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  1. The Coaching Free Agent Thread

    The super bowl 18 drumming counts as a playoff clunker to me. They played in the regular season and the Skins won that game 37-35. Then in the Super Bowl they lost 38-9 to the same team. Damn alcohol lol
  2. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    I actually think that if you put Kirk on the Broncos he could get to the Super Bowl. Where as if he stays here he’s an 8-8 guy year over year. The difference in his trajectory imo is that the Broncos are a team built for Kirk. They have a good Defense, great receivers, solid offensive line already in place. What are they missing? A RB and a QB. Give them a capable QB and they draft a top RB and lookout. Also think Jacksonville would fall into the Denver category. Kirk there would make him a super bowl contending QB. The problem with those teams and the Redskins is that the Redskins are missing a top Defense, great receivers, etc. When you have those pieces a guy like Kirk can go really far. But if you don’t have those pieces in place it takes a long time to get to the top and when you add a huge salary then it becomes a bigger and tougher task. Like look at Russell Wilson. He stormed into the league on a cheap deal, won one super bowl and should have won a second one. Signs a big money deal and he misses the playoffs this year. Does that mean Wilson isn’t good? No but a QB only can take a team so far
  3. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    It’s hard to say. I don’t have faith in the front office and really detest Snyder and Allen but I’ve liked the last few years of drafting. 2014 brought us Breeland, Long, Murphy, Moses, and Grant 2015 brought us Brandon Schreff, Preston Smith, Crowder, Spaight, Jarrett, and Koundajo 2016 brought us Doctson, Fuller, and Ionidas. 16 wasn’t that good which was why I wasn’t to busted up or worried that they let SM go 2017 I’m not saying anything about because it’s too soon imo to judge but I do like some players they picked already. Never know with these guys how it goes like with Jarrett so not speaking about them yet The only QB that was selected during that time was Nate Sudfeld in the 6th round. Now he’s gone on to Filthy to backup Foles but it does say something about him that another team saw something in him. I’m not kidding myself that a 6th round QB is ever drafted to be a starter so there is little to say they can’t or can draft a QB. Jay was a QB in many leagues and is probably a master at the position. Can he spot a starting QB in the draft? Dunno. He helped Kirk become who he is today. He helped Dalton become who he is. His track record is pretty good. I think if a team can find three guys in a draft who can help a team they are doing average. The last few years have done that. I’m not to upset how they have been drafting lately
  4. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    This is part of the reason I come to the conclusion that this team needs a lot more then Kirk which is why I don’t think it’s in the best interest to sign him. Signing a deal that beats what Stafford and Carr got limits what a team can do to put pieces around the QB. This team needs several things like a receiver (the draft is the worst way to find one of these just look at the results the past three seasons), a RB (draft is the way to go to find one of these because of how much age plays a part in their success), a TE, a NT, another corner (when Breeland leaves), and other positions. If your right and the teams no good and will get steamed rolled by everyone in the league without Kirk and giving him the richest deal (for now) in the league relying on the draft and third week forgotten about free agents they could afford won’t get it done for a championship. Then they bump into what to do with recent draft picks coming up for their second deals and the real possibilities they can’t afford to keep those guys as well. Thats why guys like Brady know they can’t ask for huge deals like that if they want to win. Stafford and Carr didn’t get up to bat in the playoffs this year and are going to have some serious issues getting there in the next two seasons because winning in the NFL takes more then just a QB. This is not at all me saying Kirk isn’t good, Kirk is good. We can’t confuse the issue here. Is Kirk good? Of course he is. But is it the best thing for them to do to pay him a long term deal? Being good when a teams caps all screwed up doesn’t make a team a winner. I posted in this thread a look at the top 16 paid QBs who got an at bat (playoff appearance) and compared it to bottom 16 paid QBs who got an at bat and the fact was that only two guys got an at bat who are making top 10 money (both future HOFers). And more guys making less then the 16 highest paid QBs made the playoffs then actually made it. How is that possible? The draft. This is supposed to be a great QB class. Those guys aren’t making that much money. Guys like Wentz, Mariota, Goff, hell even Bortles are on rookie deals allowing those teams the flexibility to sign other players and make a run at it. The truth is because of the complexity of the salary cap it just makes it easier for teams with cheap QBs to get an at bat then paying a guy top money getting there.
