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    Redskins vs Texans Prediction Thread: Pessimistically Optimistic?

    Redskins 24 Texans 20
  2. Missed the elbow to the head but called the retaliation smh
  3. c slag

    What's the most fun you've had lately?

    Frightfest at Six Flags America was an enjoyable evening
  4. Just get Wilson back from suspension and now Holtby and Kenpry are on the shelf, talk about not being able to catch a break
  5. Anything the Eagles ever wear is always a terrible look actually
  6. c slag

    Most Memorable victory and worst loss for Washington

    Best win....the ball bouncing off the post to win at home vs. Dallas on 10/21...Thanks Rich Worst loss....Drew Brees record setting game on 10/8
  7. Ridiculous pathetic penalty call for sure
  8. Orlov really likes playing in Minnesota
  9. He probably just gets the salary he would have earned for the 2 games I'm guessing He better be on his best behavior now though they are going to be watching his every shift
  10. I am planning on going this Sunday and the only thing I am booing is the Texas when they come out of the tunnel
  11. That means they are prime for a loss especially since they had a bye this week to halt the momentum
  12. First game of the season wearing the original Red sweaters
  13. Is this the first Redskins win where Peterson didn't go over 100 yards rushing?
  14. D Jax dropped the pass that hit him right in the hands
  15. Could have Davis dove and caught that?
  16. Should have shown that comeback vs.Tampa that started the whole "you like that"lol
  17. Need to make that catch Floyd
  18. Peterson running downhill on this drive please
  19. Perhaps the Capitals can tie this game up on the PP
  20. Concussion? I don't see no darn concussion!
  21. I think he probably gets 3 to 5 game suspension
  22. Last season the Capitals with Grubi went up to Pitt and won the last game of the regular season series,and that win pretty much sealed the division title for the Capitals