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  1. I think this is where the line is drawn between your stance and those of us that are not happy with the current setup. I feel it's important to get one of the most respected individuals in personnel to run that part of the operation. Doug and the gang don't fit that criteria in my opinion. While you make many valid points in relation to the good things Bruce has brought to the table, most of us know this stuff already. I am capable of acknowledging that Bruce isn't all bad. My issue is with personnel. In fact, his handling of personnel is the only real issue I've had with the guy. You make mention that you think the problems with Scott related to the 'group approach' and that was the true strife in the org. I've felt that way all along as well, it makes the most sense. I'm just not sure how you can acknowledge that and have no issue with Bruce at the same time.
  2. I'm not going to argue the LTD after the 2015 season as I wasn't beating the Big $ LTD drum at that time either. However, I'm not in charge of running a professional football franchise. With that said, the team had to know that if Kirk matched or exceeded his 2015 performance, they were going to have to open the checkbook big time come the end of the 2016 season. The team had time to put together a legit offer between the end of the 2016 season and applying the 2nd franchise tag. They also had to know that applying a 2nd franchise tag would only drive his asking price higher. The front office definitely made mistakes in handling his contract situation, no ifs, ands or buts about it.
  3. Did Kirk place the franchise tag on himself two years in a row? No. Therefore the Redskins did opt to go with the franchise tag two years in a row. I'm not distorting anything. Neither you nor I, or anyone else on this board for that matter, knows what legitimate steps the team has taken to get Kirk signed long term or what Kirk's expectations are. You are creating your own reality that fits what you want to believe is happening. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that the moment the Redskins placed the tag on Kirk a second time, his asking price was going to go up, based on simple math. I'd imagine even the guys in the front office making the decision can acknowledge they should have handled this situation differently because it surely would have been cheaper to cut the check pre-2nd franchise tag.
  4. I'm curious about your sources on both fronts: The amounts we've offered and turned down & that anyone else is laughing about these alleged offers. I won't hold my breath waiting on them.
  5. The Redskins had plenty of time to get Kirk signed long term but opted to go with the franchise tag two years in a row. That's on them, not Kirk. The Redskins set his market by the actions they chose to take. One could say the Redskins weren't "reasonable" from the beginning which is why we sit here today talking about this. The 3rd tag is not guaranteed but might as well be. Outside of a one in a million catastrophic injury or a downright complete disaster statistically in 2017, he's getting paid the big bucks by somebody next season.
  6. Strangely, I prefer listening to 980. While 106.7 is probably the more realistic, the personalities or lack thereof are a turnoff.
  7. Who's better is a judgment call but Cousins market was set the moment the Redskins opted to tag him a 2nd time.
  8. Most unbiased folks would say Carr has a higher ceiling than Kirk based on what we know about both thus far in their careers. Does his 25M/year figure take away any of the leverage Kirk has at the moment? I think not, because Kirk's getting paid no matter where he falls on the totem pole of QBs. One can hope I guess...
  9. I can't imagine the Kirk/Colt relationship plays into anything at all and if it does - god help us. Every backup QB has to tote the company line about supporting everyone in the QB room and making sure they are ready to play when called upon, yadda yadda. But realistically, the starting QB is the backup QB's enemy.
  10. So you always take what everyone in contract negotiations has to say at face value? Naive to say the least. Im sure Kirk is the least concerned in all of this as he stands to make a mint no matter which way it goes. It doesn't take much imagination to assume he would have preferred the team to roll out the red carpet and pay him what he wanted a long time ago, if only for the certainty and to not go through the song and dance and be constantly asked about it. As for the Redskins, I can only hope they aren't arrogant enough to really believe they have handled the Cousins situation well up to this point. It would take quite an imagination to see them actually saying that they screwed up the contract situation from the get go. So yeah, pardon me if I utilize common sense over PR.
  11. ...and what about Kirk leads you to believe that he would ever say anything remotely negative about stuff like this on the record? ....and why would the Redskins come out and admit 'Yeah, we messed up'? I don't expect anything but the status quo on the record from both parties.
  12. That's a huge assumption that both sides don't care. I'm pretty sure both do care - a lot, however Kirk has less reason to care because he stands to make out well no matter what happens.
  13. The deal should have been done by now because he's our QB and should be treated as such. A deal should have been struck as soon as it was possible to do so rather than applying a franchise tag and doing this song and dance for several months. Franchise QB's historically don't go through this crap because their teams do whatever they can to lock them up before it's even much of a conversation. At this point, I really don't think it makes much of a difference if it gets done today or July 17th. This should have been done prior to the tag deadline.
  14. I think all of us here unequivocally can say that we hope Doug succeeds and have no choice but to give it time. It's the process that led to his promotion that many of us have an issue with. It seems the best many of the optimistic can offer is to "give it time" because you can't say with a straight face that Doug Williams is the most qualified for the job nor that the 'hiring process' was legit. What bothers me is that it seems Doug was promoted to be the symbol and mouthpiece of the front office 'just because'. We still don't even know what actual power the guy has and for all intents & purposes he appears to just be happy to finally get to say he's a somebody in a front office.
  15. @goskins10 I can't speak for him, but what I take away from his point is that franchising a QB twice and waiting until the last second to potentially get a LTD is uncharted territory. It's the one position where you simply can't be a terd and have to make things right early on to settle everyone down - the player, the team, the fans, everyone.