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  1. Romeo oh Romeo were ar thou Romeo.. I was watching him as he was on the sidelines during their loss and thought how interesting it would be if he could be a candidate...hmmmm imagine that
  2. Are you happy the Cowboys lost?

    Does a bear **** in the woods? I can't quit laughing
  3. It's the pro bowl who cares... Pro bowl hasn't ment **** since the eighties..not meaning to sound like a Debbie Downer but I prefer not to see any redskin in the pro bowl..on account of how the voting goes..not so much preventing injury...
  4. Sorry..trying to find the right place to express my feelings after about twenty beers a few shots and a couple left handed smokes.. Go chiefs!!
  5. Thanks for your support

    Falcons chiefs sorry Good call
  6. Thanks for your support

    Thank you green bay!!! happy you won!!!
  7. Thanks for your support

    **** ya way to go packers!!..hi jerruh!!!! Hail ya!!
  8. I regret the post about Kirk's body action and the words he said...I take it back bang sorry...HTTR!
  9. Huh?....they might not have control and times have changed alot but...he still has a heart...and I guess at the moment when he was asked he had alot of I do right now knowing I had come a long way according to thesubmittedone than went and ****ed it all up with a ridiculous unnecessary thread I created...
  10. I I didn't like Kirk Cousins body language and especially what he said when asked if he wants to return a redskin .."that's not up to me".."the ball is not in my court"...I'm sorry but that totaly sounds like someone that does not want to be here..maybe he was that flustered after the loss but it's completely different than Garcon's response when asked where do u wanna play...with mcvay and now Barry in LA I just get a nasty feeling for the months to come..if mcvay was the reason for our successful offense and there's uncertainty of who's gonna take over, that might be another little thing to push Kirk is his and grudens relationship? I've said before its all up to Kirk at this point...if he truly does not want to be here I guess we(at least me)will begin to panic if he gets franchised..than it has to be obvious at that point he does not want to be here right?...nobody wants to b the d coordinator here, Gruden will end up taking over,Kirk will get franchised forcing a trade(somebody got a brown paper bag)d Jackson will go to LA with Kirk,will get some no name scrubb for d coordinator ,2017 will be a disaster with only 4 wins Gruden gets fired and the process starts all over..HTTR!!
  11. Who stays? Garcon or DJax???

    Awesome tweet about Garcon wanting to stay a redskin...that should answer the question who we want here more.
  12. The Official 2017 Offseason Twitter Thread

    Well that sux about Wade..thought for sure we would have the advantage with his son here..meh who needs the father son combo any who..haha
  13. The Official 2017 Offseason Twitter Thread

    No way I can't find it anywhere else! this the fastest news source place or what?!?! Never mind just found it on rotoworld..we're still the best!!