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  1. With the fifth year option no reason to sign Scherff yet. If Trey Quinn can show he can play slot receiver it’s time to let Crowder go. The guy they need to sign now is Preston Smith over either of those guys. One good season from Smith will cost them millions more to keep him then waiting a season to sign him and with the Payne addition I think he’s going to produce more this season then he did last. I don’t think they sign anyone note worthy. They need to reup either Smith or Scherff now or keep the remaining money and roll it over to next season. The scrub they signed today has never played a single game so he’s not noteworthy to me
  2. Daniel Snyder ...Dare We Say a competent owner

    Dan is holding himself in check that much I agree with. That doesn’t take away the decade plus of him meddling that wasted so many years off all our lives when he was. When the ledger is equal on both sides of the years then a thread like this is deserved. One good offseason does not make up for 10+ years of bad
  3. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Thank you. Imo There is no point of dragging on the conversation about Kirk Cousins anymore. He is gone, Alex Smith is here. Let’s just get behind him and root him on. Same for the draft, the team traded for Kevin Hogan and that’s your project QB. Root him on as well and forget about what might have been in the 2018 draft. Too many people are uninformed about this situation to constantly argue the points that they want to make. Like what it would have been like to not trade for Alex Smith in draft capital which no one can say for sure what it would have cost. And too many of the same posters can’t seem to come to grips with the Chiefs needing cap space which is why they moved on from Alex Smith. I’m done trying to reason with the people who pretend that we have a way back machine and can undo this trade or pretending that hindsight matters at all about 2015 when it’s ancient history and things can’t be undone. From here on out I will shut up and just root for Alex Smith and continue enjoying the many articles and interviews coming out on ESPN where Crowder and Guice say how Alex is a leader (something never said about Kirk) and how they are expecting great things this year and going to ignore all of the nonsense the same people say about how Alex is too old when by NFL starting QB standards isn’t the case. I don’t think anyone is going to change any ones opinions here anymore but know this, Alex Smith is the best QB this teams had in many many years and he deserves the fans support. Signing off
  4. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Me either but who knew that then? No one. Some people thought he would go #1 Yup and the cost to move from 13 to top five is massive. By going with Alex Smith they gave up no picks but one slot corner who sure looked nice to a team in cap hell for contract reasons. I would rather have kept the picks
  5. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Not sure why this is questioned. The Chiefs knew in October they were trading Alex Smith. Him saying that is coach speak for they were going younger next year. Everyone knew this was happening and was no secret. The reason was related to cap space. Alex knew it and took time to tutor Patrick. They all knew this was happening Do you know the percentage of first round QBs bust out of the league? 40% over the past twenty five years. Not saying a team shouldn’t take a QB in the first round but why do it with this team right now with Alex Smith as an option? Why are you convinced the ceiling for Alex is 8-8? I pointed out the 50 wins the past five season stat earlier. Why don’t you give some credit to Alex for that I certainly have never said that 8-8 was the goal or the Redskins wouldn’t or couldn’t win a Super Bowl with Alex Smith. No one knows this seasons outcome yet
  6. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Okay that’s fine but let’s get real. Hankins? Cromartie? Why are you mentioning these guys? Let’s stick to the guys in this 1. What it would have taken is unknown 2. Are either Joshs better then Alex Smith this year? No. Will they ever be? Unknown but odds are against them ever being as good or better 3. None of this matters because having 20/20 hindsight is not real, that’s make believe. You didn’t know what it would have taken if they went into the draft with a clear need for a QB or how that may have changed things. It could have been really bad like the Redskins trading a fortune for the move up as much as your view. No one knows how it could have gone Can you share the future with me? I would love to know how it could have gone if they passed on Alex Smith trade in January. Thank you for pointing out the best possible scenario but rarely things go the best way possible I dont sense that from your post above about how much it could have cost going a different direction like that. To be clear you mention signing Hankins and the idea that everything would have played out your way instead of us hearing something else like them moving up to pick 4 and what that would have cost. To be clear my opinion is the team doesnt offer two one year top 5 paid seasons and not trade a guy by the trade deadline and it mean they weren’t going to sign him long term. The teams only real shot was in 2016 then Kirk played the tag game, went on his PR tour saying he wanted to stay, then on radio row before the Super Bowl made it clear he was leaving. It didnt go the way anyone wanted but Kirk. So they moved on and had some options and took the best one. They had less then 20k in the black. No they had to move Alex Smith You think they knew Kirk was gone this offseason and didn’t try and trade him. Like they were all asleep at the wheel. I don’t think that. I think they wanted to keep him and planned to keep him. They underestimated his cost and other teams wanting him and screwed up. They were offered trades for him during the draft and at the trade deadline and just said No. looking back that was stupid. And some of the blame goes to Kirk. Other players tell teams they are leaving early so they can get a trade done. Not in Kirk’s makeup
