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  1. All Time XI: NFC East (Redskin Related)

    Dude really? Interception on his first series in the first preseason game in his rookie year. 4 takeaways in 2 1/4 games......
  2. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    This is my biggest concern regarding Smith this upcoming season. Fans seem to be banking on how much running and scrambling he's gonna bring to the table. I'm wondering how much Gruden will try to protect his new QB
  3. Press Release: #Redskins Quotes- Gruden

    Love it. Favorite thing I've heard from Gruden all offseason.
  4. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Does that stat account for Kirk's rushing TDs or just passing? He ran in 4 in 2017, 4 in 2016, and 5 in 2015.
  5. Daniel Snyder ...Dare We Say a competent owner

    Not that surprising of an outcome. We literally hired Uncle Rico to come in and lead the team for 2 seasons....
  6. Daniel Snyder ...Dare We Say a competent owner

    Reactionary instead of proactive. He waits for something to become a big problem for the team before he addresses it.
  7. Daniel Snyder ...Dare We Say a competent owner

    Dan is way too reactionary to be successful. Even when he does make a good decision, its usually done years too late or done only as a last resort to put out a PR fire. I've yet to see anything that convinces me his mindset has gone from: "What minimum step can I take to get me out of immediate trouble with the fans and minimize lost revenue" to "what can I proactively do to make my team at the forefront of the league" He is obsessed with cutting corners and trying to prove that his way is smarter than other franchises. He makes decisions (like front office structuring, fan experiences, personnel decisions, and media relationships) 10 times more complicated than they need to be. IMO, he's still focused on revenue #1, on-field success #2. He needs to streamline the whole organization and re-commit to what he should be selling. Football, not flash. Reinvest in better equipment and training facilities, and worry less about what's in the gift shop. On-field success leads to off-field success. Not the other way around. "Protect the money, hope for wins" is not a sound strategy
  8. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Goodell wants uniform gambling. That explains the promotional travesty called "Color Rush" we've been enduring the past few years.
  9. The Conspiracy Thread

    Wow, certainly didn't expect to see this on the front page when I logged on today. But since it's here, I'll drop this little theory I've got about the upcoming season. Here's an article from March of this year, when the NFL passed a controversial, and extremely ambiguous rule about helmet to helmet targeting. NFL passes rule to prevent helmet-to-helmet hits, but it could lead to more controversy The NFL is running the risk of adding an ambiguous and inconsistent rule. By Adam Stites Updated Mar 28, 2018, 12:14pm EDT SHARE The NFL’s effort to make football safer was expanded Tuesday by league owners who voted to approve a rule that seeks to take head-first collisions out of the game. Discussions about curbing the worst collisions in the sport led to the drafting of a new rule that quickly went to a vote. What’s different about the NFL now with the new rule? If strictly applied by NFL officials, it could have a sweeping effect on the game. Lowering one’s helmet is an instinct that may be difficult to legislate out of the sport overnight. The result could be many more penalty flags and automatic first downs. “The crown of the helmet rule got way too narrow,” Falcons president and competition committee chairman Rich McKay said Tuesday. “This has very little requirement to it. This is simply, if you lower your head to initiate contact and you make contact with an opponent, it’s a foul.” ......if every instance of a player lowering their helmet to initiate contact — helmet-to-helmet or otherwise — results in a penalty, it’d be a huge change to the entire sport. Imagine if every quarterback sneak was suddenly an offensive penalty...... ......The likely result is it will only be used when an egregious hit occurs. But that brings plenty of ambiguity and judgment into play. Earlier Tuesday, the NFL got positive reviews for changing a catch rule that was plagued by those same issues. Now the league is running the risk of adding a rule that’s just as controversial and inconsistent. What is the NFL and what are players saying about the change? .....Players are unimpressed, though. Some of the league’s most vocal defensive players have expressed concerns. “I don’t know how you’re going to play the game,” Washington cornerback Josh Norman toldUSA Today. “If your helmet comes in contact? How are you going to avoid that if you’re in the trenches and hit a running back, facemask to facemask, and accidentally graze the helmet? It’s obviously going to happen. So, I don’t know even what that definition looks like.” Twitter Ads info and privacy “It’s ridiculous,” 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman told USA Today. “Like telling a driver if you touch the lane lines, you’re getting a ticket. (It’s) gonna lead to more lower-extremity injuries.” Full article here ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So anyway, the interesting thing to me is that, according to the rule, it looks like helmet to helmet targeting can be called on ANY player on the field, offensive or defensive. My question is, does this apply to running backs as well? Which division in Football has just re-invented itself with young, explosive running backs? And which team in the division just drafted a notoriously violent runner who will have no chance to adjust to the NFL level before this rule is implemented? This upcoming season, I'm going to be paying specific attention to: - how opposing teams tackle Guice, - whether or not this new rule limits Guice and makes him have to alter his running style, and - where and when this new rule is implemented on gameday. The fact that this is yet another example of the refs being asked to make a judgement call on the field, with implications that could disqualify a player, makes it ripe with potential to alter a game's outcome or completely undo huge, momentum shifting plays. I also predict this rule will cause at least one "WTF that's so unfair" moment for this team this season, as well as numerous instances of uneven enforcement from team to team around the league. I can also totally see someone like Josh Norman (who already spoke out against it), and D.J. Swearinger falling victim to this while Giants and Cowboy players are allowed a much wider margin of error. Keep your eyes open folks!!!!!!
  10. Worst trade was T.J. Duckett
  11. When the Washington Redskins took their cheerleading squad to Costa Rica in 2013 for a calendar photo shoot, the first cause for concern among the cheerleaders came when Redskins officials collected their passports upon arrival at the resort, depriving them of their official identification. For the photo shoot, at the adults-only Occidental Grand Papagayo resort on Culebra Bay, some of the cheerleaders said they were required to be topless, though the photographs used for the calendar would not show nudity. Others wore nothing but body paint. Given the resort’s secluded setting, such revealing poses would not have been a concern for the women — except that the Redskins had invited spectators. A contingent of sponsors and FedExField suite holders — all men — were granted up-close access to the photo shoots. One evening, at the end of a 14-hour day that included posing and dance practices, the squad’s director told nine of the 36 cheerleaders that their work was not done. They had a special assignment for the night. Some of the male sponsors had picked them to be personal escorts at a nightclub. more at link really not a good look if true. Always thought we tried to maintain a higher level of morality than other franchises. WTF?
  12. We must have had a contract with Richmond to provide 2 year's worth of Pryor preseason hype videos
  13. 2018 ES GMs Mock Draft is complete!

    Woof. St. Brown and Harrison killed my score big time
  14. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Ugh, watching the "All or nothing" episode where we gifted the Cowboys that game after Thanksgiving. They were so ready to throw in the towel and we just couldn't get out of our own way