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  1. But the Left is the "America sucks" side. The Republican Party hates America. They want to destroy America. They can't remake it in their image until that happens so it is their goal. To destroy this country. That's why they had absolutely no problem selling us out to far right Russia. This desperately needs to be understood by the masses. And if conservatives have a problem with this, they need to stop losing their **** on the left calling a spade a spade and start cleaning up their own party. This country desperately needs a sane, functioning conservative party that loves ALL of America and ALL of Americans. That's what I want more than anything. More than a liberal president or Congress. A lot of conservatives seem to realize this well and I keep waiting for them to find their balls and do something about it but I'm close to giving up.
  2. I'm forever amazed at how easy it is to get people to sell out. Gretchen Carlson was the first big one. Play the dumb barbie blonde, meanwhile she was valedictorian of her high school, graduated with honors from Stanford and went to ****ing Oxford. Absolutely no shame. Sell themselves, their country and the truth out. I have more respect for prostitutes.
  3. Mother****er if you were good at your job nobody world want you out of there. Your job though is too find out the truth, not to provide cover for Putin's flabby orange taint in the WH. I swear to God I hope we end up hanging people for this. Nunes included. ****ing traitors. Pieces of **** sold out America the first good chance they got. Tell me they don't hate this country. **** them all. Bring on the gallows and the riots. Let's get it over with, one way or the other. For real, are there any conservatives in positions of actual power in the government who still love America? Or have they all sold us out?
  4. Today I learned that Dante sent betrayers to the 9th circle of hell. I can dig it. Burn baby burn
  5. On a serious note, when all this **** with Trump is over and we're done hanging all the traitors (esp Sean Hannity) and whatnot, I really hope they seriously investigate how much Russia is behind all the alt right, white nationalist racist trolling and recruiting we've seen explode online over these last couple of years. I know that's a reality on some level, I just don't know how much though. Then come up with a legitimate strategy to counteract it beyond some. kumbaya online group hug. The Internet is turning into a scary place and something has to give. I personally think we need to bust out cold war level propaganda viciousness for the digital age. We're so freaking far behind Russia on that front.
  6. Two questions: 1) does anyone know how forestry stocks work? 2) does anyone know what kind of wood gallows are made out of? Just curious. Thanks.
  7. I welcome the Hawaiian lady to the party but I have to say her reason for ever even being a Republican is infuriatingly dumb. Just some passive aggressive, buck the tide, "look at me, I'm different" bull****. And from what i gather that was the entirety of it. So it's not like she changed or the party changed. She just grew up. But whatever. We're all dumb at some point in life. At least it wasn't forever.
  8. Funny how damn near everyone scoffed at the fascism label just months ago. Lately i keep thinking back to the final years of the Weimar Republic. How half of the government was entirely devoted to the destruction and death of the government. I look at the GOP and their words and actions and I'm wondering if the same isn't true here. The same goal as Russia but for different reasons and different end goals. And Trump is the useful idiot to make it happen. Just Like Hitler was supposed to be the useful idiot then (though that backfired big time obviously.) Trump seems to be much more suited for the role, though time will tell. The only thing I haven't worked out is just how far the GOP wants to go with the destruction. They obviously hate America though and the conservatives have become the radicals so who knows. (note I'm not saying Republicans are Nazi's or Trump Is Hitler or anything like that.)
  9. Wow. What a diplomatic coup. He found a bunch of people who don't like ISIS more than they don't like him.
  10. Was JUST coming in here to post that Fox tweet. Hang Steve Douchey too.
  11. Netflix man. Daredevil is better btw. Frank Castle is my guy though so i might be biased. Btw been meaning to tell you, I'm currently reading an old Vertigo series called Transmetropolitan. I don't know you off this board but I've known you on it for a decade plus now. Maybe I'm off but from what i know--your sense of humor, politics, etc--that series is absolutely made for you. I'd actually be surprised if you haven't read it. If you haven't though, defintely check it out. (I'll shoot you a DL link if you want)
  12. Hang the traitors. Not even kidding. I'm anti-death penalty 99% of the time. Treason is in the 1%.
  13. Eh. **** from the 70's and earlier can be so damn corny. Maybe that's just me though.