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  1. Absolutely. But it won’t happen like that Question is will any team want the guy that just got drug through this now? His value just took a massive hit. Even if they didn’t get the comp pick this was wrong to do to someone and I don’t want this team doing that to another player
  2. My feeling is that it’s not a good thing to do to the Redskins or Ryan Grant. Now Grant is stained by this. The next contract he signs won’t be what he was supposed to get this year most likely and this teams lost a possible fifth round pick. I see a fake reason Baltimore gave to get out of a bad deal they signed. I don’t buy the story. And think they used a loophole to get out of that All just my opinion Why would you want this team doing that to another team and another player?
  3. These guys aren’t expected to be practicing until mid April. Games not until August. What the Ravens did was bull**** and hurt the Redskins and Ryan Grant and is a horrible look for them. If the Redskins did that the world takes a dump on them but you seriously celebrate this? It’s beyond slimy this is bad business Grant wasn’t injured. That’s the point. They saw a better player for that price and made up the excuse to not honor the deal they made with Grant. How is that something good you want the Skins to do? I usually agree with you but this is too much
  4. He was. Not sure I’m understanding the issue, Everyone in the building had a say in this. Doug was notified once the trade was done. He wasn’t on the phone with the Chiefs when it completed but he for sure had a say in that Please do, what you quoted isn’t being taken that way by most of us
  5. Wait what? I read the article and listened to Doug introduce Alex this week. The article clearly says that everyone in the building including Doug was asked who they wanted and gave input. In the presser this week Doug said that every one on the team separately met in thier groups and they all came up with the same decision. Alex was the best choice. The way I read what you posted you make it sound like Alex was a decision only Bruce made which isn’t the truth at all but maybe I misunderstood you Same, the two references I made above 1. That article 2. What Doug said in the introduction Should end any speculation that this wasn’t a team decision. It was but maybe I’m not reading that quote above right?
  6. Check the link I just posted if you think things are what they are being said to be. If a game was played this weekend Grant could play. He missed no games this past season and the Ravens knew about it prior. They just used it as an excuse to get out of a deal they made when Crabs became available. In the process them doing that screwed us for a comp pick
  7. Our team doctors have nothing to do with it. The Ravens said that Grant had an ankle issue If you click the link the details are all there. Grant could play if a game was held this weekend. Ravens knew about the ankle and rushed to sign him. Once Crabs became available suddenly they fail the physical and rush to sign Crabs what Baltimore did to Grant was as Warren Sharp said there, one of the slimiest moves ever done to an NFL player by a team this century. Absolutely screwed up Free Agency, Smirk screws the league with his contract and Ravens do that to Grant. Agree with Bang, if this means Bree comes back then I will look past that nonsense. However will say that was messed up too. Breeland is hurt by this as is Grant value. Almost like payback for what Kirk did to the league to these guys. Make no mistake Kirk’s demand being met of three years guaranteed screwed every team too. No more friendly deals, just mercenaries and greedy players and agents. Once Pandora’s box was opened contracts will never be the same again
  8. Tandler clowning now Rich Tandler‏Verified account @TandlerNBCS 29s30 seconds ago More Rich Tandler Retweeted Adam Schefter With the 13th pick of the 2018 NFL Draft, the Washington #Redskins select Da’Ron Payne, defensive lineman, Alabama.
  9. Mike Clay‏Verified account @MikeClayNFL 1m1 minute ago More There's still a lot of defensive talent available, including Ndamukong Suh, Adrian Clayborn, Vinny Curry, Pernell McPhee, Junior Galette, Navorro Bowman, Derrick Johnson, EJ Gaines, Rashaan Melvin, DRC, Tyrann Mathieu, Delvin Breaux, Tre Boston, Tyvon Branch, Eric Reid, M Burnett
  10. Adam Schefter‏Verified account @AdamSchefter 3m3 minutes ago More Former Seahawks’ and Jets’ DT Sheldon Richardson reached agreement on a one-year deal with the Minnesota Vikings, per source.
  11. You should. Grant got screwed and the NFL is allowing that to happen Plus one Sir I also would like to see them try and close a deal with Bree and keep him. The news he failed a physical will make him cheaper. Need him. Call this a close call and sign him up
  12. Welcome to Washington P_Rich
  13. Were the details on the Quick deal released?
  14. Dave Butz Member of the NFL's all 80's decade team, who had a career 35 sacks says he approved that message We don't need another pass rusher. We got those. We need that big old nasty dude that plugs up the middle and eats running backs for breakfast and pushes the offensive line back into the QB. That's what they need. What they have is a few guys who get pushed out of the way when the opposing team wants to run the ball and that's not gonna work.
  15. Word. If they can get Logan that's the start of it. Next would be either giving the boys what they want and drafting there fellow Bama teammate or going with Vita. Hard choice but easy to see it happening, if they can bring in Bennie first. Otherwise all the eggs go into the pick 13 basket to fix the middle