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  1. As a very novice hockey fan, I totally get that. But when another team consistently hands you your ass for years, they are just superior.
  2. You either have it or you don't. This is the first pick I'm not a fan of. It checks the safety box, but seems like a major reach.
  3. I know Mixon can ball and all that, he's just a guy I'd prefer not to root for.
  4. Thankfully that closes the window on any potential for a Kirk trade.
  5. PFT reporting the Browns are making a play for Cousins as we speak. Its now or never. It better be never.
  6. I love the sweeping generalization that those of us that are skeptical of Bruce and what went down that led to Scotts firing it means we believe he's gods gift to football and could do no wrong. And by love I mean hate. Stop it already. Thats about as weak as the positive spins you guys put on most things related to the team. At a minimum you have to atleast acknowledge that Scott never had the power Bruce told us he had. It's easy to see why that could cause friction. But at the end of the day, I really hope Bruce isn't just a walking suit living off his fathers accomplishments. I hope he's not really a douche and Scott was a terd and deserved to be canned. Getting Kirk a deal and hiring a real GM will extend him a lot of rope. If both of those things happen I'll be more inclined to believe that he's smarter than he appears.
  7. Right, I'm not sure why anyone is surprised. I fully expected him to jump right back in that saddle, up until after the draft, where he could potentially get on with another team.
  8. Can someone please provide the footnotes to this Kirk/Scott stuff that's being referred to? I can't stream that stuff in the office.
  9. His recent tweets lead me to believe he's okay. Good for us.
  10. Just for the record, I'd actually be OK with every single draft pick going towards the defensive side of the ball. First and foremost on the fat boys. However if a guard or a RB falls to us in some fashion, I won't throw my remote!
  11. @thesubmittedone I agree completely with your list. Even if Breeland does get back to form, he's a UFA after this season. If he plays lights out - we can't afford him. If he doesn't - do we really want to hold on to him? We can hope Fuller steps up at NCB, but thus far he's shown nothing to indicate that the position is "his". Zach Brown, while an exciting signing, is still a one year deal. A one year deal it appears he accepted reluctantly only in an effort to prove himself and garner a much larger, long term contract....that we most likely won't be able to afford. Safety continues to be a position of uncertainty for a little over a decade now. No matter what, it appears we are stuck with Swearinger - so let's pray he works out. Cravens moving to a new role is a complete ?. I'm optimistic about him but you never know. I wouldn't cry if we snagged a center, guard or RB on the offensive side of the ball either.
  12. Small Claims court is a total crapshoot, trust me - I used to manage it for one of the big banks. The judges are typically retired and not all that engaged in right and wrong. However, two things to your benefit can happen: A. Frontier doesn't show up and you are granted default judgment (this is most likely). B. The judge will force both sides into a 'mediation' where the mediator will beg and plead with Frontier to settle with you and avoid seeing the judge (they most likely will, to be done with it.). The worst thing that can happen is you take another day off work only for the judge to throw out your case as your 'damages' are for time away from work, which is a slippery slope.
  13. I'm convinced the refs and the Hawks are in this teams head, some more than others - Keef being #1. But nearly the entire starting lineup spends more time than necessary whining about calls, looking at the refs with pouty face. Many times guys fail to get back on defense as a result of whining for calls. It's a mindset thing and its hard to be tough and gritty when you are a. constantly worried about being called for fouls (legitimate) and b. spending entirely too much time worrying and arguing about calls or lack thereof. Scott really needs to get on this group and get them to focus on what they can control rather than what they can't.
  14. The last time we rocked the planet on a Thursday night we ended up with a guy that couldn't evolve into the pro game...and that guy, was at least worthy of rocking the planet initially due to his freak athleticism and college tape. Find me one of those in this draft, I'll wait....
  15. Saw a tweet with Keef's face on a milk carton. Unfortunately that's not the case. He's clearly there, just a flat out liability on both ends.