  5. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    So you actually think that all of the people out there who think that not overpaying for a QB when this teams a heck of a lot further away from a championship then just having Kirk on the roster also think Griffin was screwed and should be playing still? Very very far stretch there I’ve been called one of those Kirk bashers in this thread by a few posters and have no feeling what so ever about Griffin. I didn’t like the trade we did for him then because his body was too frail for the pounding it was going to take and turned out to be right. To play like he wanted to play a guys got to be built like Newton I think it’s a far stretch to try and say that if your not in the “pay the man” club it means you secretly wish for him. Just speaking my truth but don’t want to be considered some Griffin guy. Wasn’t in 2012 and not that way now. Just think this teams not in a good space to sign him long term for a variety of reasons I’ve posted here before. Has nothing to do with past QBs just not the way to build a championship roster imo
  6. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    Browns at one Giants at two Colts at three Browns at four Broncos at five Jets at six If Kirk went to the Browns besides me always referring to them as as the Browneyes from now on they won't take a QB at one or four. Browns at one Giants at two Colts at three Browns at four Broncos at five Jets at six Unless Andrew Luck is retiring they won't take a QB either Browns at one Giants at two Colts at three Browns at four Broncos at five Jets at six Eli Manning is returning this year and is only 37. Brady is 40, Brees is 39, Eli won't be replaced so I think they are out too Browns at one Giants at two Colts at three Browns at four Broncos at five Jets at six Which leaves the Broncos (I think they want to win now and just busted out on a rookie first round picked QB so I see them going vet QB this season more then a QB pick at 5) and then the JETS. If Kirk takes his services to the Browneyes then to me it's shaping up much more likely that the JETS take the first QB off the board then not getting a top 3 QB this draft. I know all guessing but better then reading about Griffin anymore. Taking this thought further Buccaneers at seven Bears at eight 49ers at nine Raiders at ten Dolphins at eleven Bengals at twelve Redskins at thirteen Bucs aren't giving up on Winston three years after using the top selection in the draft on him Bears just took Mitchell T, and not taking a QB 49ers are smart and in love with Jimmy G, and not taking a QB Raiders are married to Derek C, and not taking a QB Dolphins are a bit of a wild card. They have Ryan T. but are they ready to move on? Dunno. If they are then they would take a QB Bengals have Dalton and have him signed under 20 million for the next three season, and not taking a QB
  7. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    No way that's the case. Jay would have given him a start as the season wore down. He didn't and this is just posturing to me You know they do say it takes a decade for a franchise to get over a first round draft pick bust and now we know why lol
  8. Doesn't sound too good but you have to wonder how much is "respectful" to a guy that made under 3 million last season as a FA?
  9. Absolutely and he can play multiple positions back there in case of injury but that guy will be long gone before 13 unless he does awful in the combine right? Wait a second...Jonathan Allen should have been gone when we picked last year and he fell. Maybe we get lucky twice
  10. The Coaching Free Agent Thread

    Has there been any leaks or discussion about Jay giving up play calling duties yet? He has too much on his plate imo. and they did better with someone else calling plays in 2016. If so I’d take a look at the now released and currently under a lot of hate Todd Haley. He was the offensive cordinator for the Steelers since 2012. Did he get too cute in the playoff game the Steelers lost last weekend on fourth down? No doubt. But the man’s been wrecking the league offensively for years and still called enough plays for them to score 42 points on the leagues best Defense. I know by title that the offensive cordinator position is held by Cavanaugh but Jay calls the plays and just think Haley could help
  11. How much of the time lol I kid but seriously no defense stays in 3-4 or 4-3 all the time. Still hurt that they got him for only a 6th round pick That would make me very happy 😊
  12. So like I think you guys are missing the boat on the Jaguars Defense this year. When the season started the Jags Defense was incredible at defending the opposing receiver and awful at defending the opposing running back. Then Jacksonville did a trade with the Buffalo Bills in October sending a 6th round pick for Marcel Dareus. Once he arrived he shored up the rushing attack defense and the Jaguar defense became elite. Up until Dareus got to Jacksonville (10/27/2017) the Jags Defense had given up big games to guys like Bilal Powell (163 yards) and others. Once Dareus arrived they haven't given up 80 yards to any RB they have had to face including the playoffs. The one thing that Dareus does extremely well is stop the opposing RB. For just a 6th round pick the Redskins could have used him this year bigtime considering our biggest area of weakness Defensively was and still is stopping the opposing RB. It was a huge opportunity missed and besides Dareus is only 27 years old compared to the 31 year old we were discussing. That trade changed Jacksonville's fortune. Before Dareus they were 3-3 and after Dareus they are 8-3. Nah we would have agreed back then about that too. My heart was fully on Bennie Logan in free agency last year. I knew then that this Defense couldn't stop the opposing running back and he was the best available player. The only thing we ever disagree on is he who shall not be named I think lol
  13. Still how you think this fan base would have reacted to knowing we just spent 30 million on a 31 year old? Maybe I underestimate the reaction but dammmmm that's a lot of money for a 31 year old
  14. You bust my chops pretty much anytime I post here my man but this is soooooo true!!!! Great point I hope is not lost on the front office this or any year.