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  1. I think Barry Sanders would be just as amazing if he played in today's league
  2. My guess would be Grant due to playbook familiarity. Although I wonder whether Chris Thompson could fill in at this spot as well?
  3. Found it: article about the bad luck blues: 1. Blue jerseys are a jinx Back in the 1960s, team president Tex Schramm decided that the Cowboys would wear white jerseys at home, so that fans could see the different colors of the visiting team. It didn’t hurt that white is cooler to wear in the Texas heat. Then in 1968, the Cowboys wore blue when they were upset by the Browns in the playoffs. Soon after, the Cowboys were also wearing blue when they lost Super Bowl V to the Colts, and the Blue Jersey Jinx stuck. Nowadays, the Cowboys only wear blue when a road opponent, usually an NFC East team trying to throw them off, forces them to. The one exception is the annual Thanksgiving game when the team will wear a throwback version of their original blue jerseys with white raglan sleeves. However, it created a minor stir last Thanksgiving when, because of a sudden NFL rule change, the Cowboys were required to wear their normal blue jerseys at home for the first time since their Cotton Bowl days. The Cowboys managed to overcome the jinx and beat the Raiders, 31-24, although superstitious fans were given pause when Dallas fumbled the opening kickoff and saw it returned for a touchdown. Also, just for fun I found this site that talks about Cowboys uniforms. Looks like they have alot of "special" little things that they add to it that are unique to them. Seems a bit like preferential treatment, is it even legal to modify uniforms like that?
  4. There was an article on the Twitter thread that said Dallas will be wearing blues at home this season. If that's true it's good news for us aren't they really superstitious about their blues and losing?
  5. Makes me wonder if they held off with an offer to Kirk until Doug Williams was hired so that he could reap the positive media spin for the move. Old Franchise QB helping secure the new one as his first act in in office. Very poetic. And it would legitimize Doug's hire right off the bat by giving him a huge amount of brownie points with the media and fan base. People would basically give him a free pass on every move he makes for the next 5 years if he ends up signing Kirk this offseason.
  6. CSN Redskins‏Verified account @CSNRedskins 15s16 seconds ago Who's plan was it not to hire a GM? Doug Williams's (VIDEO) #Redskins They made sure to point out to the media that the idea of not having a GM was Doug's idea. Not Bruce's. That way if it doesn't work out, Bruce is protected and can't be blamed/ held responsible for the mishandling of front office responsibilities
  7. Redskins president Bruce Allen said he doesn't think it's a big deal who has final control over the 53-man roster. He said it will remain a group decision. John Keim, ESPN Staff Writer
  8. Gary Fitzgerald‏ @GaryRFitzgerald 15s16 seconds ago It's Doug Williams as #Redskins GM -- as it should be. JP Finlay‏Verified account @JPFinlayCSN 48s48 seconds ago Bruce Allen says he talked w a lot of people about the role, but Doug Williams stood out. Unquestionable character. Williams has a plan Stephen Czarda‏Verified account @SCzardaRedskins 4s4 seconds ago #Redskins President Bruce Allen announces that Doug Williams is now Senior Vice President of Player Personnel. Liz Clarke‏Verified account @lizclarketweet 51s52 seconds ago BAllen says Doug Williams—who becomes SR VP of player personnel- presented an impressive plan for the job. “Fits the role perfectly.” ESPN 980‏Verified account @espn980 1m1 minute ago #Redskins GM Bruce Allen - " I am proud to announced our new Senior Vice President Doug Williams" Want to know the reason for fan's frustration? look no further than the tweets above. This was supposed to be an announcement that told everyone exactly who had which role. You have one calling Allen the team President, another one calling Allen the GM. One calling Doug Williams the GM, and another one calling him Senior VP of Player Personnel. My take away from this? Nothing has changed, The titles may be different but this is still just a giant group think that will purposefully obscure who makes the final decisions on things and leave fans scratching their heads about who should be held responsible for what.
  9. If Bruce is really that concerned with media leaks and public perception, there is absolutely NO REASON why Tony Wylie should still have a job
  10. Anyone notice that Jay Gruden and Kurt Russell never seem to be in the same place together at once?
  11. Gruden calling the offense this season:
  12. Looks like Norman is going for two years in a row as "NFL's most penalized player". From the new bleacher report article: Do you really see yourself as that last samurai, the last soldier, fighting for the good of the game? The league's changing. Everyone around you is changing. And you're saying F that. I'm the last of the Mohicans that's standing, that is in that mindset. ... What makes or breaks me is how I feel about how I do things and how I go about life inside those white lines because I'm a lion. That's why I'm so glad we got DJ (Swearinger) this year because he knows how we roll. When you have a guy like that who can back you up, man? It's so good. That must help when you're going into games against Dez and Odell this season. Trust me when I tell you, it's going to be bad blood this year. You think the NFC East didn't like each other before? This year right here? There's going to be a lot of fines and maybe some suspensions. I'm going to be honest with you: This **** is going to get really ugly. Because I do have a safety that don't give a **** and I definitely don't. And I know they don't have that many people on the offense who do on their side. And if it turns south like it did that last time, you're not holding back? I'm letting all hell break loose.
  13. I've been calling him "Deuce" in my head for years now... because I can't wait for the Skins to drop him.