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  1. Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    I boil this stuff down to there just being entirely too much chaos going on in the heat of the game. I think it’s why a lot of coaches are bad at it. While you can probably sum up a lot of it to a cheat sheet, it’s gotta be crazy trying to think about that in the midst of everything else. I like Sheehan’s idea that they employ a clock management guru to specifically handle all clock related duties.
  2. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    No, I just believe you would care more if it represented views similar to your own. Evil villains? No, more like guys who just aren't very good at their jobs. One of them being 20 years into ownership without an 11 win season and a long, long list of infractions and screw-ups at every level and the other being a former agent turned NFL Exec on the strength of his father's good name that's never been successful in a role similar to the one he's had here for 9 years. If there is any reason to buy stock in the Redskins its due to Jay Gruden, the staff he's put together and the mere fact that it looks like Bruce Allen may soon be on his way out the door. Interesting, I'm the one that never understands anything. Yet you're the one who rarely stays on topic when relentlessly responding to me and is constantly projecting what you think people are saying or thinking. You are the one who has less than 200 posts and the overwhelming majority are based around defending Dan and Bruce from meanie, bitter fans like me who won't give Dan the fair shake you believe he deserves. Take a look around, my posting history is a bit more diverse than that of your own. But whatever you do, if you feel the need to constantly follow me around, send me a PM with your rebuttal and save the board from more crap.
  3. The "Non" Mt Rushmore Symbols of the Dan Snyder Era

    I'm not sure why you would expect rage in response for your post. I'm expecting heaps of sarcasm and LOL's. 1. So he should be congratulated for marrying what appears to be a good woman doing good things? 2. This is literally the best thing he's ever done. Unfortunately though, just like every other head coach, he's failed to provide them with a solid FO. 3. C'mon man. This is digging very deep. 4. So you want fans to credit him with making this franchise more valuable at their expense? Not to mention NFL franchises in general have become worth more and more with every passing year. I'll just say if this is literally the best list you can come up with over the course of 20 years of ownership, that pretty much tells the story for why threads like these exist.
  4. The "Non" Mt Rushmore Symbols of the Dan Snyder Era

    And those things would be?
  5. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I was speaking specifically about the run offense. I think there is more to it than simply the numbers. Too often this offense cannot run the ball when it must run the ball. I absolutely believe that Guice should help the run offense overall and is the piece this offense has desperately been missing the past few seasons.
  6. The "Non" Mt Rushmore Symbols of the Dan Snyder Era

    This sums it up the best IMO. Sure there are plenty of honorable mentions but the top 3 sum up the bulk of what's been wrong, and in that order. Albert Haynesworth is symbolic in it all considering that was Vinny and Dan's bright idea and we ended up getting Bruce Allen as a result of all that.
  7. All Time XI: NFC East (Redskin Related)

