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  1. Right. That’s what I was getting at. The only thing new is the record, but even then, we’ve seen these conversations before with good records and playoff berths.
  2. I don’t understand why you think anyone is angry about it. Folks are crapping on the QB and coach like always, no matter the record.
  3. BatteredFanSyndrome

    A Redskin Rap....MalDep's possibly weekly Rap-Skins' Delight

    I can’t help but laugh at TK’s avatar being the last to post on this.
  4. BatteredFanSyndrome

    Redskins vs Texans Prediction Thread: Pessimistically Optimistic?

    I know I’m in the minority, but the Dallas game is the most important of the season. I’d rather lose this weekend and get a L outta the way and beat Dallas on Thursday.
  5. @HardcoreZorn You know it rings hollow when you constantly cry foul that your being misinterpreted, unfairly labeled, etc., right? You are the same guy that constantly labels those that oppose you. Your go-to is that prior QB "lovers" hate Bruce so much that we can't see the greatness going on in front of us. You also throw barbs disguised as advice about how folks should digest the Redskins. On the reg. When the FO does things I like, I say it - liked this past years draft, posted about it. Loved picking up AP, posted about it. Liked the HHCD trade, posted about it. Like the hiring of LaFemina, posted about it. Those are just things I can think of off the top of my head. I don't hate everyone in the FO, in fact that's why I'd prefer they not have to answer to Bruce Allen.
  6. I'm not sure how any of us can answer this as we're not privy to Gruden's playbook. On the other hand, Cooley is someone who's studied it thoroughly and desperately wants to be positive about the Skins. Yet he's walking away each week unimpressed with Alex to the point that he can't even make up things to be optimistic about, other than hopefully it gets better with time. The line just recently became makeshift and he actually looked a little better behind it, whether that's comfort or merely a few really soft defenses is yet to be determined. I have a hard time holding Gruden's feet to the fire because a QB historically known to hold the ball too long and take conservative throws is still doing that here.
  7. The other side of my point was that Smith is doing it more often than what you're seeing from the better passers in the game. Yes, every player misses big plays. Smith has missed a ton. It's not just the big plays I'm talking about, it's the better plays too. Where he settles for the safe play rather than the optimal play, too often for my liking or Andy Reid or I'm sure now Jay Gruden as well. I think that really depends on what 'open' means to you. Open is a subjective term when talking about quarterbacks. Alex is clearly on the side of the spectrum that wants a guy wide open. That's not to say he'll never stick it in there, but not enough to scare a defense.
  8. @HardcoreZorn My point was that you think a lot more highly of Bruce other than just him doing "some good". Basically proved my point with your post. It's clear by the long list of stuff you just typed including that there is more where that came from that you think Bruce has done much more than bring "some good" to the organization. The other thing you did is what your infamous for, however I'm not sure if the previous QB discussion that has been outlawed from the Alex thread, has also been outlawed elsewhere in the Stadium. If so, it's an infraction that I'm sure won't be your last. You love talking about that subject more than the folks that you swear are in love with it.
  9. Those same complaints are there for every franchise, every week. Big plays will always go missed, even by the best QBs. With Alex it’s more the regularity in which we see big/bigger plays missed because he’s not getting the ball out on time.
  10. Regime to regime, QB to QB, I agree with this. Both under Shanny and Gruden, with every QB, we see plays getting in late.
  11. Ummm, we run stuff that Alex likes and has had “success” with in the past every week. This narrative that all this is new to him has been destroyed here on several occasions.
  12. You’re a bit more passionate than that, my friend. You haven’t endlessly sparred with Bruce’s long list of critics because he’s “brought some good.” to the table. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone that literally thinks every single thing Bruce has ever done is terrible. I’d venture a guess that if you were only arguing that he’s done “some good” along with a sea of bad, there wouldn’t be an argument.
  13. The Alex debate is a lot like the Bruce debate. Folks with my POV get painted as if we believe literally everything either does is dreadful, like we believe they can’t even walk and chew gum at the same time. When in reality it’s just that they are both ‘meh’. Good enough to be average, with careers long enough to know exactly what their ceiling is. Neither inspire any level of hope for that very reason.
  14. BatteredFanSyndrome

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I just always got a laugh out of what I thought was a rumor that is probably true. This just confirmed it.
  15. If I’m the Vikings, I’m running the ball as much as possible and trying to be the Redskins for the day.
  16. Phew, beat reporters are now creating news that Jay is frustrated with Alex? JP Finlay whose career is entirely tied to the Redskins and the relationships he builds at Redskins Park is going to risk it all for what exactly? If anything, hearing him say anything remotely negative should alarm you that it’s potentially worse than the way he relayed it.
  17. I’m no salary cap expert, but how do we get a cap hit of 18.4M for a guy we are paying 40M?
  18. See Morneblades post. The difference between the cap hit and 40M doesn’t just disappear.
  19. By my math, the first three years is a fraction over 60M, he’s guaranteed over 70M.
  20. Anyway you break it down, he’s due his guaranteed money. The way the deal is structured, all the guanteed money isn’t paid out in the first 3 seasons.
  21. Mack playing? Edit: Yeah, he’s back. Vikings lose. Kirk plays okay but gets bludgeoned.
  22. The way the deal is structured there has to be a cap bit of over 10M in 2021.
  23. Huh? He’s literally near the very bottom of starting QBs in what I’m looking at.
  24. BatteredFanSyndrome

    Redskins vs Texans Prediction Thread: Pessimistically Optimistic?

    Skins 16 Texans 17
  25. Swearinger doing a lot of talking this week. Said it will be the best game he’s ever played. Basically hates Bill O’Brien, citing something he said to him in his exit meeting or something like that.