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  1. Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    Want to evaluate Gruden? Fine, he inherited a putrid team and turned it into a mediocre one ahead of an accumulation of talent. He showed bold leadership standing up to Snyder and insisting Snyder allow them to bench Griffin and go with Cousins. Gruden produced 3 .500 seasons in a row despite a weak roster in my opinion. The OL cannot run block and defense still can't defend very well although progress may have been masked last season because of the epic number of injuries. It will be interesting if the defense is improved this year. I look at the Skins roster and think the Skins are still several good drafts away from being better than .500. One last note in Gruden's favor is I think the team has always played for him. This was especially impressive this past year. I think Cousins deserves a large measure of praise for this tenacity but Jay also. If Jay can manage a .500 year this season I would be pleased and think he should be extended. I want the GM fired, whoever that is, we don't know because no one wants the title. The roster management is I think that goes to the ownership. I want Allen and Williams fired and a real GM hired and Snyder to actually surrender control of his fantasy team to an NFL professional if one is willing to work for him. That brings up my last post, who would take the job if Gruden is fired? Let's assume Gruden squeaks out another .500 season and Snyder listens to Gruden's critics and fires him, who would want the job? It's a multi-million dollar job so there will be candidates but only the third tier guys would be willing to come and work for Snyder.
  2. Redskins Release 2018 Preseason Schedule

    He ran a high school offense zone read in the NFL until he got injured, which was inevitable. I don’t consider the ability to run a read option offense NFL QB talent. Having Griffin run this offense was an act of desperation by the Shannys because it was alll Griffin was capable of performing. Before his 2012 injury Griffin was a very gifted athelete and may have possessed the talent to played WR in the NFL since he had great speed and lateral quickness but not NFL QB talent because he could never learn how to process the field quick enough.
  3. Dan Snyder is a highly competent marketeer but incompetent running the the team. He makes stupid hires, trades and picks the Cousins screwup being the latest and biggest. The failures start and end with Snyder.
  4. The Skins shouldn't draft a QB for a lot of reasons most notably they have demonstrated they have no talent for evaluating QBs. They bet the farm for a no talent bust and then sat on a real talent until he didn't want to be here. The Skins should spend their draft choices on making the run game work and helping Smith succeed. Leave drafting QBs to competent franchises.
  5. Redskins Release 2018 Preseason Schedule

    Or it could be like the Detroit preseason game in 2015 when Griffin looked totally helpless and clueless because he didn't understand our protection schemes or Detroit's defense.
  6. Redskins Release 2018 Preseason Schedule

    You went to some effort to fail to make a point. Those who don't understand being able to understand what is going fast enough to be effective is the most important attribute required don't really understand the game.
  7. Redskins Release 2018 Preseason Schedule

    I’ve been harshly critical of Griffin I never believed in the trade, the pick, him and I found all the fuss very annoying. That said, I don’t want to see him hurt again. Hopefully for him he is thinking of an alternative career and will get on with that after his stint with the Ravens.
  8. Redskins Release 2018 Preseason Schedule

    What talent? A guy who can't process a field quickly doesn't possess NFL QB talent and Griffin was unable to demonstrate any progress in this the most basic skill of quarterbacking, he never had talent. I think Baltimore hired him to give them some Kaepernick coverage as a camp arm. If he had played at a college that ran a pro system they would have converted him into a wide receiver and he may have become a gifted wide receiver in the NFL.
  9. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I think Smith ought to be compared with the knucklehead 1 read offense clown Snyder could have moved up to draft not Cousins. We lost a good cb but held on to our first round picks for the next few years. Snyder is capable of great stupidity, rash and reckless trades, this doesn't appear to be stupid and certainly not reckless. Gruden has a chance for modest success in 2018 with Smith which I would welcome. I believe modest success is the father of greater success. I hope the use the draft to bolster the offense by upgrading the center of the OL, a TE and a RB.
  10. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Negotiations come to mind.
  11. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I misread your post, I get what you were saying.
  12. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    The Vikings can run the football and have an outstanding defense so perhaps he won't need to throw as much as he did with the Skins so I won't be surprised if he goes for 3,500 or 5,000 plus this season. I will be surprised if they don't make it to the Super Bowl.
  13. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Are you assuming Kirk would have signed a deal with the Skins like the one he did with the Vikings? I don't think you can make that assumption. Whatever the case, Kirk's gone to a better team and we have Smith now. I'm pleased Synder chose to sign Smith rather than giving away the farm to move up a draft another 1 read option bust.
  14. Ravens Sign Robert Griffin III

    Griffin doesn't have the mind to run a traditional pro offense nor the body to run a college spread offense in the NFL in my opinion. He has had enough opportunities to show some progress in processing a field and just isn't able. I don't know if he makes the team but at least no one will ask the Ravens to explain why they haven't hired Kaepernick with Griffin on the payroll.
  15. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Where is your faith? Smith is the guy the Skins wanted and signed to a large 5-year contract. Dan, Bruce, and Doug know what they are doing it's going to be grand!