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  1. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Just saw this He doesn’t play well under pressure
  2. 2017 Fantasy Football

    Can I play?
  3. 2017 Fantasy Football

    1. This is a DeSean Jackson week. The Bucs are going to Zona, Patrick Peterson is going to shadow Mike Evans, and Jackson is going to be featured. I know this is not how your looking at things but when you mentioned that for a boom bust player this week will bring the boom 2. i'm leery of trusting McKinnon. We've seen this since 14 when he came in the league. He's a small RB, sure his combine measurables were off the chart and player profiler has him compared to LT, but it would not at all surprise me to see this a two headed monster going forward with him as nothing but the 3rd down guy pass catching back. With your depth he's a fine 5th RB but don't think I'd keep him 3. I'd probably drop both McKinnon and Murray and pick up both Jackson and Luck
  4. 2017 Fantasy Football

    If that's a money league I would demand a refund. No commissioner should ever toy with the rules once a season has started. He should be fired right now and replaced for even suggesting this in the first place. Big deal he lost OBJ, we all lose players. He is not bigger then the league and obviously was a poor choice for commissioner in the first place. IMO
  5. 2017 Fantasy Football

    Good thing about that is it will turn around
  6. 2017 Fantasy Football

    If you want to hitch your wagon to Gordon and overpay for him be my guest. By no means am I being a devil's advocate here just speaking how I see it. I have no dog in the fight for what you do with your team. It's yours, do whatever you want. I just think targeting a guy currently in 36th place in the league in rushing yards while giving up a good WR and the 4th in the league in rushing yards player is too much. If you offered me that trade I'm saying thank you and moving on. I don't say that to be an ass I say that to make you think about who your giving up and what your getting. As for Shanahan sticking to one guy, he did that all of last year with the Falcons Devonte Freeman. Not sure how much of a believer you are in Matt Bredia but I doubt he's cutting in that much into the carries (provided Hyde stays healthy of course) and with Joe Williams on IR who in the 49ers backfield are you worried Hyde's going to lose touches to? Can you give a list of what's out there? Vontae Davis returned to practice for the Colts this week. If he plays honestly downgrade everyone on the Browns to not startable
  7. 2017 Fantasy Football

    This year the away team has won both games. This game does feel weirdly odd to me and I'm not really sure why. I know I like the under and leaning to the total of 39 points scored this game but the winner should be the Rams. Problem is I am not a believer in them so probably the best option for myself is to sit this one completely out. Then I see One teams scored 66 points already this year after two games The other teams scored 12 points and is only one of two teams in the league yet to score a single TD so far this season And they have split the season series every year since 2010 And I come back to betting on the Rams. It seems like this should be a slam dunk for the Rams, with no clear picture of who could score on the 49ers outside of Hyde and maybe a long shot of Garcon? Idk so I'm probably sitting it out but if I do put some coin down tonight it will be on the Rams Its not you. After what Hyde was doing to the Seahawks Defense last week he is playing much better then Gordon so far
  8. 2017 Fantasy Football

    Don't like Gordon, most inefficient RB in the league through 2 weeks. 27 carries 67 yards 2.5 ypc in 2 games. The Dolphins aren't that great in run defense, ranked 22nd in rush defense last season in rush defense DVOA, but just held Gordon to a stat line of 9 carries for 13 yards last week. If I was the Gordon owner I'm snap accepting that offer personally and saying thank you. I think you would be smart to just offer him a RB swap 1 for 1 and keep Tate off the table if your a believer in him turning it around
  9. 2017 Fantasy Football

    I like that package for you. Howards been looking like he's not the same guy and hurt already. Evans is an upgrade from Baldwin. Hard to believe but the #1 fantasy TE so far this year is Jason Witten, I think chunking in Matthews would be fine but not Witten.
  10. 2017 Fantasy Football

    No not at all. Leave him on the WW and make him someone else's headache Who would you target? I think Baldwin is a hold but depends on who you can get for him
  11. Good Memories: September 19, 2005 - Monday Night Miracle

