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  1. Smith is a bum. Always has been, always will be. Why our FO decided he is anything other than that is anyone’s guess
  2. SkinssRvA

    The Offensive Line Thread

    A combination of inexperienced/poor oline play and a lack of offensive skill players...what could go wrong?
  3. SkinssRvA

    When Can We Get Out of the Alex Smith Contract???

    He isn't the answer for this team. He hasn't been the answer for any team he has ever been on. If your goal is to stay mediocre and get a draft pick between 14 and 24, he's your guy. He is so painfully average that it gets hard to watch. He hasn't be "poor" this year but he hasn't been "good." He's just the most average QB in the NFL that needs extremely good circumstances to be productive. Didn't he go an entire year without throwing a TD pass to a WR? I wish we would have kept our pick/player, let kirk walk, and rolled with Colt McCoy this year. We are not in a place where we can give up draft picks for players. We simply aren't there talent-wise. And if we ARE giving up draft picks for players, it needs to be game changers at that position. Alex Smith is not that.
  4. I don’t give a damn about these penalties. Sure they’re bad, but this football team and coaching staff are the real problem.
  5. SkinssRvA

    ES Soccer Thread

    This ref in the Leicester game is putting in a horrid performance. Loads of fouls not given for both sides and a clear handball/pen/red card not given.
  6. We are getting continually bailed out.
  7. Both these teams stink.
  8. He’s a mercenary. And a bad one at that.
  9. How did kc go through this every week?
  10. Alex smith is not the answer. He barely even addresses the question
  11. They may have a worse receiving group than we do
  12. SkinssRvA

    Redskins vs cowboys for First Place in The NFC East

    Is there still the Romo filter? edit: it appears not