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  1. Reaper Skins

    Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: Who Wants To Be On Top ?

    The win over Jacksonville gave the national media the excuse they needed to jump back on the Cowboys bandwagon and hand them the win before the game even starts. I expect nothing but Cowboy worship this whole week leading up to the game. I also expect the refs to screw us HARD early in this game. No one outside of DC wants to see the Cowboys lose. I've seen the script too many times. Cowboy linemen will hold Kerrigan, at least one big Redskins play on an early drive will be called back for a BS holding call, and the refs will call phantom pass interference on our secondary, making them play timid the rest of the game. This happens in EVERY divisional game. The tone gets set early and the team will feel like they need to beat the Cowboys AND the refs to win the game. The outcome will be determined by how they choose to respond. If they throw their hands up, complain, and look disgusted, the game will be over by halftime. If they double down, stick to their assignments, and show some resolve, the dam will break and AP will wear the Cowboys down, break Dorsett's record, and secure the win. If early game ref shenanigans get to the Skins, final score: Cowboys 35 Redskins 24 If the Redskins stay the course and don't let the national Cowboy bias break them: Cowboys 24 Redskins 27
  2. Reaper Skins

    The Conspiracy Thread

    My idea for NFL officials (posted from a different thread last year): I wish teams could have their own official on game days. Each team would be given a league sanctioned ref whose sole job is to watch their team's opponent and ensure that they are following the rules. Like an on-field lawyer for each team on gameday This would lead to rule familiarity between the coaches and players and hopefully a clearer understanding of what is or is not allowed. It would also help keep a team from getting unfairly targeted by giving equal representation during the game, almost like a lawyer for the defendant and a lawyer for the prosecution in a courtroom. During the week and on gameday your players and coaches could always have access to your team official and use him for clarification, ask whether this or that is allowed, tell him if someone on the other team is doing something illegal and to watch for it, etc. So on game day you'd have one ref working for only the home team, making sure they get fair calls and that their opponent isn't getting away with any illegal tactics. One ref doing the same for the away team. And a third/floating/impartial ref for tie breakers and overruling anything that came across as favoritism. Refs would spend an entire season with one team, then rotate to a new one the next year. Imagine having a ref who the coach could talk to all week when studying film and say: "We want to try this crazy trick play on Sunday, is it legal?" Or, "this teams linemen are consistently starting offsides and jumping the gun, watch for that on Sunday", or "My player has a touchdown celebration he wants to do, will this be a fine or is it ok?" or "the other ref keeps calling illegal motion on us, but its not and here's why, go explain to the arbiter judge what were doing and why its actually legal"
  3. Reaper Skins

    Redskins vs Panthers Prediction Thread: Here We Go Again

    Skins will play hard, but not smart. They'll come out all fired up and wear themselves out in the first half being overly aggressive, trash talking, and focusing on anything except just doing their job. Early penalties on our secondary (some legit, some phantom) caused by Norman and Swearinger trying to "play physical" will extend a drive that ends with Cam bullying his way into the endzone. Jordan Reed is thrown to early, looks good, then mysteriously disappears from the game plan. Crowder also looks promising until he loses the football in the redzone. Kerrigan will be held alot and do nothing to overcome it. The offense will sleep through the first half and we go to halftime with both teams under 10 points. 2nd half, the Panthers will have adjusted, and use McCaffrey to wear out our now befuddled and exhausted defenders. At least one key guy of ours gets hurt after overextending himself in the first half. Then a long pass to some unknown 4th string WR will take whatever wind is left out of our sails and give the Panthers a lead they never lose. We get a turnover late in the game that ultimately proves meaningless and fail to capitalize on. Redskins are 0-4 against Cam Newton. They play this game like they are determined to rid themselves of any sort of divisional advantage, then spend post game talking about how the effort was there, its only one game, and there's still plenty of football left to be played. Carolina - 24 Washington - 16
  4. Reaper Skins

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Saints

    Anyone believing that we'll beat the Panthers next week is delusional. If this coaching staff has proven anything, its that they can't handle success. They are still in first place due to a scheduling technicality, which means they will try extra hard to bury themselves in the cellar next week. It won't be until we've COMPLETELY blown our divisional lead that they'll realize "hey we need to get serious" Also, I'm going to keep reposting this until someone staples it to Gruden's forehead
  5. Reaper Skins

