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  1. The Skins are losing off the field because the departing QB is the focus of attention instead of the future of the Skins, what a clown show.
  2. The Skins traded for Smith clearly they are moving from Cousins at QB. I don't know what the rules but if the rules prohibit holding a player hostage the Skins seem to in an indefensible position because of the Smith trade. The Skins lost a lot of cap space trying to be clever before and got spanked did they learn? Maybe not, perhaps Snyder is stupid enough to try something with Cousins instead of taking the 2019 draft pick.
  3. Are the Redskins an NFL franchise or a case of herpes? I hope this is just media twaddle because they have nothing real to talk about now but Snyder is a mean-spirited little turd so maybe he does foul his nest in a vain effort to get the upper hand. A real franchise wouldn't have lost their franchise QB like the Skins and certainly would not step on the good news of securing a new franchise QB in a trade by allowing a shabby sour grapes drama about tagging Cousins after the fact. What a clown show with no hope of reformation under Snyder.
  4. Unless the Eagles decide to turn their roster management over to Snyder & Allen during the off season they are going to be stacked. As for Wentz, Foles clearly can handle it as his playoff and SB win indicates.
  5. The Skins should be healthier this year it has to be I've never seen a team get depleted as much as the Skins in 2017. Improved health alone should be worth a couple of wins. They have a chance through FA and the draft to improve the running game and the receiving corps to help Smith. Smith needs to keep the Skins offensive moving like Cousins did for 3 years so with a healthier supporting cast they make playoffs. The Eagles are much better and should run away with the division again but a healthy Skins team should be could enough to win a wildcard spot.
  6. Another month of tiresome nonsense then a new team and some fun!
  7. Why does anyone claim to know what Cousins really wants since he has not state what he wants publicly? All we actually know is that he wasn't interested in doing a long-term deal with the Skins last spring, he has told us that and he also announced he was not interested in beginning to talk to the Redskins until after the deadline for tagging him, that much we know is true. As for what he wants we can only guess. Some may believe he wants the biggest deal possible and others like myself think he'll want to play for a quality team that can win and the money is secondary but it is groundless speculation on our part. We won't know what he really wants until he signs with a team of his choice, then we will know, only then.
  8. 4th round pick? What on earth does the 2012 draft have to do with now? I don't really know where things went south but it could be that Cousins just had enough of Snyder's clown show and wasn't going to sign a long-term deal for any price. That makes sense to me and now he'll be able to select an employer that he believes in and wants to join. Good for him.
  9. Sounds like a winning formula with their great receivers, a running game, and a great defense. I'd love to see this happen!
  10. SF is confident and competent, this is a good decision.
  11. The Vikings have 3 QBs that are FAs so they could elect to extend one of them or add Cousins if they think he's the last piece they need. I think this is a likely scenario because Kirk could clearly envision winning there and he's much more accomplished than the other three. Imagine Kirk with a good defense, running game and 3 very gifted receivers in a weak division. I think Kirk would take less to join this organization, I know I would if I was him. He could win in Denver, Jacksonville or some of the others but Minnesota would really be stacked with Cousins throwing to Rudolph, Diggs, and Thielen, it wouldn't even be fair. If they sign Cousins they become the odds-on favorite to with the NFC. The Eagles obviously are loaded also but they will have to battle a Super Bowl hangover, I think the Vikings would be my pick.
  12. Or after they get mauled by Kirk and his new team. But I really hope the Skins fans are happy because Alex Smith comes in and feels the QB position and the rest of the team are healthy and improved. I'm moving on to Kirk's team assuming he doesn't defect to the Giants, Dallas or disgust me with a cash and carry deal with Cleveland, I wish the Skins well.
  13. Does it matter if it was Bruce, Scott or Dan himself? The Redskins front office sucks, I blame Snyder but in the end the front office sucks and Cousins clearly got tired of Snyder's zoo. Now Kirk can pick a winner for himself.
  14. This guy agrees that the Vikings should be at the top of Kirk's list.
  15. I agree with this guy, Kirk should go to the Vikings.