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  1. - I like that Allen will have his hyper competitive teammate to keep him motivated through his first year. - I like that Anderson will have a familiar face in the locker room that knows his moods and will help him integrate with his new temmates - I like that Robert Davis has T. Pryor learning the position right next to him as a way to gauge his development and unlock his potential
  2. Lynch should have gone to the Cardinals last year, was bummed when that didn't happen
  3. I figured he'd be SS. Could also be Cravens but I don't think he did enough to definitively say that's his starter spot 100percent of the time. To be honest it seems like our DBS have been coached and prepared to be very interchangeable the last few seasons. Wonder if that will change with Gray?
  4. I guess Blackmon is our starting FS with Moreau and Everett behind him?
  5. serious question, have any of our picks NOT gone to commercial? Watching ESPN and they did it again
  6. To me, that pick tells me that our FO wanted to draft a safety in the 4th, a bunch if them got taken before our turn, and they panicked. First guy so far that didn't seem like good value
  7. I'd be ok with that. If he was part of a committee and not forced to carry the whole season himself that has some serious upside
  8. Put me in the category that can't believe Dorian Johnson is still an option in the 4th.
  9. Me trying to remember if I'm supposed to like Ryan Anderson or not.....
  10. Well damn that will work too lol. Good fit for him
  11. Arizona could definitely benefit from Lamp, but I could totally see them going CB here as well
  12. Now there's a motto to live by!