    Some Hard Truths

    Here's a hard truth. 99% of the time, the longer a player stays here, the worse they get. Richardson and AP were pretty much the only ones making plays last night, and it's because they haven't been here long enough to realize how futile it is. Meanwhile, Norman regresses, Crowder regresses, Davis regresses, Scherff regresses, Doctson regresses, Zach Brown regresses..... Losing culture is infectious, and it only takes new guys so long to look around, realize no one else is trying, and decide to coast. Can't wait to see how long it takes this garbage organization to snuff out the competitive fire in Allen, Payne, and Guice
  6. Reaper Skins

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    Available free agents John Brown - 19 receptions, 346 yards, 3 TDs Ryan Grant - 24 receptions, 246 yards, 1 TD Redskins Team Leaders J Crowder - 13 receptions, 134 yards, 1 TD P. Richardson - 13 receptions, 181 yards, 1 TD
  7. Reaper Skins

    The Conspiracy Thread

    Just a little bumperooski after this latest installment of "Refs psyche out the Redskins early, team decides it's not worth trying" I'm not even going to bother with a recap. You can literally go back and look at any other Monday night game I've covered in here and see the same storyline play out. It had everything. The returning player who has a huge game, the opposing Player setting some kind of record against us, a terrible ranked defense magically looking like world beaters, one sided calls all day, a mysterious lack of any penalties on the other team until the game was out of reach. The phantom flag to extend a drive that never gets shown on replay. Skins once again played their parts to perfection as the punching bags for whatever storyline of the week the NFL wanted to push. This isn't football. Its predictable garbage.
  8. My top offseason wish list signing was John Brown. Could have had him for peanuts. He's tearing it up in Baltimore.
  9. Reaper Skins

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Best thing about that AP article coming out is that Bruce can't take credit for it now that it's worked out. If Doug doesn't say this, Bruce's whole bargain bin FA approach, "i'm a tape watching personnel" guy now storyline gets validated and might give him more leeway. As it is now, it just proves to everyone what we've known all along: The Redskins operate just as well, if not BETTER, when Bruce is removed from the equation. He got exposed.
  10. Reaper Skins

    Redskins vs Saints Prediction Thread: Who Will Show Up In The 'Big Easy'?

    Don't forget that this is the first week for Mark Ingram to be back after his suspension. He will be well rested and desperate to show he still has value in the saints offense. i fear his impact more than Kamara simply because I think our defense will overlook him and forget to factor him into their gameplan. Run defense is in for a tough week. If we get behind at any point, I expect the Saints to just lean on their backs and keep our offense off the field for most of the second half. Gotta come out fast and score early. Unfortunatley, that hasn't been our MO off of bye weeks. I predict that by the time we realize the bye week is over and were playing a football game, we're down by 2 scores and never get within 1 for the rest of the game. Washington 24 Saints 37
  11. Reaper Skins

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. The Bye

    My biggest concern: We spend all week gameplanning for Kamara, and forget to account for a fresh Mark Ingram
  12. Reaper Skins

    What Bye Week Adjustments Would You Make?

    I'll also say that we should definitely work on a gameplan to help contain this guy. The idea of just relying on Norman to handle him alone all day would be extremely unwise. Can't believe he went 30 picks after Doctson in the same draft.....
  13. Who is the backup in Atlanta? That's who Shanahan is likely to make a trade for
  14. Going into the bye week with the Saints in week 5, and an increasingly difficult schedule going forward.. What adjustments would you make to the team/gameplan to help the team prepare for the long stretch and remain competitive? For the WR corp, I'd work on getting Harris and Floyd more involved in the game plan. Harris for his down field potential, and Floyd for his blocking ability (should help out the Thompson screens). Running game, I'd work on getting AP more familiar with the offense and try to adjust it to fit his style more. The commentators during the game were mentioning how much more effective he is out of the I- formation so he has time to see the holes develop and gain some momentum. I'd also like to see him and Alex work on a flea flicker type play to use on a first down when everyone and their mother knows were gonna run it up the middle. Defensively I would just force the team to watch last year's epic collapse against the Saints over and over again until they see Brees and Kamara in their dreams. I'd also maybe re-open talks with Galette to see about increasing the pass rush for cheap.
  15. Reaper Skins

    This is the team

    Maybe his pockets are weighing him down....