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  1. I am wavering on this idea that they will draft a WR in the early rounds where as before I thought it was a certainty we would because of the one year deals but you have to think about it. Is this our first round pick? Crowder is the Slot WR he isn't getting competition there Pryor is the Y receiver on the out side Doctson and Quick will be the X slash flanker outside receiver So we have no need here this year except.... Crowder was drafted in 15 so we have him for one more season Pryor is on a one year deal Doctson was drafted in 16 so we have him for two more seasons with the possibility of a third one Quick is on a one year deal After the 17 season we will be in the same spot we were this offseason. So drafting someone makes sense, but we have no need this year we think for that. Not sure how Cousins changes this any. I think it's 60-40% we will draft a receiver in the first two rounds, more likely then not but that was 90% before
  2. Absolutely not all I play are MFL10's and have drafted 10 times already with Redskins on them. In those where it's ppr and start 3 WR's Doctson's ADP is after round 10. Good target to draft if he can stay healthy
  3. Dude's had two straight bad seasons, and has an asking price that's absolutely insane. He's not worth 8 a year. You guys are tripping about a trash player. You want some news that won't hurt us? Go sign Cousins long term or go sign someone like Legarrett Blount who won't cost us much and will be money well spent. Hankins has bust written on his front, back, and forehead in flashing neon lights
  4. Poe's another guy who's name outpaces his ability. Add him to the list of hell no players, Poe Hankins Adrian Peterson. 8 million bucks for Poe hahahaah worst contract signed this year by a mile way way worse then our Defensive linemen signings
  5. Way too much for a guy who's had back to back down seasons. NY has a great Defense around him and he's sucked he is trash and we are finally doing something smart and staying the hell away Guys like Hankins and that washed up Adrian Peterson can want whatever they want but no teams stupid enough to pay what they want which is why both remain unsigned. Haven't we learned by now that paying for over rated players is a bad thing to do? Seriously if Hankins was good he would have been amazing next to JPP and company and he's had two straight bad seasons. Hell no to signing him or AP, there names are worth more then what they can do on the field today
  6. I'd like to go back in time when every year it was hard to figure out who would win the Superbowl that year. Today feels like there are 7 teams who can get there and only 4 who could win it all this year. The NFL has become oversaturated with average teams, and teams that realistically have no chance to win it all. Do you think we can win it all this year? We all long to get back to being relevant, nothing wrong with that.
  7. In what way? I've not said one thing that's overly critical or unreasonable. Or is this just your way of dealing with something you don't like? Just shout down a different opinion because you can. I know many many people are out there that believe this is how you communicate with others because it leads the conversation no where and is a personal attack on someone for the sake of replying, just wondering if you have something substantial to that to fortify that belief or was it said because you don't like my thoughts on "homerism" Completely agree, the entire success of this offseason rests at the feet of what we do with him
  8. Being a homer is a negative thing. It's not a positive. It's an insult. To be a homer means that you can't be objectionable about your team, it means that no matter what happens to it you will still buy the merch and whatever they say. The problem with being a homer is that this thinking smacks those with objectionable points of view in the face. It's like a Raiders homer today saying he can't wait for the season to start and how excited he is about the season and ignoring the news that they are going to play two lame duck seasons in Oakland and then move to Vegas. Being a fan is not a bad thing, we are all fanatics and if anyone reading this doesn't agree your being silly. Why else would you waste your time on a message forum dedicated to the Redskins if you weren't fanatical? Surely you have better things to do with your time then this. We are all fanatics, we are not all homers. It's not a mystery that the main character on the Simpsons is named Homer. It's cool to see things how they really are, and not to drink the hater aide or the kewl aide. Be in the middle. A fan who knows when the teams blowing smoke up your butt and when it's time to believe in them again. I am a fanatic but no one would ever call me a homer, I'm not. Just because someone is a homer doesn't make them a better fan then someone who isn't. Its a weakness.
