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  1. I posted this before and repeat today, my head told me the day Snyder fired Marty that Snyder would never win but my heart refused to listen. I keep following the Skins, although I stopped renewing my tickets during the Griffin years because the heart wants what the heart wants regardless of what the head knows. I don't expect Snyder to be able to win a title or reverse the decline in fan support. I think the League as a whole is now in decline and Skins more so because of Snyder. I get it, I feel it too.
  2. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    This thread is drifting off course let's get back to the Alex Smith lovefest I intended, he's our guy now
  3. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I don't think Cousins would have signed a multi-year with the Skins in 2018 at any price. Kirk's dad said something after the 2017 deadline to the effect Kirk wouldn't have signed for any price. I don't know when Kirk shut the door on the Skins but I suspect it was before he got tagged in 2017. In any case, he's moved on and I got two teams to follow. I thought about getting the NFL package but I think I'll be hitting a sports bar instead and pigging out on wings and beer while watching both of my NFL teams!
  4. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I never thought Griffin was going to make it in the NFL, even during the hot games of his rookie season. My friends thought I was crazy but I was against the trade and always saw him as an athletic guy with a limited skill set unsuited for the NFL. I knew Griffin would get hurt, and while I was sorry to see it happen, sorry to be right, I knew it would happen because I'm 66 and I've seen lots of athletic QBs try to run and get killed in the NFL. I saw Cousins had the goods during his first start in Cleveland. I wanted him to start the season in 2013 and if Snyder had Cousins play all of 2013 Kirk would've blossomed then instead of in 2015 and things would've been different. Maybe if Cousins wasn't so talented Griffin would have been willing to sit out 2013. Your might have been an early supporter of Cousins but it was me that started a preseason thread that I wanted Cousins to start all 16 games in 2015, thankfully Gruden listened to me.....:-) I don't know enough about Alex Smith to compare him to Cousins. I do think it is noteworthy to point out Alex has played on much better teams than the Skins so while I don't know enough to say Alex will have a weaker offensive supporting cast in DC I don't think anyone would suggest that the 2018 Skins are as talented as the 2017 Chiefs or the Super Bowl 49ers. Kirk is stepping into a better team and supporting cast then he has ever had and the reverse may be true of Alex Smith. Hopefully, Alex has a great year. Yeah, I know some Griffin fans never got over their resentment of Cousins but I don't think they will feel that animus towards Smith and I hope ardent Cousins supporters like me embrace Smith and stick with him. It would be nice to have a fan base united behind our QB for a change.
  5. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Do you really think there are many Redskin fans that will be shocked if Kirk Cousins wins a Super Bowl and is the Super Bowl MVP with the Vikings? I guess a few knuckleheads but I don't think many serious Skin fans will be surprised. Everyone knows he has the goods or they don't understand the game worth a lick. I really think Allen and Snyder get a pass if Smith plays as well as Cousins did for the Skins. Mind you, no one and I mean no one here valued Cousins more than me or detests Snyder more than me but if Smith performs I will be okay with the trade which is all they could've done in 2018. I don't really know when they blew their chance with Cousins. I suspect when they welched on the on the public commitment SM made that they would overpay if he was able to repeat his 2015 performance, Kirk did even better and they low balled him and I think closed his heart to the Skins. An unforgivable mistake but if Smith plays well it won't matter how well Cousins does with a better team.
  6. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I expect Kirk to do really well in Minnesota. For the first time he won't have to carry a team. The Vikings have a good defense and a running game plus Kirk will have an excellent crew of playmakers in Minnesota. Kirk had talented receivers in DC but the Vikings crew is really terrific. Injuries can undo any team's season but with decent health, I think the Vikings go to the Super Bowl, with my tired, fat, old ass riding on their bandwagon! Philly will be great also but it is tough to repeat so I think Minnesota will make it. As for the Skins if Alex Smith comes in and performs I don't think Allen or Snyder get a lot more grieve even if Cousins is red hot. If Smith struggles and Cousins lights it up that is a different ball game, let's that isn't the case. I'd like to see the Skins play .500 ball with the new guys performing well and my side team run the table!
  7. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    How many of us have seen a lot of Smith's games? I think I've only seen him play 5 or 6 times on his two prior teams, so I certainly don't feel I understand his game. I've seen his stats which are nice but with another team so I don't really have a view on whether he'll be comparable to Kirk, better or worse. I hope you are right and Alex will perform well and we can all focus on grousing about the interior of the OL...:-)
  8. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I didn't watch Alex play much with the Chiefs of the 49ers so I don't have an opinion yet, I hope we are all pleased with Alex. That said, if Vinny Iryer is right and Alex & the Skins struggle while Kirk & the Vikings rock Bruce Allen is going to finally get canned. Yes, it would just be Allen, not Snyder so no real solace I'd much rather have Alex workout
  9. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Interesting, especially since Kirk managed to achieve those numbers with guys from the cheap seats blocking for him. I'm going to go way out on a limb and say no, Alex will find DC more supportive than Kirk. At least I hope that is the case.
  10. Fair enough, it's your board, I'm leaving the Tailgate.
  11. No dice, I like Ike, the best POTUS in my lifetime. Reagan the second best while the rest of them stunk. Truman because of the Korean War, Kennedy for Viet Nam, Johnson for Viet Nam and the ruinous Great Society, Nixon for Viet Nam, Carter for Iran and other failings, GHWB for his New World Order, trade policy, Gulf War and stationing troops in Saudia Arabia other things, Clinton for NAFTA, most favored nations status to China and subprime mortgage program, GWB for his runious Iraq war, subprime mortgage mess, and finally Obama for exploiding the debt, subprime mortgage advocate, Obamacare, radicallizing the Democrats into the Raceacrats with his Alinskite tactics.
  12. I am old enough to remember my mom, a loyal New Deal Democrat, saying Eisenhower wasn't that bright but got elected because he was very likable. Then, of course, Reagan was an amiable dunce. Not Trump is a simpleton. Three generations but essentially the same lame complaint leveled at a popular and successful Republican president. No, those partisans who call themselves Democrats.
  13. Election 2018 Thread

    You forgot the "a" it is Raceacrats, which I feel is not only a fair description of their ideology but rolls off the tongue fine.
  14. Delve down in the tunnels breathing your own fumes as long as you like, this stuff seems to energize Trump and amuse his base so have at it. Meanwhile I am enjoying watching Trump charge forward with the fair trade banner the Raceacrats dropped a 25 years ago.
  15. If the use of the word Raceacrats is forbidden here I need only be told by a monitor and I will vacate the Tailgate. I think this pejorative term is well deserved and you Raceacrats need to have the vile nature of your divisive racial tactics rubbed in your face and I am going to sit on my morally superior high horse and use it and if that makes me unwelcome here I will be happy to leave. I think it irritates you because you know the charge is true.