  7. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    See this is where you and I disagree. Entering free agency the chiefs had 12k on the books. They traded Alex Smith for salary cap relief. Yes they like Mahomes but them trading up for a QB and specifically his salary versus what they had to pay Smith with a ledger like that was a smart move for them. They knew this when they traded up for Mahomes and was the reason why they made the switch. The bs about Reid’s lack of love for Alex Smith wasn’t the deciding factor in this at all. In fact Andy Reid has high praise for Alex Smith This was a financial driven decision The Redskins were in need of a good starting QB. They had money and didn’t need to take a risk (draft pick) or take a lesser QB in free agency
  8. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Short and Long term plans... Plan A. Alex Smith, loss of third round pick later got another in this draft through trade, loss of Fuller. QB just turned 34 this year. Coming off a pro bowl season. Last five seasons starting won 50 games. Likely to get three seasons or more starting out of him and at a diminishing possible age but only speculation about that Plan B. Play Colt McCoy a season, trade up in the draft to get a QB. Loss of many draft picks. Unlikely to get a quality season from either QB this season. Losses unknown. Money, draft picks lost. Outcome could cripple franchise for years or could lead to Super Bowl titles. Or anything in between completely unknown. Plan C. Sign another FA QB. Where any better then Alex Smith? No. Other options could have cost them future draft picks where as Alex Smith did not. Sign D. Not trade up in the draft for a QB. On the board at pick 13 was Lamar Jackson and Mason Rudolph. Are either of these guys better then Alex Smith? No. I have the opinion that given those options it is clear that the best option for this team at this moment in time was without a doubt choosing Alex Smith. Next year this teams teams already got 11 draft picks instead of the usual seven. If your trading up in the draft for a QB having those helps. Not choosing other options then Alex Smith helped them the most long term. Not trading picks next year was thinking long term. I don’t buy the short term thinking and I don’t buy the bs about Cousins either. He wasn’t an option. So long term best option at that moment in time where they were in Alex Smith was the best long term and short term option. And that is how it looks to me My apology for that not personal I’m sorry I wasn’t calling you an idiot and I’m sorry Nah I don’t agree. When I hear great I think like the 85 Bears Defense not the Eagles Defense in 2017 or when I think great QBs I don’t think about Nick Foles same year either. It’s rare when the best offense or best defense makes it to the super bowl. Not a common thing. Andy Reid and the Chiefs are on the record admitting they moved him for the salary cap not because they were done with him. Let’s stop with the bs. All anyone has to do is look at the Chiefs cap issues or read about the surprising move up for Mahomes in the draft to know why Alex isn’t still with the Chiefs So the chiefs maximized value trading Alex Smith to the Redskins? The Browns offered players and a second round pick for Alex Smith The Broncos offered a second round pick and Aqib Talib for Alex Smith The Redskins offered a third round pick and a former third round draft pick with one year of playing tape. That year he was opposite of Josh Norman and Brusad Breeland. The Redskins weren’t the best deal offered You should update your notes Three men can say they won 50 games the past five NFL seasons. Alex Smith, Tom Brady, and Russell Wilson. Alex Smith led the NFL last year in passer rating. Whats not to like? Wins and stats So a short term deal can’t make someone a teams franchise QB? Kirk Cousins was drafted, he grew, and he left. You couldn’t make him stay, the team couldn’t either none of us including me could have done that. he left. And he left for a three year contract. Short term deal makes him a franchise QB. Not the same for Alex
  9. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    This point I don’t get. Alex Smith just had his best professional year of his career last season. What difference does it make to anyone if the guy is playing at a pro bowl level about the next guy up? This is a process, his age is not the indicator that the next guy has to be groomed right now and the approach doesn’t jive with what the formula for success today. It’s not time to bury Alex Smith. It’s also bad timing to have drafted his successor this year The formula for the teams that don’t have hall of fame coaches is to build up the rest of the team first then draft a first round QB when it’s time. This worked for many teams the past few years. This provides a team a huge massive salary cap discount provided they can’t get with other players. This is the fundamental window that teams talk about. The outlook for QBs drafted outside of the first two rounds of the draft is so bad it makes little sense to draft them. Taking a QB at the top of the draft this season would have been idiotic. No one knows how long Alex Smith has left. Which means drafting someone makes no sense. Alex Smith is more pro ready then any of the QBs drafted and this is an older team. And with what they gave for him, a one year slot corner it was a huge win for them doing this. You