  9. Yea we won't do that. Can't see this happening. Just voicing an opinion. We already signed two guys there already this year and will watch to see what falls out of the sky as for more sub 27 year old defensive linemen so we can gobble up another one cheap to go along with the team building slash coaching teachers concept we have going but I will not be surprised at all to see us not go there in the 1st. 2nd/3rd whatever round sure I can see a warm body being drafted at the position but the NFL draft works with these professionals in tiers and what won't work in tiers at 17 is a DL/DE/NT type of guy. People don't understand the thinking that the real guys who actually draft work in. Fans get wrapped around the edges of Best Player available vs Need. You can hear Bruce say they will draft solely on player grade but what he's not saying is that it's player grade depending on the tiers the players are in. The more you listen to the guys who are pulling the triggers during a draft the more you understand how they think. Every year teams take these prospects and they put them in tiers, tier one two three etc, per the position. Then they draft according to that. Doesn't matter a position like QB this year isn't good, bet your ass there will be a QB drafted very high yet again. That's because of the tiers concept. When teams are up to draft they look at the tiers and they say "hmmm this guy is a tier one guy lets take him" and say things after wards like "Highest grade on the board" and won't say the truth like "The guy had a 2nd round grade on him but we drafted him anyway because he was the only one at the top tier left to get" or ever say "we had a gapping hole at this position but ignored it anyway because of the tiers that they fell into". Its why you see guys going earlier and later then expected and this thing is so unpredictable. It's neither BPA or Need alone, fans not yourself included don't understand this because we aren't professionals drafting these guys but this is how it works. For this year at 17th pick to go DL your getting in the weeds of 4th or later best on the board guys. Seriously how high could that tier go? Not that high it's not that deep of a draft. Where as if we go WR or RB your looking at maybe the 2nd best player taken, or LB or G maybe the 1st best taken, much better chance we do this then if we just go and say "hey we need a DL/NT lets go get one right away" that won't happen so don't worry
  10. I'm right there with you, incredible value. And if I was in charge and he's sitting there in the 3rd I'm pulling the trigger and grabbing him. Instant talent infusion on the offense at a position of need. But I'm reserved to thinking he's never going to be here. We value character way too much not that I agree with this approach just how I see it
  11. Your right about him being the best in the draft. If he hadn't socked that girl and there was no video of it out there he would be a first round pick. With that out there we can't afford the negativity associated with drafting him with everything else going on with this team. So how far do you think he falls? 3rd round? Undrafted? It's going to be interesting to see where he goes but I'd bet a dollar to anyone's dime he is off our draft board no matter what round he falls
  12. @Skinsinparadise Cooley ranked the two Dlinemen as a C+ and a C- players and combined a C- because neither are better then Baker. Not sure I would agree that either was said to be "above average" like you took away. He ****ted on both players and the approach we showed the line. I can't blame him one bit, Both aren't good and we only are continuing a tradition of overpaying average to below average players in FA to address this need. We've been doing that for years and it's never worked out for us, what makes anyone think it will this time regardless of what singular plays you can find online? The problem with Free Agency is that Good players get paid like Elite guys, Average players get paid like they are good. And below average players get paid like average guys (these two again this year). The correct approach to Free Agency is not to overpay guys and when your going to have to overpay then you either sign your own players or target the absolute elite and overpay them. We didn't sign our own guys, and we didn't sign anyone elite. We only overpaid for JAGs and no one should feel good about that. As for PFF, I personally respect the view of Evan Silva senior editor of rotoworld more then them. He didn't even rank one of the two DL in his top 100. The other was way down in the 70's. Not good, and not money well spent.
  13. About the talent around him last year reminded me of those stacked wizards teams that couldn't get over the hump either with that said be careful how you view KC, he's only started two full seasons. He can most definitely get better we don't know how much better but he can get better and that o line is in tact. His receivers can be replaced and at least to my eye he shows a personality that will work hard to get better. Will he? Unknown that's why he wants to see a commitment that we believe he will. He's not showing me Ryan leaf as a man. If he improves that contact like all the ones before him will look like a fair to good contact even at his number
  14. Agree his understanding of the market today is off target. We don't need a big ticket item at RB but it should be to all an area of need. Do we want to go into the season next year with the same backfield? We need more players with high upside and minimal cost and I bring up Charles because I see a real high upside target who teams are scared of who might fit us very well next season I believe that Charles has something left in the tank that's what I believe and I say that because it's arguable. He's been injured the past two seasons. When he wasn't hurt he was damn good. He can do it all too but best trait I think he would bring to us is his red zone rushing ability. Reading the marketplace presently I am thinking that he won't come cheaper then now because everyone thinks this is a deep draft at RB and the free agent market for RBs is loaded right now; AP, Blount(30 years old another guy I like) Deangelo Williams etc. and if I was going to pick someone to sign and add some depth to this unit between them I like Charles slightly over Blount though you could add him here and I'd be very happy with that as well same concept applies for both men however Blount won't match last seasons numbers and Charles if he can stay healthy will surpass them So hypothetical situation....Say the team signs Charles to a playing time incentative deal with the cost being 1.5 million if he gets hurt and doesn't play at all which tops out at up to 6 million for playing a full season deal for one year. Would the fans like that? Does he improve the offense? Would it be a worthwhile gamble? To me he would improve our running game so provided his knee can hold up that's a yes to all that for me. It depends on the contract structure though if it's worth doing you don't invest much into guys like this with that history If we signed him we won't have to dip in the draft at RB Can it get done? Idk but maybe the Hightower visit was the team sending a message to the RB field agents saying we need someone which in fact we do. The question is who is the better choice and cheapest for getting not one but two players now to me