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  1. Once. Sometimes (edit: often times) they use oregano or even catnip. Doesn't matter as long as it burns. It's not like you're smoking it for the weed anyway. DC is actually the highest rate of PCP use in the entire country. LA is second. It's a big, big part of the local culture. For whatever reason. Has been for a very long time now. And it has a chemical smell and taste because it is a chemical. Literally formaldehyde. Embalming fluid. **** is horrible for your brain. Nothing natural about it. You will get absolutely lit though and a chance you end up buck naked running down Georgia Ave.
  2. Who here has smoked boat? Let me know when you start that thread. Really get the party started.
  3. 15 year old's memorial page calls out her bullies for her suicide
  4. Most disappointing Google search ever.
  5. Yes I've been to a couple of these things before. I have no interest in mixing with the antifa children. Hearts in the right place, mind is stuck on E (probably figuratively and literally.) Mob mentally can eat ****. We'll do our own thing. Non-chalant like. And I'll make sure to check in with the popo beforehand. Thank you so much for the advice. In other news.... Ahahahahahahahahahaha. Did not see this coming. Enjoy Butner chucklehead. Speaking seriously here, normally I hate to see young people **** up their lives like this. Hell hate isn't even a strong enough word. I abhor it. Short of death, extended incarceration in big boy prison with a matching felony record is the single most destructive experience someone in their 20's can face. Short a family with cash that'll let you move to the Bahama's or some ****, it can take years and years to recover from. If ever. You never truly get past it and unlike other hardships, there isn't an ounce of sympathy to be found anywhere. I'd honestly rather face heroin addiction. Speaking all from experience here. In some cases though, some rare cases, people need to pay a price for their stupidity for the greater good. This is such a case. Hopefully this sends a message. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  6. The man is a national treasure. Btw it was me and Who Del who got him to start that. We were so goddamn fascinated by him. Drunk as **** and just bugging him in other threads to find out more. Then he'd put us on ignore and we'd PM him crying to take us off just to bug him some more when he did. So that thread was the compromise. Man those were the days. I'd kill to know what he is up to these days. Kinda surprised he isn't a mass shooter by now (probably the only time I can say such a thing with love).
  7. The Ask MSF a Question thread is the greatest thread in message board history Oooh I know exactly what you're talking about. Think it was some girl in his class and she kept turning him down or something. The whole board just killed that dude. The women (yes they existed then) especially. I don't think it was fake. I think he was just young, dumb and full of ****. That was definitely a classic. Top 5 for me for sure.
  8. So I'm just going to use this as the **** stain alt right thread, since all of them are would-be terrorists anyway once they grow some balls (not ****ing likely)... So yeah, there's a couple of future-right wing terrorist rallies downtown this Sunday (ugh)... Thinking about counter-trolling their stupid asses. Me and my pastey white ass and my gf and her black immigrant ass. She's down. Just really rub that sweet beautiful "white genocide" in their faces. Non-violent though. Just holding hands. Kissing. Not even engaging them. One of the protests is by the White House so I imagine security will be tight per usual. Maybe scout out the scene sans gf at the other one first if we decide to hit both. I think I'm going either way just to get some laughs in. I'm only hesitant to get the gf involved. And really she can handle her own. I'm more worried about keeping my cool if they start harassing her. I think I can manage. Channel my inner-MLK. It's not 100% though. So good idea? Bad idea? You decide.
  9. When's the last time someone broke out of prison and got away? Like they always seem to be caught within a week. Is it good policing? Crazy technology making it impossible to disappear? Bad luck? Stupid criminals? Combination? Sorry to bump. Was looking for another thread. Edit: oh and I mean here in the US. Seems like in other countries, even Western Europe, assholes can get helicoptered out of the prison yard multiple times and disappear forever pretty regularly.
  10. Can someone explain to me why sex offenders are allowed to use social media because of the 1st amendment (see this week's Supreme Court ruling) but non-violent convicted felons *cough* aren't allowed to own firearms despite the 2nd amendment? i don't mean your bull**** moralizing/philosophizing explanation. I mean the legal explanation.
  11. I mean it's kind of absurd that she has a memorial in Dupont. No offense to her or anything and not excusing the asshole setting stuff on fire. That's bull**** exploitation though. Maybe I'm missing something though . And lol at the people thinking Spanish dude is targeting Muslims and jumping to conclusions. Ok. That didn't make sense from the start. Like listening to Kornheiser and Wilbon talk local sports on PTI. Just stop.
  12. No lie, this entire post should be in a psychology textbook under projection. I swear my biggest issue with the right wingers is that I alternate between feeling empathy (that they are so delusional, brainwashed, dense and dumb) and anger that those same traits are impacting my life. It's all just so tired. I mean is it possible to quit with the bull**** for two seconds? Good lord.
  13. Some GACOLB family drama: My mother and stepfather, in their ongoing mid-life crisis, recently bought a baby pig. Major point of contention within the family. And by "within the family" I mean me. I'm firmly on the anti-pig side. It's all just getting embarrassing now. This whole DMV white trash hipster yuppie new age experiment (started with bees, then chickens, now a pig and includes living in the woods) isn't making them happy, actually doing just the opposite and yet they just keep digging that hole. And when I'm the level headed one in a situation you know it's bad. Extremely frustrating. It's time to get the **** over it, eat the chickens, eat the pig and move to Arlington or something. I mean he works downtown. How does living in the woods make any kind of sense to begin with? So yes, because of that, I hope this happens with their stupid pig. Just a toe or two, not anyones balls (coughcoughnot like he has them anymore anywaycoughcough). Hopefully that would finally snap them up. And as far as I can tell with pigs, for all their supposed intelligence, I don't see when they stop looking to eat long enough to actually use it. But my exposure has been limited so what do I know. Anyway, thanks for the platform. That was therapeutic. Screw my brother for leaving me to deal with all of this.
  14. Jailhouse lawyer here. I mean sometimes they work with a suspect to find out where the bodies are. And i guess it's conceivable they'd work with someone to find a bunch of littler fish to get up on the whole operation; though I can't recall an example of that off the top of my head. And yes, often times they flip people to work their way up the ladder. In conclusion, him working with the FBI might bode badly for Trump and it might not. We really don't have enough information to call it. I mean maybe they have somebody other than Trump they view as a bigger get than Flynn himself. Who knows. I can't wait to find out though. Now I must bid farewell. All of this has just reminded me that it's been awhile since I talked **** to Mike Jr. Later.
  15. Eh. If you got the money to burn it probably doesn't hurt to cover yourself. And he's right in the middle of potentially the most high profile political scandal in American history. Can you blame him for covering himself? I get what you're saying but I'm not going to view it as anything as yet. I mean if that was the case, everyone with a lawyer on retainer would be in the dirt. And that's not always the case. I just love that his original lawyer told him that he should get another lawyer. Completely legitimate reason but I like to imagine that when he finally does and let's her know, she's gonba have a little night out celebration. "Whew. That was close. **** that ****."