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  1. Cousins always made the line look better in 2012-2014, as did McCoy. RGIII had a chance too many chances but sadly no ability as Cleveland learned in 2016,
  2. I have a much better feel for assessing the talent of individual skill players, especially QBs, rather than OL. Maybe it's the X's and O's or it could be the Jimmy & Joe's I don't know. But I do think you need to believe you can do something before you accomplish something and the Skins don't they can run when it counts close the goal line.
  3. Washington's OL always looked better with Cousins playing for the reasons you cited. The OL that was excoriated when Kirk's predecessor was starting and getting sacked was adequate once Cousins took over. The run blocking still remains suspect in my eyes, they don't even try to run deep in the Redzone.
  4. It's 3/24 and the latest annoying, pointless, stupid, bound to end badly Daniel Snyder drama continues. Competent ownership would have extended their franchise QB a couple of months ago in a joyous, celebratory lovefest. We'd all be feeling great and excited about the FA, the draft and longing for some football and the good times to come. In an alternate universe maybe there is a secure, grounded, affable Redskin owner who has football people run his successful team while he lavishes his grateful fans with goodwill and charm. Not in our world, not with Snyder, with him it's always negative and ugly feelings and suspicions. It can never remain nice. The summer of 2016 might have been my best Redskin fan experience since Snyder took over. It was calm, peaceful and positive. I remember starting a thread about how the summer was drama free and that the Skins were finally starting to take on the orderliness of a successful franchise. Daniel Snyder doesn't want to be the San Antonio Spurs of the NFL and quietly win like Kirk Cousins. We know that because whenever the Skins start to have some modest success Snyder sabotages it. The acrimony begins followed by the musical chairs. Cousins may have sealed his fate with Snyder when he defined success as being the Spurs of the NFL and the appreciative Spurs sent Cousins a jersey. Any rational owner would love to be the Spurs of the NFL but not Snyder.
  5. Winston, Mariota, Prescott and Wentz are in the conversation of who is an elite QB? I don't find you credible when you are nitpicking Cousins now I find your views absurd. Cousins has at least put up elite stats for a couple of seasons whereas these other guys? Prescott plays behind a great line with a tremendous running game. think he'd be running for his life if he played on the Skins. The other guys? They didn't bust like like Griffin and may become good but mentioning them in a discussion about an All Pro QB like Cousins is silly at this point.
  6. I think this all about Snyder's ego. Outbidding others and setting a record for Norman at QB is pleasing to Snyder's ego. Paying top dollar for Cousins, Shenanhan's QB who beat out and humiliated Snyder's BFF, does not gratify Snyder's ego it grates on it and that's the rub. Doofus Danny can't bring himself to finally swallow is pride and do the smart thing and give Cousins his money. Yeah, you're the Cousins expert that isn't fooled by yardage, TD's, first downs, completion percentage, QBRs, wins, comebacks and the rest of the distractions the rest of us find beguiling. Tells us again why we can't believe our lying eyes.
  7. Kirk's critics will never be satisfied and will continue move the goalpost and dish out backhanded compliments as long as Cousins is here. It must remembered many of his critics in our fan base are embittered defenders of Kirk's predecessor. In the unlikely event Dan Snyder keeps his hand out of personnel decisions, hire's a GM that is actually given authority and produces a Super Bowl and Kirk is the MVP, Kirk's Cousins will still be nitpicking.
  8. So the Skins should only pay a QB who plays like Tom Brady in his first 2 years starting? What I don't get and never will get is Redskin fans or ownership who don't truly value a QB who can generate Drew Brees like stats his first 2 years starting and give the first consecutive years of modest success and stability since the early 90's. That is what I don't get.
  9. At this point it doesn't matter if Snyder is short of cash, discipline, sense, judgement, patience or whatever because he's got a success governor that kicks in screws things up when things are going well.
  10. Yes! A thousand times yes! Even if the they come to a long term deal with Cousins Snyder has shredded the hope I had since August 2015 when SM & JG benched Griffin and they started to function like a real NFL team.
  11. You think Bruce has real power? I don't, I think he's Snyder's current hand puppet and he's lasted this long because of his last name and the well of goodwill for his Allen's father. I think Snyder always runs things behind useful shields like Allen and for a time Scot Mccloughan. It wasn't fun for Snyder when Marty ran the team and it hasn't changed.
  12. You are correct. I have been using these terms interchangeably, my mistake,
  13. Correct, Kirk Cousins is a the Pro Bowl QB, my mistake.
  14. The Skins could trade Cousins even if he refused to negotiate with the acquiring team, let's say the Browns. The Skins, sans Scot, decide to trade Kirk for a 2nd round pick, more compensation is off the table because Kirk isn't interested in a LTD so the Skins decide to take a 2nd rounder from Cleveland and use the 24M a year on a couple Danny's brainstorms. Cleveland gets Cousins hoping he'll be able to elevate them from putrid to respectable in 2017 and even more important they have a chance to win him over and get him to sign a long term deal in 2018. It's they NFL version of a fat old guy import a hot Russian bride only the Brown's know exactly what they are risking while the smitten old fool is just a fool. Cleveland has some kind of chance Kirk would want to stay or transition tag him and get a 3rd round pick as compensation. It makes sense for Cleveland and because of Snyder it doesn't have to make sense for Washington, a suckers bet is Snyder's MO. If they had Kirk in Cleveland at least the Browns would have a chance to win him over, they would never get Kirk or anyone remotely close to being a 28 year old Pro Bowl QB to freely choose Cleveland. The Skins save or redirect the 24M Cousins was going get to Danny's genius trade move, a super fat and lazy nose tackle and a broken QB like Romo and a trip to the Bahamas to celebrate Snyder's latest master stroke.
  15. They are paying Norman 15M a year. He's the best CB they had for awhile in Norman is worth 15M a year Cousins is worth 30M a year because Kirk as at least twice as much impact.