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  1. The Official 2017 Offseason Twitter Thread

    Well that sux about Wade..thought for sure we would have the advantage with his son here..meh who needs the father son combo any who..haha
  2. The Official 2017 Offseason Twitter Thread

    No way I can't find it anywhere else! this the fastest news source place or what?!?! Never mind just found it on rotoworld..we're still the best!!
  3. The Official 2017 Offseason Twitter Thread

    Hehe..I thot the guy at the mc Donald's drive thru today looked familiar.
  4. The Official 2017 Offseason Twitter Thread

    Well that sux
  5. The Official 2017 Offseason Twitter Thread

    Steve wilks?
  6. The Official 2017 Offseason Twitter Thread

    Yes one more and I'm done, welcome back hap,SWFLSkins, the hilarious tweet jokes rg3 in concussion protocol after seeing the matt More hit...absolutely love those..this thread saves my off season..or cures the blues any way..oh boy were they ever blue after week 17...any way glad to see it's back and I promise more reading than finners the tweet thread!!!
  7. The Official 2017 Offseason Twitter Thread

    Ahhhh yeeeehhhhh boyyyy let the fun times begin!
  8. The Conspiracy Thread

    This is what I'm talking about...if I had been watching being able to send the vibe and cheering that play wouldn't have happend
  9. The Conspiracy Thread

    We lost cuz I wasn't present...and when I say present I mean the TV was sabbatoged by u tube..right after we scored..the commercial break before they got the ball the damn station or what ever got stuck on u tube commercials the direct TV receiver wouldn't even shut off..had to un plug it and wait for it all to reboot and it finally come back on..just in time for Kirk's second pic...I wasn't present to cheer on the defense when the giants drove down to take a 3 point...we lost because I wasn't able to watch
  10. The Positive Thread

    We ended the season with more wins than losses...that's got to be a positive right?
  11. The Positive Thread

    Despite the bears being a horrible team I believe that was a huge positive win for this redskins team..big moral them alot more confidence going into the giants game..which could start a major spark going into the playoffs..
  12. The Positive Thread

    That is absolutely wonderful football weather!!
  13. 2017 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Feels soooooo good knowing we won't be picking in the top ten...left guard,safety,d line,stud linebacker with our pick would be the best bet...which position does every one think we should fill first?..personally I think left guard, Dallas's whole front line are all first round pics which I believe will pay huge dividends for them this year..unfortunately....Woooo eeee imagine fat rob and Mack truck playing behind that line(pending how the first round o linemen panned out of course..fingers crossed like Scherff)...I realy hope cravens can play and play at free safety this Sunday and if things work out in our favor and make the playoffs and he does well this Sunday and in the playoffs I would almost think it would solve our safety issue, especially if hall can come back next year healthy, I know I know he's getting long in the tooth and that this position can not be ignored in the draft and we should draft his replacement because he won't be around much longer if even back next year but with his leadership abilities ones gotta think he could be around a couple years to help groom.
  14. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Could it be Sua Cravens destiny as well as ours for him to play at free safety as early as this Sunday?...Ever since the passing of my favorite Redskin of all time in Sean Taylor I have dreamt of having another safety with the same traits or as close to as Taylor's. I was realy hoping for Collins when we selected Scherff and than we selected cravens in the second round this year and knowing that he could play safety put a smile on my face, and I was realy hoping we would have started the season with him in the position but I've possibly waited patiently long enough for the game and i hope it begins this Sunday.
  15. Paloffs is Now: 2007(merged)

    Hail to the Redskins!!...I love it!!