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  1. ES Soccer Thread

    The question becomes, what are you willing to pay for marginal return (when compared to position players valued at 70m). There are very few match winning goalies in the Allison one of them? Chelsea and Liverpool both appear desperate, and Allison is the best keeper seemingly on the market. So it's not really shocking to me that he's overvalued. But 70+ for a goalkeeper is nonsensical money for me.
  2. ES Soccer Thread

    Could not agree more. It may have even hit matuidi in which case there’s no time to react. Even if it didn’t, there’s not time given the physical nature of what’s going on to react. Everything about his movement was natural and I’m not giving a PK for that. I’m just not. In other news, looking forward to the regulars in this thread coming back and talking some PL!! Sarriball is coming!!!!!
  3. ES Soccer Thread

    The rumors are that zizou is the one who wanted hazard. The club would never budge and get him they wanted asensio to take over when Ronaldo left. Now that zizou is gone it would be strange for them to pursue hazard. Hazard has 2 years on his contract. If they want him, they will have to offer close to 200m to get him. Otherwise they wait until he is 29 and in the twilight of his career. No matter what I am a chelsea fan first. It will be hard to see hazard leave. I just can’t see it happening when we have a new manager and are going to add a few attacking pieces. If he does go though, he is my favorite player and I will root for him against everyone but Chels!
  4. ES Soccer Thread

    Conte has always been out so that's not really news. Willian is most likely to leave. Hazard and Kante not for sale according to the most relevant twitter heads on Chelsea side. With a new manager in Sarri incoming I am sure he has been given reassurance that the two most important players on the team are staying. Especially considering both of them have multiple years on their contracts left.
  5. ES Soccer Thread

    well you left out the part about losing loads of generational talent as well as possibly the greatest player the sport has ever known...
  6. ES Soccer Thread

  7. ES Soccer Thread

    Well, I'll be rooting for Croatia. And then I'll be rooting for Saturday/Sunday to get here quick so we can start talking about the 2018/19 PL champion mighty CFC and no more of these 3 lions posts
  8. ES Soccer Thread

    Hazard had his way with Pavard, as he did with pretty much every team he played this World Cup. He's just not a huge goal scoring threat, and never has been. There's far more to his game than getting a goal. He had 10 successful take-ons yesterday, the most memorable one against Pavard in which he literally sent him to the ground gliding past him. Haz had a record 10 successful take-ons at 100% success rate against Brazil, which is a WC record as well. Sorry, had to defend my boy a bit. Pavard is a very good player though and I agre with the rest of what you say. The midfield of France dictates games. Pogba has been very good this WC too and it's because of the work Kante and Matuidi do.
  9. ES Soccer Thread

    Nigeria has a good chance of beating Argentina the way they played today. I will be rooting though for iceland to put the nail in the coffin tomorrow and grab a win.
  10. ES Soccer Thread

    tough tournament for Peru. They had lots of missed opportunities in both games to get points.
  11. ES Soccer Thread

    AHh I see. I think that's right. The main difference I see between Portugal and Argentina is Portugal as a team have basically accepted that they will play for Ronaldo. Ronaldo or bust. Argentina, because they have talented individuals outside of messi, expect messi to play with them. Every time messi misses a PK, FK, or has an error the other personalities on the team want to take it on their shoulders to help the team. They will take individual risks. However Portugal will play more at ease and search out Ronaldo because they simply understand he is their best option, always.
  12. ES Soccer Thread

    This goes for a lot of nations though. Only few countries in the world boast a dominant well rounded team. Take Lewa away from Poland. Ronaldo obviously. Messi even. There are only a few teams around that can get by without their superstar player: Germany, Spain, France...maybe Brazil. Maybe Belgium although losing Hazard or De Bruyne would really hurt. Without Ronaldo Portugal aren't top 10 in the world like they are ranked by Fifa. But he's a top 2 player of course there will be major fluctuation in the rankings due to his fitness. He changes matches.
  13. ES Soccer Thread

    It takes a while for these players to gel and build chemistry. Obviously they aren't playing with each other as much as club football...I expect the knockout stages to be much more exciting. De Bruyne for example today has looked pretty poor, but we know he's a great player. It's a different system with different players and it just takes time. Germany struggled too but you can see the pieces are there it's just that extra half second of doubt that causes problems.
  14. ES Soccer Thread

    Suarez has been shocking all game.
  15. ES Soccer Thread

    Zidane stepping down at RM. He's done it right...waltz into the greatest job the in the world, win three consecutive champions league with the best squad possible, and leave on a high note. He will get an astronomical fee wherever he decides to go next.