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  1. All Things North Korea Thread

  2. Election 2018 Thread

  3. Very true. NY Mag had an article on this a few years ago: Twitter thread on this as well: The Right's love affair with Russia was coming, is bigger than Trump, and of course is racist as fack.
  4. Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East

    Its very weird that Israel Jewish people ran from Nazi Germany and are now creating their own fascist state.
  5. he cowered in front of Putin. It may partly be the delusion, but I think he they have some wrap on him.
  6. Russia is the leader of the white Christian right-wing movement. A lot of white supremacist Christians look at Russia and wonder why we cannot do that here? Everything about their support makes sense once you view it through that prism. *When I say white supremacists, I mean those who think America is supposed to be a Christian nation. The Evangelicals and fundamentalists, etc.
  7. ***2018-19 NBA Offseason Thread***

    This offseason is gonna be wild. I really believe a star player will get traded before the season starts that will shock everyone.
  8. Imma Boris Diaw style stretch 4 (cuz of my handles, im not a fat ass)
  9. ***2018-19 NBA Offseason Thread***

    This is where I stand as well. He is going for a Finals appearance and if it doesn’t happen, then blow it all up an start over.
  10. I never said you did. I said you voted in a poll on this forum that Donald Trump isn't racist: Sup luv, what attention do you want from me? I can play in that two. I can cover space and I am quick. I can actually defend.
  11. 2018 MLB Thread

    He wrote a tweet saying white power. I am not disagreeing about 17 year olds saying dumb stuff. But the 24-25 year old version of himself decided to blame rap lyrics for him tweeting white power. It’s fishy.
  12. You voted Donald Trump isn’t a racist tho. Whoooo’s womans is this? Cuz that guy may be both. (And tbf, my post was about implicit bias, which my post explained)
  13. I’m 6’3” long arms and decent handles but imma bricklayer by trade.
  14. First, the reason I took it that way is that we have seen many stories like this the past few months. We have seen stories white people calling the police on black people from the ages of 8-80 doing things like swimming in a pool in their condo, having a cookout by the lake, selling water, sitting in Starbucks, playing too slow on a golf course, etc. None of this is new, but with social media and video on cell phones, we can capture more of this and spread it. That is why I pointed it out here. Some would say "well how do we know they called the police because they were black?" We don't know in any of those cases, but they happen to be white people calling the police on black people doing nothing but minding their own business. This has happened a lot to black people throughout history. This is a pattern, and this story contributes to that pattern. @Dont Taze Me Bro, my name can be Michael Blackasamug, and I will still point out racism in our society on this board within the rules of this forum. This is especially true since so many posters ignore or act like it is a big deal. You also do not know me outside of this board. So do not assume anything about me or my actions. Also, it does not matter what I say about my actions away from here because there is no way for me to verify it, so whatever to that point. Which is why I stick to what is said on here by posters. I am glad that you are raising your child the right way for them to be tolerant and open-minded. But also raise your child to be aware of a lot of America's effed up history to non-white people here and abroad. That is the only way we will see change. We have to stop lying to ourselves about this country. I would love to meet up with you. I am not a violently racist, angry guy like a lot of our "moderate" posters on here want to believe. I tell the truth. You may not like it, but its the truth. But like I said before, you have no idea about me, who my friends are, and how I operate in my life. So do not assume. @pjfootballer, honestly bro. I am not going to read any of what you said because based on your posting history you are not very insightful or interesting on this topic. I challenge you to do better. I don't rock with your posts because all you do is whine about sports and pining for nostalgia. Especially in the NBA threads. You also are a very fake Maryland fan and have said as much on here. You do not offer much insight and have this weird self-importance despite no one caring about a lot of what you have to say. You got half a bar, and please tag me next time.