    I agree that he shouldn't be higher than Monk but I think your taking out the fact that he's listed over Monk on him. I think whenever there is talk about Sean Taylor it's about where he was going more than what he did. I think it was clear to everyone with eyes that he was going to be a HOF player. He had everything plus some and finally got his head right.
  8. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    There are many different circumstances and nuances to Alex Smith doing what he's done the past 10 years vs. what the Redskins have been doing the last 10 years though. Different schedules, division, teams, coaching staffs, etc. There's a lot more that goes into it other than the Quarterback. I think it's unfair to Alex Smith to believe that he's going to make that much of a difference. Have to disagree here as I believe our run game has to improve a lot to get to 10 wins. I do believe the addition of Guice should make that easier to accomplish. There also has to be a dedication by Jay and the OC to running the football. I've understood in years past that it sounds easier than it is to actually do, given either the O-line or RB issues, or a combination of both. I still have concerns about the LG position. I think we also have to hope that a guy like CT bounces back unscathed by last years injury.
  9. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I'm with you on this. I'd just prefer a guy like Kyle Smith be given the keys to the kingdom and the power to call all the shots in regards to personnel. I think a move like that would best setup this current core and staff could ask for.
  10. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Can't speak for him, but from my perspective - given the amount of resources Bruce has devoted to the QB position alone over the last 3 seasons, salary and trades included, for a team that still misses the playoffs should be the final nail in his coffin. Unfortunately, it could end up being the nail in the wrong coffin - Jay. If the Skins miss the playoffs at 10-6 coming off of the injury plagued season last year, JKC really did put a curse on this organization. I don't think you can end up being that unlucky two years in a row.
  11. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Considering the list historically doesn't contain many Redskins, I'm not shocked that you find it to be trash. Personally, I don't watch it and find it to merely be something for the NFLN to pass time through the offseason. It can certainly be a popularity contest but at the same time - these votes are made by guys who actually play the game of football, unlike me or you. The Redskins stock peaked in 1992. It's been steadily plummeting for 25 years. Poor analogy, not shocked. It also doesn't fit the context of anything that I was talking about, again - not shocked. You constantly do this thing where you say 'You're not doing X' when you're doing just that. Just like you'd like the Kirk discussion to cease, yet still find reasons to post your Kirk analysis for the umpteenth time that nobody reads or cares about. Just like you're not a Bruce and Dan fan but the overwhelming majority of your posting history is saying 'Look, I'm not a Bruce fan, but look at X, Y and Z reasons why he's awesome.'. For you of all people to have the audacity to question my contributions to this site is sad. What's sadder is you trying to play keyboard psychologist about why I am the way I am. Please leave talking investments and psychology to the folks that actually study those things. This is another staple of your posting - THE BIG 'IF'. IF. IF. IF. IF. You like doing this thing where IF the Redskins win 11 games, or win a Super Bowl or whatever. How about we just let them go ahead and do that and then we find out how I'll react to it? I'll wait. In conclusion and let me be clear here, IF the Redskins win the Super Bowl - I'd be ecstatic for the actual coaches and players of this team that I do like, which are plentiful. I'd also be indebted to them forever for making it happen given the environment they've been provided. If Jay Gruden can win a Super Bowl here with this organizational structure - he deserves a freaking monument.
  12. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Head coaches make a lot of money, but are still seen as lame ducks if they are on the last year of their deal. I don't think players or coaches earn respect by the amount of their annual salary. But it sure makes their job easier when everyone around knows said coach or player is there to stay.
  13. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    @thesubmittedone Summed up the Jay/Kirk/Alex scenario better than anyone. I don't think for one second that Jay has any say in how much you pay the quarterback. I believe this narrative is being pushed to feel better about the move and push the responsibility onto the more likeable figure in Jay. I'm sure Jay does like Alex Smith as a quarterback. I'm also sure Jay doesn't believe he'd be given the time required to develop a rookie QB without getting some wins under his belt first. But I don't for one second see anything that leads me to believe that he was the driving force in acquiring Alex Smith and determining how much money either he or Kirk are worth. But I can see why folks want to paint it that way and this organizational structure lends itself to that type of speculation.
  14. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    I bought the 4 burner back in March after I got my bonus. I think even beyond the fact that they are made really well is that they cook really well. I've had numerous $200 gas grills in the past, where I'm playing around with the food all the time because of flare ups and hot spots vs. cool spots. My Weber cooks evenly front to back, side to side. I feel confident getting the grill to the proper temp, placing the food down and closing the lid. That's something I never felt so hot about with my cheaper grill. I'd recommend getting a cover for it. Don't fall for the trap and buy it at HD or whatever though, they can be had for much cheaper on Amazon and Ebay.
  15. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I'd bet every last penny I have that if Alex Smith was on this list, particularly in the top 20, you'd be picking up your Dan and Bruce cape from the dry cleaners and flying into this thread wearing it. Telling us about how great it is that we exchanged a top 70 or 80 ranked guy for a top 20, that's a better leader and player than the old guy and much more respected by his peers. You'd be absolutely correct in that if I read bad news about Dan or Bruce, I'd be inclined to believe it. Because history tends to repeat itself. The history there isn't good for either man. However, if I read something terrible about Jay Gruden, Jim Tomsula, Bill Callahan, Ryan Kerrigan, Morgan Moses, <insert X player here>, I'd be less inclined to believe it. Because they don't have a long history of being total F-ups. To take it one point further, if I read that Trent Williams was rumored to have failed another drug test for marijuana - I'd be inclined to believe it. Because the history is there. It would kill me, as I absolutely love Trent Williams. If I read that Jordan Reed is rumored to not be able to play in 2018 due to injury - I'd be inclined to believe it. Because the history is there. I'd hate it, because I love Jordan Reed as a player. For some reason, you can't separate Dan and Bruce from 'the Skins'. I've defended both Jay and Kirk among others, both of whom were Redskins at the time to 'Skins fans' on this very site on too many occasions. 'Skins fans' that can't wait to take a dump on a player or coach without acknowledging the environment created by those guys in the suite. Or even if they do acknowledge it, they gloss over it because they'd prefer to take out their anger on the easy targets.