    Personally hate this memory. Why? Because like so many others I went to sleep before it was over and missed the ending. I'm too big of a fan to do that normally but those late night games during the week are tough
  12. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    He is a gangsta. First he's gonna quit, then he's gonna Sue'ah you and Sue'ah them and Sue'ah everybody! JK Seriously though, who cares? We need to be getting on to this weeks game Sunday Night and not worry about this fool. Sue'ah doesn't care about the team or anyone else but himself. If you invested in him as a fan sorry for the bad news but as talented as he was on the field nothing measures how talented he is up top. If you didn't then you probably already know he's just a headcase the team doesn't need and forget him. Let him retire its his right. Employment with the Redskins or any NFL team is not a right it is a privilege and he ruined that for himself. Now it's onto mediation when he and his lawyer will sue to keep the million bucks he owes the team back. If I was the Redskins I'd offer him a generous deal of being able to keep 25% of what he owes to shut his crazy ass up paying back the 75% and to just go away to end this story or I'm throwing the billion dollar team of lawyers at him and force him to pay it all back or declare bankruptcy. Who cares what happens? Either way this has nothing to do with the product they put on the field and just ends up being another ****ty draft pick that Scott M. made while here. When are people here going to wake up and realize that Scott M. was more hype then substance and didn't come as advertised either? The only thing that matters is coming up with a game plan to stay competitive with the Raiders Sunday night.
  13. The Race to Black Monday 2017: 1/1/18

    My guess two weeks in
  14. 2017 Fantasy Football

    Much better. I have a bet with a friend for 500 yes just bragged about winning $32 bucks and have a 500 bet on Mitchell Tribiski starting by week four. My friend is a professional gambler and fell for MT this preseason. However after this past weekends game all of twitter and local papers are already calling for him to start. Bringing this back to Glennon I do suspect that in the next couple of weeks they give up on the season and play him rendering Glennon a cut candidate. So losing him now and actually getting something for him is a huge upgrade for you. About Fleener, historically we have seen three games now with no Snead and Fleener playing. When Snead is out all Fleener does is score TDs. I like him while Snead is out. i have been having doubts about Crowell since the offseason but you bought him when he was low so no complaints. I think you did great
  15. 2017 Fantasy Football

    Interesting week this past week for me. Record in Fantasy this week - 0-2. I only play in two season long leagues, one is a dynasty and it's in a complete rebuild and tanking the season. Good news there is some of my long shots are already taking off. Chris Carson The other team is a serious contender. Lost this week because of Zeke's performance which was pretty shocking to me and only lost by 8 points. Still am in 2nd place in the league in points scored so think I'm still contending there. I can live with it Did not play any Draftkings this week. This was really unusual for me. I play nearly every week. Didn't feel it this week, some plays I liked went off as expected but the better players are too shaky right now for me to touch. Things need to settle down some in the NFL for me to play that but my thoughts were on point. Pickem league missed three games and ended up in second place in a very competitive league. Overall record is slightly over 95% on the season. Of course I was wrong about the Thursday night game. Who saw a rookie QB with a bum ankle on the road in his first ever NFL start winning that game? Not this guy. Then I lost the Redskins game. I honestly never thought we would see Gruden completely shut down Cousins so he could run the ball for over 200+ rushing yards. I figured it would come down the end and we would lose by a field goal. And as a Redskins fan I'm more then fine being wrong about this. Its nice to see when he wants to Jay can run the ball. In fact in a parlay more on that later I took the Redskins plus the points with the under from last nights game and turned 3 bucks into 7.50 won. So I was on both sides of the Skins this week lol. And finally lost the Chargers game. Anyone else see that horrible end of that game? Easily should have won it but yet again the Chargers snatch defeat from the jaw of victory. One less loss and it would have been a 100 payday but eh I'm locked in so not complaining And I was up $32 this week on total wagers of $17 on the books. Did a few 2-3 dollar parlays and teasers and had some good fortune there. In fact bets went 8-0 this week. Hard to argue about that. I could be upset with the close calls, the fantasy losses but to me this is not a week to week thing. It's a process. And my processes seem to be working. Mix in a little luck and could be real nice going forward