and SIP cracked me up with this stuff about those QBs being HOF or SB QBs stuff. I guess to you both the only thing showing a QB could play well late in his life are those accolades which flies in the face of logic. Josh McCown last year at age 38 took the Jets to five wins when Vegas was taking bets that team couldn’t win two games last season. Other QBs have played well after age 34 who weren’t HOF or SB winning QBs. Do you only judge QB play based on team accomplishments? Completely disagree. Like not even close to being accurate. Look at the trades for these college QBs and tell me that you would rather take a gamble on an unknown for tons of future capital versus losing a one year of proven play slot corner? Yea I know they gave up a third round pick as well but they also got one back so Alex Smith for Kendall Fuller was a home run for us. Not even close. There was nothing desperate about this. Unless your delusional and think that Colt McCoy was the answer or taking a huge plunge into the draft for someone which moving up from 13 to top five would have cost a hell of a lot more then just Fuller. That was smart and we will all applaud them for this in time just wait. You guys are writing the end to this story without letting it play out and claiming to support Alex Smith, doesn’t compute to me
  10. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Maybe you can refresh my memory on this but can you name another player who stated after leaving his former team being so bold as to say he had lied for the past two years about wanting to stay on his former team like Kirk did? I don’t recall that ever happening. The idea that Kirk was some class act here is nonsense and made up bs. Those words prove he had no class. Even saying I agree with your point if he had to say what he did the past two seasons there was no reason for him to be saying that when he’s on his new team. It’s classless and immature. Most players leave a team and thank the former team for giving him a chance. Players moving around the league happens all the time. But yet this piece of crap had to take the opportunity to bury this team the first chance he got for his own ego. That does not happen with other guys. That takes a special kind of stupid to do. Which is why no one that really knew Kirk Cousins personally thanked him and wished him well in the future unlike how guys like Alex Smith are respected. Kirk didn’t earn the respect of those closest to him and that speaks of his character. Us fans looking in only see what we can see. When those closest to the player obviously don’t like him there are real problems we don’t see.
  11. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Trey Quinn WR SMU

    Was listening to the Friday Cooley show today and was surprised to hear him gush about TQ. He even went so far as to say that he guarenteed that TQ made the final 53. That’s the first time I’ve ever heard someone say something about the last pick of any draft like that. That would be a huge surprise to me and indicate a massive steal for them. Hope CC is right
  12. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I don’t get this. Not that I don’t understand what your saying rather why you think that for this team that there isn’t always pressure to win now no matter what the QB age is. Truth is this is not a team like the Steelers who rarely change coaches or the Browns or Bengals who no matter if they lose or not they keep the coaches. This team is owned by a guy who isn’t afraid to make changes. The only way to keep things the same are to win. Or changes are coming and people are going to be looking for jobs. The QB age doesn’t change or alter that Is it something about Alex Smiths game that makes you feel that way or is it just his age? Alex is younger then Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers Drew Brees Eli Manning Phillip Rivers Ben R. Today, and he is a year older then Matt Ryan who just signed a LTD. And the same age as Joe Flacco. The ages of starting QBs with the less hits they are taking and better training and healthly living are going longer then ever before. It user to be that at 33 a guy was almost over the hill but not anymore. Times have changed
  13. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    So did I until it became clear he was lying the past two seasons. Knowing that he waited for free agency since then and it was his plan all along (his words not mine) then I realized I had been worked and we all had been worked. That removed my belief in anything he said the past two seasons and showed we were all suckers to buy what he was selling Alex is nothing like the Kirk vein to me. When Kirk left who wished him well? Wht former teammates said they would miss him like the 49ers did when Alex left there or the Chiefs did when he left there? For that matter listen to what Pat Mahomes had to say about how Alex helped him and groomed him versus the crap coming out of Pittsburgh’s QBs mouths since the draft. Alex is on a level so much higher then most QBs in the league today. Maybe one day Kirk will show leadership like Alex always did but I seriously doubt it
  14. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I will give you that for last season but not for 15 or 16. PRich doesn’t come close to a healthy Reed, Garçon and Jackson. The problem with the running game is the TE position imo. When Reed or Davis is in they don’t run block, Sprinkle is a run blocker. It’s easy to spot when they are gonna run for the defense. TE is a huge liability Not gonna say that. 8-8 is not mediocre to me and they’ve done that without Reed. Sure hope your right about that
  15. No I admit I am only guessing, no one should be quoting that as fact. It's just what's happened in the past. Nothing guaranteed, just a guess. And a hope to be right lol