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  1. They should be charged with something, but it's not the same. The cop is doing his job, the other guy is committing a crime. It would be more akin to a crane operator being careless with his rigging. The worst he can be charged with is manslaughter... It's pretty obvious. When you give people bad news you're more likely to get complaints.
  2. Not that often, but then again I work at job that constantly involves giving people bad news...
  3. Or maybe the vast majority of cops aren't racist?
  4. @MisterPinstripe aren't most police interactions traffic stops???? Are you saying cops never stop people for no reason? We don't live in utopia though. How can you tell if a person holds prejudices when you hire them? If you fired police officers with more than five complaints on them then you'd have no police officers...
  5. I know. There was also a case locally where the cop had a body cam but didn't have it recording. But having video and releasing it is a more realistic way of dealing with police than just saying "we shouldn't have police brutality" or yelling "I know my rights" while they slam your head into the concrete.
  6. You bring up some good points, @MisterPinstripe. However, I'm arguing that you settle the dispute in courts and in the media rather than on the street. I'm also arguing that you make Police body cameras mandatory and recording 24:7 and that you give any citizen stopped by police the ability to request the video be saved and given to them. I'm not sure if the legalities as far as if a cop can tell you to stop recording or not, but if not you'd have evidence of that since you'll have them on camera already? Cops might not have the legal right to stop anyone on the street, but they have the practical right. What constitutes a "suspicious person"? Whatever the cop subjectively decides is suspicious. The same way that a cop can as a practical matter search your car, despite you not giving permission. All the gotta say is "I smell weed" and walllahh they have probable cause.
  7. I think he has a point about the news media being terrible. The news media is about entertainment and ratings, not about reporting facts.... Fox news is just like msnbc, I find cnn the most paletable.. well except for don lemon and farheed zakarahia... or whatever his name is. But, still it's mostly some stiff anchor asking two talking heads rhetorical questions. Anchor asks democratic if trump is bad... shocking answer yes he is, anchor asks republican if trump is bad, shocking answer he does things his own way. meh.
  8. Terrible reporting by AP. Your doing an in person interview. How about putting some effort into it. I'm glad trump knows what NATO is now. He's heading in the right direction, Who knows, maybe one he gets around to figuring out what obamacare is he'll want to keep that too!
  9. No. By the time the law matters it's too late for you.
  10. It has nothing to do with should.
  11. You can't control other people, you can only control yourself. It's in human nature for power to corrupt.. Saying the best way to avoid police brutality is to not have police brutality doesn't leave any options for the here and now, where brutality does exist. It is like saying the best way to avoid dying is to end death. Technically, you are correct. Practically... eh.
  12. Im not saying there aren't rare instances where complying won't do you any good. I'm also not saying you should have zero rights, but that as a practical matter you do. If your dead who cares if you were right? But, your chances of becoming a victim of police brutality are a lot higher if you don't comply. If you go through life with the attitude "the man's trying to **** me and i'll never be treated fairly" that's what will happen. Im not a fool. I know cops aren't innocent fairies. The best way to avoid police brutality is to limit your contact with police.
  13. Take the video and take it up wth courts later. Cops have the authority to stop people on the street.... just stop, give them your ID, and move on. I don't see what's so hard about that. I mean, come on. Most cops are controlling types with a slightly below average IQ. If you start confronting them with YOU AINT GOT NO RIGHT TO STOP ME MAN" there will be consequences. Every time i deal with the cops it's a yessir nosir and a thank you. Never ran into any problems. My brother though, has an attitude with cops and every item he gets pulled over he gets 3-4 different tickets. He once got dragged out of his car and "detained" so a dog could do a walk around of his car. If you give the cops a hard time, they'll **** you up. It just seems like to me almost every time you hear about a police shooting or someone getting thrown to the ground it started getting physical once they opted not to comply. There are of course famous examples of bad cops that got out of their car shooting. So, I'm not sure what to tell you there.
  14. Passing the buck, blaming others, and focusing on why life is unfair won't ever get you anywhere. If you comply and aren't doing nothing wrong, the cops can't and won't do anything other than harass you. But, if you focus on "MY RIGHTS!" and an unfair system every time you make contact with a cop, then yeah, there will be problems. Despite what you read in the civics class, when your stopped by the police you have zero rights.
  15. Out of curiousity if the cops got a call that the kids had a gun, what else is he supposed to do? Kids kill, they aren't "gods innocent children". Personally, i think cop handled the situation correctly. Job well done.