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  1. Dave Chappelles specials are out now on Netflix. Halfway through the first one, highly recommended.
  2. I'm only checking in to say that this team isn't playing like a team worthy of my money to take the family to see. I said that a few months ago and they went on a hot run, let's do this one more time.
  3. Even though the thought of Colt McCoy starting for the Skins minus subbing for injury makes me want to throw up, I'll play along. Lets just say Colt for whatever reason were to step in and light it up, wouldn't he then have the power to command similar money as Kirk does today? The only way to get mass production out of the qb position is to either pay big $$$ to a producer or draft a rookie that is instantly successful and pay him minimally until the rookie deal is up.
  4. The question is, if we draft poorly and finish in the basement, will you revisit and admit they were right? I see the Eagles getting better, Giants about the same and Dallas worse. But Dallas' worse could be better than us. Drafting 3 superstars is quite a feat in matter of 3 years much less one draft.
  5. True, but he can't lace up and grab boards or hit free throws. But a lot like the Redskins, his history dictates this is who he is.
  6. Officiating has been iffy both ways of late. That was trash though.
  7. That's a soul crushing run. Ugh.
  8. Real nice to see Jackson come back to life.
  9. In fairness, he said that's loser talk, not that you are a loser. I'm not sure why the sensitivity level is up so high lately. In a way, it is loser talk. Same as when my sons basketball team lost in the playoffs this past weekend. While speaking with the coach afterwards, we could both clearly acknowledge that is was a horribly officiated game that most likely caused our team to lose. However he certainly didn't convey that to the kids, because that's an excuse and comes across as "loser talk". I'm also not sure why homer is included as a derogatory term. Some guys are just plain homers, and always spin everything to be positive. If that's what helps them get by, so be it...doesn't mean they aren't a homer. There are a few folks around here spouting that all is swell in DC and with our acquisitions thus far, but can't really provide any factual reasoning as to why they believe that. That is a homer, plain and simple. It doesn't mean they don't deserve to breathe the same air I do.
  10. When exactly do they plan on getting started with upgrading the defense?
  11. There are "reports" everyday about many teams/players, some right - some wrong. What I struggle with is why some Redskins fans believe there is some sort of media conspiracy against the Skins, as if trashing the team is their meal ticket. They absolutely embellish and run with things that aren't concrete all the time....but this happens to other teams and players all the time too. There is nothing special about the Redskins outside of the fact that the last two decades has provided the media with plenty to run with. On a side note, I'm all ears for your analysis on why this team is getting better.
  12. Last I checked you are not a mod, nor is any of this back and forth about this contributing quality to the board. If you've got an issue with my post, take it to PM. I'm done with this here. I didn't tell anyone else not to read his post or that it was crap. I simply think the debates back and forth over 'facts' is getting ridiculous because we will never be privy to the facts about what took place in Ashburn.
  13. I don't need to read it. I'm well versed enough around here to know the route the 'novel' is going. I don't expect any article to be written painting Bruce and the gang in a negative light to be taken seriously, because ultimately every article is going to contain hearsay, anonymous sources, etc. The coveted facts will never be available to any of us without litigation, depositions, lie detector tests, etc. that are 99% likely to never occur.
  14. I can't count the # of times on a thousand hands that I've entered into conversation with Redskins fans in passing, be it at the grocery store, gas station, tailgating at FedEx Field, work, etc., where the fans are complete homers that believe every move the franchise ever made is a great one and we should be going to the Super Bowl soon. What should alarm you is that there are many respected and knowledgeable posters here that are die hard and have lived through it all feeling the same negative vibes about what has transpired, or should I say - came to light, over the past month or so. From the whole deal with Scott, the way we handled it and what we've done so far in free agency. I'm sure we'd all love to eat crow and have the JAG's we've picked up put the whoop stick on teams next season.
  15. To be fair, I don't have time to read the novel you've written analyzing the "poor writing" and your own rebuttals. With that said, I'm convinced its going to require multiple depositions and sworn statements from everyone involved before you will be willing to believe that all is not well in Washington.