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  1. I agee with you. I would rather have Kirk than 2 of the top QB picks.
  2. I think there is only 15% a deal is done because the Redskins owner really is the short bus guy of NFL owners. The Carr deal should make it easier for Snyder to submit and play the man but I don't think he will. I think Kirk plays under the tag again.
  3. I don't have any idea how Cousins feels but I think if I was him I'd think the Carr 125M for 5 years sounds fair but I would be wanting the Skins to pay something extra because of his TT leverage and I'd want get something in the way of you jerked me around for 3 year before letting me win the job I would've won in 2013 or 2014 if allowed to compete tax. His career was held hostage to Snyder's RGIII fantasy and maybe it is small minded on my part to want something for at least 2 years of frustration having ride the pine behind a miscast Griffin but I'm sure I'd want something for it. Then there is the issue of 2015 and the Skins posture and public statements to the effect of "we aren't ready to really commit to you now but if you can do again in 2016 we will be happy to overpay. The going rate for a guy like Cousins is 125M now I'd want to add something substantial to sweeten it to make amends, they need to overpay as they promised. I think a much bigger guarantee would do it because it would demonstrate the faith and confidence in Cousins they are overdue in showing. I think a 75M would be appropriate guarantee and if it wasn't forthcoming promptly now I would cut off discussions and prepare to audition throughout the 2017 season for a future employer. It would be 125M 75 guaranteed or bust if I was Kirk.
  4. Oakland got the deal closed and created a lot of good will in the process because they have better ownership. That is what a competent organization looks like in operation. Only a willful, arrogant idiot would fail to give Cousins a generous offer and get this done months ago. Snyder blew that opportunity and irradiated his customers yet again. If Snyder's stupid pride as a deal maker has been standing in the way of extending Kirk than now that the Raiders have closed with Carr Snyder should take the opportunity to close the Cousin deal for the same or some more and be done with it.
  5. Okay, if Dan Snyder has been holding out waiting for another big QB deal to close and provide air cover for his ego so he doesn't feel like he screwed the pooch by not getting a lower cost deal done 2015 he has his coverage, the Carr deal gives him all the only fig leaf he will find. Now for once in 20 years Snyder has to do the smart thing, make the obvious right call, Snyder just can't blow this now. If Synder doesn't come across now Cousins should shut down discussions and make Synder pay him 28M in 2018 and never bother to entertain a LTD with Snyder. Snyder's got to close this thing now, if he doesn't Snyder deserves to wander hopelessly in the wilderness for another 20 years and what's more the fans foolish enough to continue to travel down misery avenue with Snyder deserve what they get. Pay him Snyder, pay the man!
  6. Do know of a league prohibition on a contract having a 5 extension provision? If there isn't a prohibition I would want to get from Cousins, an option to extend it next time. Let say the parties are will to agree to 5 years for 125M with 75 guarantee, I want Cousins to agree to also give the Skins an option for another 5 years at perhaps a sweeter rate and this time a just 2 year guarantee instead, This way Cousins gets great contract that elevates him to among the best paid and in 5 years the team opts to exercise the option for 5 more and 50+ is guaranteed
  7. I think the Redskins should offer Kirk a 5 year deal with terms he'll agree to with a option for another 5. I don't know if a comparison to Carr's salary is important to Kirk, maybe it is and maybe it isn't. If some place in the NFL salary payroll rankings is important give it to him, give him what he wants and be done with it. The only comparison with Carr that ought to be relevant to the Redskins is Kirk has a lot more leverage than Carr. The Raiders have Carr under contract for another year and haven't had to use the franchise tag whereas the Skins have tagged Kirk twice. Right now I would expect the Cousins team to be using this 24M salary as a base and asking for 125M over 5 years and 75M guaranteed. If they tag for 28M after the 2017 season the Cousins team will use 28M a year as the base year. The Skins did this to themselves. They should have offered him a moderately priced extension in middle of 2015, I posted that I had seen enough and thought they should have extended after about 8 games and was right. Even by mid season they knew Griffin was a bust and Cousins was at least a placeholder guy that could operate Grudens offense and help the rest of the roster run the playbook. At the end of 2015 they knew he was more than a placeholder and if the Cousins team was asking for the going rate for starters they should have paid it. At the end of 2016 they should have offered him a top QB 5 year deal immediately after the season instead it looks like they slow played this thing as if they thought they had the leverage. Kirk wasn't afraid to bet on himself and play under tag in 2016 after excelling 1 year why would do they think he'll be afraid to play on the tag after he has excelled 2 years in a row? They only option that makes sense is offer him top money and hope he will continue to excel and they can build around him. More than Carr, sure if that will do it.
  8. The ceiling for both of these young guys so early in their careers is in Canton, Ohio. That is as good as it could get either one of them because they both should be able to play for another decade. I think anyone projecting one over the other is being foolish and grossly overestimating their own understanding.
  9. I have no idea why Kirk would want to accept a penny less than 125M with 75M guaranteed. The transition tag is 28M so unless the Skins want to let him walk they will need to put the transition tag on him again to even have an opportunity to keep him. Add the 2017 plus 2018 tags together it is 62M, so unless they sweeten it to 75 or 80M in guaranteed why even think about the Skins? Other better run franchises with better rosters and more balanced teams will vie for his services if and when he decides to go FA. Danny Snyder should put a very fat offer and close they deal now. All the other choices are worse, much worse for Snyder.
  10. This all sounds reasonable to me any rational owner would have wrapped this deal up long ago and our off season would have been a lovefest and instead of a ****athon. I hope I am pleasantly surprised on or before 7/17 but I think the odds of a deal are more like the reverse, I think there is less than a 20% chance of it happening.
  11. I agree, the Skins are not going to close Cousins. Danny and sycophants will manage to pick one of the QBs the 2018 draft that don't work out while a smart franchise signs Cousins who goes on to win a SB or 2 and ends up in the HOF
  12. If you chose to believe Bruce is running Snyder's team go ahead that is your decision. As for evidence that Snyder won't pay Cousins I point to the absence of a LTD.
  13. Playing like a first or second round QB this year, interesting. Would that be playing like a guy the Redskins would draft in the first or second round or what a good team would draft? The Skins would draft a guy who could run and throw it and not think fast enough to succeed. That aside, I was impressed with Sudfeld at Indiana and I think the Skins have a prospect in him. If Cousins bolts in 2018 the Skins give Sudfeld a shot before they draft someone. The Skins would blow the draft pick.
  14. Williams may have good reason to be pessimistic maybe he believes that Snyder isn't willing to pay Cousins or that Cousins isn't interested in signing a LTD with the Skins.