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  1. I did a quick look for the article and didnt find it. Did stumble upon this very in depth look at Ryan Anderson's "athleticism" compared to other similar position players. This article broke things down to increments. Summary is not good for him but this was written last year. Bottom half in terms of speed and explosiveness for edge rushers and too slow for a stand up/off the ball LB. I hope he did work on his speed and quickness .. bc this article indicates he is below average. (Of course games and tackles arent made in the gym room or on paper. I do believe in the term "football player" which goes beyond verts and 40s). https://www.hogshaven.com/2017/6/15/15743730/skins-stats-ryan-anderson-amp-the-athleticism-elephant-in-the-room
  2. I like Galette, I just dont know where we would put him. By seasons end he was playing about 50% of the D snaps. if Anderson could turn into an above average stand up LB, that would be huge.
  3. Galette - he was complaining via his twitter about his playing time w #free58 ..... if he re-signs, he will be in the same rotation w Smith and Anderson, maybe even less playing time if we add another end/olb or give Ryan Anderson more snaps. If we re-sign Galette, what does that say about Ryan Anderson? Doesnt make any sense. We have dumped a ton of draft picks into the end/olb spot with kerrrigan (1st rounder) and Smith (2nd), Murphy (2nd) and Anderson (2nd). (Orakpo as well). Allen (1st) plays end half the time anyway. Use the Galette money for a competing C or starting LG. Or a slot corner.
  4. For what he is paid and as a WR4 or WR5, I really liked what he brought last year. For the very limited snaps, he seemed to run the right route, know when Cousins needed a hot route ... just seemed like a cheap but somewhat dependable WR for a timing/throw to a space offense. Dont understand why, with so much trouble getting Pryor/Doctson to run the right routes and depths, he didnt get more looks. Seemed like Cousins trusted him more than Pryor or Doct. Does he play ST? I forget. ---------------------------------------------------------- edit -- I do not want to over pay for any of these DTs. I just dont think the position justifies anything over maybe 10 M for the best of the best DTs. I know you win in the trenches but teams just double teamed Suh and he was negated. Of course, that should open it up for the ends and rushers .. but DTs are like interior OL for me. Very important but if there a huge impact from tier 1 and tier 2 players?
  5. More .@1053thefan is being told that in #Cowboys #Seahawks trade talks for Earl Thomas (initiated by whomever ha ha), SEA proposed DAL give up a first-round pick. Whoa.
  6. It does feel odd but nothing like vintage Dan Snyder. The odd part is watching fairly young Skins players getting signed by other teams. I think we dont want to pay tier 2 players, tier 1 money. I like that. I dont want to pay Beau Allen 5m per year. I dont want to pay that CB from the raiders over 7m per year. I dont want to pay Allen Robinson the 16m or whatever he got. I dont want to pay Norwell that huge contract he got. We arent a player away and there are 0 players I think are worth a huge offer. I also think better caliber players will become available as they become cap casualties. Desean Jackson and Josh Norman were huge late grabs by Bruce Allen.
  7. Chris Renkel CBS 42‏ @Chris_Renkel FollowFollow @Chris_Renkel More Source: Oakland Raiders are working to trade for Cincinnati Bengals LB Vontaze Burfict. Bengals just signed Burfict to a 3 year $38 mill extension last season. ----- The guy is 100% a POS ... but I wouldnt mind him being our POS.
  8. I had to google "dutch rub". It did not mean what i thought it would mean. Kinda disappointed.
  9. If his knees are better and he passes a physical .. I would offer Chris Culliver a training camp invite (if that avoids a vet min guar contract).
  10. I have no idea. At 4 pm today, their top 51 have to be under the cap. What happens if they arent under the cap by 4 pm? Does player no. 51 be automatically released, moving up the list until they are? Cut/restructure/trade: Cox (cap hit 17.9) Curry (11) Peters (10.6) Kendricks (7.6) Foles (7.6)
  11. My money is on Seattle. Hes from the region, they think their org can handle "complicated" players and their fan base needs a boost of offseason hope to reignite the fan base.
  12. More I'm told #Broncos LB Corey Nelson intends to sign a 1-year deal with the #Eagles, per source. 11:00 AM - 13 Mar 2018 Dang, good ST player and cover ILB ...... exactly what we needed. Maybe he ends up a Bruton. Good ST player never given chance .. then when given chance doesnt have starter ability. ------- edit - dang, Trent gone too.
  13. We already have a lot of interior DL guys on the roster. Allen, Hood, McClain, McGee, Ioannidis, Francis, Lanier. I would love to swap out the Mc boys for 1 quality starter but that seems like a luxury move compared to needing to add a starting cover LB.