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  1. If profits are taken out of healthcare companies are taken out of health care. If the potential of profit is taken out what motivation is there for most medical advances, especially medicine.
  2. Yes, woman should be able to do what they see fit with their own bodies. Ending funding for planned parenthood because they offer a service some people don't like is asinine. I believe I've posted that before.
  3. I did in my first post. It's not just the number of people, it's the fact they are also more already out. You need more hospitals, more medical buildings, all those have overhead costs. Because the United States is more spread out you need more buildings to cover the same amount of people so costs increase more per unit. Having small companies do health care would exacerbate the cost problem, not solve it, as everyone of them would need there own buildings/management/etc. Again, I'm not saying it's impossible, but saying it's as easy as Europe isn't telling the whole story.
  4. I was for Obamacare as initially passed. I'm not dismissing facts. My point is pointing to Europe and saying they can do it, we can too, is an oversimplification. As a result of geographical differences, in order to give everyone access to government health care as is done in Europe, there would have to multitudes more medical centers. That means a lot more overhead. More janitors, more security, more buildings, more maintenance, more utility expenses, more administrative costs, more paper work. And that's before you even get around to providing medical care. That's just geological differences alone. Secondly, we have more people. That means we need more doctors. Each of those doctors needs its own support staff, secretaries, nurses, insurance. That's before providing medical care. The cost increases aren't linear, they are exponential. You can't just mandate that medical endurance companies lower payment and increase benefits. Companies operate to make money, if they can't make money they won't operate. Lets assume the government said "You can live on $8 hr, so henceforth you will only be allowed to charge $8 hr for your labor as long as you are doing x" How long would it be before you started doing y?
  5. European countries have far few people and a far smaller geographical area to cover.
  6. Candied or plain?
  7. Good. Because I couldn't find shoulder at the store.
  8. I think the problem with my bbq is keep getting the butt instead of the shoulder...
  9. How to you make the BBQ shred? I got a smoker, but my meat doesn't shred like that... I cut it into smaller pieces, but it stays firm. I got it to shred once but I don't think I did anything different? I agree, and it's crazy expensive
  10. He was found guilty of the first crime. He is serving time for the first crime. He never served time for the first crime. Now he is. If this was about race why go easy on him the first time around?
  11. If you fight the cop, you are charged with assault because you are physically attacking him. People don't generally get charged for arguing with him... I would say asking someone to stop an investigation into a crime that never happened is not a crime while punching a cop is a crime. If a crime did happen, even a crime like perjury, then yes, he should be charged with obstruction. Thank you. I agree that it important to be exposed to thoughts outside our bubble.
  12. I think it's more likely a person running around the train shouting every racist name in the book and stabbing random people is more likely than not mainly crazy. However, since the two aren't mutually exclusive he could be racist as well.
  13. He never served time for the original crime. He got probation, which means he needed to be better than good in order to avoid jail. He was not better than good, so he is serving his original sentence. Justice delayed.....
  14. it's hard for me to remember movies from last year, much less from the 1980s ;).
  15. did congress and the fbi actually get involved with that or was it just a republican tabloid story I agree, and that's what i said.