time. Looked horrible the other 50%. That screams potential but man does need conditioning. Hogan looks horrible. 2 QBs on this roster. Sims is atleast making the practice squad. I was pleasently surprised. Kelly looked okay. Marshall definitely making this roster. I'm guessing its guice, kelly, thompson, marshall. Bibbs to the PS. I feel bad for Ionnidis. I hope he's okay.
  13. Guardshock

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    I've found patriots streams but not redskins streams :/
  14. I think they use Alexander as a Hybrid. He makes the 53 but doesn't play unless a safety gets hurt. They train him at CB but make him understand safety too. That way in the event that there are injuries in front of him, they aren't screwed. He played safety and corner in college. He was effective at both. It actually saves them a roster spot because he can handle both. I'm also assuming that if Scandrick were to get hurt, they kick Dunbar inside and play Stroman outside.