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  1. Hoping ppl will die and then change their votes from R to D ... is that the basis for not trying to work with Trump to get a slightly better health care plan? I just dont think Trumpcare failing will make Trump voters change their opinions or votes. Why risk ppl's well being for a potential political gain that I dont think will ever be realized? Isnt that a Trump approach?
  2. It doesnt matter whether the info was given to an individual or a committee. No where in that article does it mention that as a consideration. I honestly dont know where you got that from to interject it. Thats why I asked you to cite to where you are basing your info from. Its the article and multiple lawyers cited in the article, confirming the articles interpretation of the rule VS you and whatever standard you want to make up. Have a good day, lets please end our mutual discussion at this point.
  3. Shouldnt we be the change that we want to see in the world? I see what your saying but I doubt Trumpcare failings will change the mind of Trump voters. Like Trump said, he could shoot somebody and not lose voters. Any Trumpcare failings will be spun to make it look like a media false narrative or Democrat created problem. For the next 4 years, we will be sidelined and have many opportunities to stand back and let the Repubs own bad legislation. But for something like healthcare? Where we could potentially get a few crumbs thrown in there to help the ppl of Md who need and rely on it? Put cheap intangible political wins aside and get an actual tangible political benefit. Im good, I make good money, in good health, my work reimburses me for the 4k deductible plan we have, etc. so this really doesnt effect me ... but cutting mental health services from medicaid and medicare will effect thousands of Marylanders from Charles County to Balt City. In my last apartment in Balt City, it was mostly section 8 and other assistance and my ex-neighbors need that mental health support. My guy mr. James who lived up stairs by himself, limited furniture, vietnam vet, ex drug abuser etc .. he would talk to me about suicide and I saw how ppl would visit him once a month or so to give him positive talks. He said those talks with them and me really helped him to maintain. Stay positive. Lets keep Mr. James alive. hes a great guy, just one of our many forgotten ghosts who just seem to exist and if we dont reach out to him, let him know he is loved, he has things on his calendar to do, appointments to make. A ton of older ppl in Baltimore just exist in their little one bedroom or studio apartment. If not for Mr. james vet benefits, hed be homeless and committed suicide.
  4. LOL like I thought .. just making stuff up. Continue on with your non-stop, one sentence illogical trolling my friend.
  5. No where in that article linked above your post mentions anything about the rule depending on whether the information was given to the committee vs an individual. Please cite where you are getting this information from. If you ignore my request, Ill assume you just made that up and dont actually read any articles linked on here. edit - how could it be an "unauthorized disclosure of intelligence" if it is given to an Oversight Committee? I have to be missing something from your point of view ... bc it just doesnt make sense. I am starting to think you werent referring to the article above your post at this point ... if so I apologize.
  6. But isnt that putting politics before the well being of the people? Thats seems Trump-esque to allow a knowingly bad plan to go forward costing ppl health, coverage and death ..... just so it will fail and make Trump look bad. So the worse the healthcare plan, the greater the detriment to American's health = gooder for Democrats? Seems like an odd equation to me. Md Reps have an obligation to go out there and negotiate the best plan they can for the Maryland residents. If Md Reps can secure some kind of benefit for the Md residents by working with Trump vs sitting on the sidelines in protest, I want my Md Reps out there getting Md residents covered.
  7. Ive read some other articles on this which are saying we are pressing to wrap up Mosul very quickly, been the new mandate over the past month or so ... I cant help but think we are killing civilians to speed up the time for Trump to do his aircraft "mission accomplished" moment. We also apparently took away some required confirmation steps/shortened chain of command protocol before an airstike could be called in. I think Trump and Co. want credit for a quick decisive victory against ISIS ... ala Putin style. I was holding out hope that we targeted a truck which was carrying ISIS explosives and that when the truck exploded it caused the apartment building foundation to collapse. But apparently that wasnt the case. The case was ... we bombed an apartment building knowing there were civilians in the apartment building. ----- Iraqi commanders have attempted to play down the incident and have restricted press access to the area. An Iraqi military commander suggested the large death toll in the March 17 incident may have been partially caused by the fact that a missile struck a car bomb, unleashing a giant explosion. Another suggested militants booby-trapped the building with explosives and detonated it. However, several civil defense officials said that they could tell by the direction of the blast damage and the lack of a crater associated with a car bomb explosion that damage was caused by a direct airstrike on the property. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/checkpoint/wp/2017/03/25/u-s-military-acknowledges-strike-on-mosul-site-where-over-100-were-allegedly-killed/?utm_term=.affa5df7d558 ------ I cant believe that 2 years of military restraint to limit civilian deaths is now completely out the window ....
  8. If the Dems dont work w Trump and fill the void, Im afraid the Freedom Caucus might get what they wanted, an even more conservative plan. I heard an interview w one of their members, cant remember a name a Texas rep babin maybe, but he was asked if he could name some concessions that Freedom Caucus wanted but didnt get from Repubs. He sd the Freedom Caucus decided to not talk about specifics. Things Im guessing Freedom Caucus wants: - permanent defunding of PP, not just 1 year and have it up for renewal - take away 30% premium increase penalty for ppl wout concurrent ins plan - allow pre existing exclusions - allow plans/sales across state lines (is that even possible? seems big for neo-cons) - capping on medicaid - a bunch more that is way beyond my intelligence level edit - i didnt know our very own Md Rep Andy Harris is a Freedom ****er ..
  9. An offender commits first-degree murder if he, or any other person kills a human as a result of the commission (or attempted commission) of the crimes listed above. ---- The statue only requires if "any other person kills a human" ... here a person killed 3 humans as a result of an armed robbery. The statue doesnt require the killing to be done in furtherance of the crime ... only as a result of the crime. I agree with you, it is over prosecution and she will plea but a good faith argument can be made to at least charge her.
  10. Felony Murder: Taking the life of a human during the commission (or attempted commission) of one of the following crimes: murder, shooting a firearm with the intent to kill, intentionally discharging a firearm into a building, forcible rape, robbery with a dangerous weapon, kidnapping, escape from lawful custody, first-degree burglary, first-degree arson, unlawful distribution of a controlled dangerous substance, or trafficking in illegal drugs. An offender commits first-degree murder if he, or any other person kills a human as a result of the commission (or attempted commission) of the crimes listed above. Oklahomas Felony Murder statute. It is 1st degree murder and punishable by death. Emphasis is original and not mine. Spirit of the Felony Murder rule is that a criminal should be held accountable for any death that comes as a result of the felony. example - guy is robbing cashier with gun, stock boy in back sees it and fires a shot gun but misses the criminal and kills the cashier. Criminal is charged with 1st degree Felony Murder. Stock boy fires gun, misses criminal and cashier, goes through window and kills pedestrian = criminal charged with Felony Murder. Stock boy shoots gun, sound causes a customer using bathroom and doesnt even know store is being robbed to die of heart attack = criminal charged w Felony Murder. edit - link http://statelaws.findlaw.com/oklahoma-law/oklahoma-first-degree-murder.html Im sure Felony Murder will be dropped and she will plea out.
  11. Its a pretty good 1st year law school essay question bc common sense says it is a ridiculous stretch to charge a getaway driver when her own ppl got killed but any death during the commission of certain felonies (armed robbery being one), even the felons themselves, means that everyone involved is charged with murder. Except maybe accomplice/conspiracy after the fact ... been a long time. Classic example - guys goes into store with fake gun, store clerk drops dead of heart attack ... guy with fake gun gets charged w felony murder even though he didnt intend to do death or bodily harm.
  12. Ive been screaming that from day one. His cervical was severed or partially severed but not completely displaced during the tackle/arrest. Think 2 rocks stacked on top of each other, wobbly and unstable. Adrenaline would help keep his cervical intact for a short period of time much like a soft collar. But once adrenaline wears off or a good bounce = cervical is severed, airflow cut off and system starts to shut down. The video of him getting put in the police van shows he had no or very little control of his legs. Prosecution had the wrong theory of liability/cause of death. I know Mosley, I had cases against her and she is incompetent and never should have been voted as the ADA for Balt City. She was doing car accident defense for an insurance company before she ran for the ADA position. Stories that came out of that office after she took over show her to be very vindictive and egotistical .... but she is not a good lawyer. She is not smart, doesnt know how to try a case but she thinks her stuff doesnt stink. All the good prosecutors left her office and are still leaving. Mosley screwed the city of Baltimore is so many ways. Officers leaving the force, no trust btw officers and ADAs office, good prosecutors left ....
  13. AP Politics‏Verified account @AP_Politics Follow BREAKING: House Speaker Paul Ryan stands by Intelligence chairman Devin Nunes, says no need for him to step aside in Russia probe. Disappointed in Ryan. He is was one of the few Republicans I was kinda hoping to vote for as POTUS one day. I know he is in a damned if ya do, damned if ya dont position .... but this Nunes stuff needs to be called out. At least George Bush is speaking out against all this crap.
  14. 1hr 28 mins ... can you tell me at what min mark the best 5 mins or so starts? Cant spend hour plus listening at work. I assume this is the former Balt police officer who faced death threats and dead rats left on his car windshield bc he told the truth about excessive force/planting evidence. Or was it when officers were black mailing low income women into sex/rape?