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  1. Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    It was safe to charge after Kirk when he was a Redskin because the Skins didn't have a running game, they have one in Minnesota and Cousins releases quicker that Keenum. Kirk started 48 straight for the Skins and I expect him to start 16 for a much better and more balanced team. Can't wait for the season to start!
  2. Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    Yes, Kirk was really in a chuck and duck situation with all the injuries to the Skin's line last season. As I understand it the Vikings are hoping to get all of their starting OL on the field opening day. As for the quality of their OL, I will have to see. Viking fans criticize the quality of their OL because their QBs have been injured. I understand Case Keenum was very patient in the pocket whereas Kirk Cousins has a quick release.
  3. Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    Kirk managed to play behind guys fresh from the bus station last fall and without a running game. He's gone sweetheart, time to let him go.
  4. Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    Yeah, Colt played well. I haven't seen Alex Smith play enough to have an opinion. Only a 3 or 4 games split between the 49ers and KC, but I hope he's good.
  5. Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    3 of their starters were out during Cousins 1 series against Denver. They opened up holes for Murray and seemed to protect Cousins well enough. Murray got loose for 2 20 yard runs, the Skins should have the Viking OL!
  6. Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    Alex Smith deserves a lot better than this any guy does but as of right now that is the sad truth. Hopefully, Alex and company have a great year and by that, I mean they are competitive every week and are still in contention for a playoff spot in December, that is as grand as I can hope now.
  7. Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    You have very forcefully staked out a position, Kirk's mediocre and limited and Alex is what transformational? You are right the story is yet to write itself, as for your quarterback evaluations I haven't seen Alex play enough to have an opinion, I just hope you are right about him. I have seen a lot of Kirk and so has the rest of the fanbase. Some here have always been dismissive of him. In part, because Kirk outshone the anointed one they emotionally invested in so instead of being relieved and pleased that Kirk was talented when Griffin busted they resented Kirk. I never understood it, I thought Cousins had the goods the first time out in Cleveland. Kirk was smart enough to run the whole offense, not the remedial playbook Griffin used. Kirk and his receivers had to carry the Redskins the last three years but that will not be the case in Minnesota because the Vikings have a running game and one of the best defenses in the NFL. If they stay healthy they could win it all. I think Kirk and company may rip the League a new one this year. I hope they do and you and the rest of Kirk's detractors here will be honorable enough to turn in your QB evaluator cards.
  8. 2018 Season Injury News

    I don't consider it bad luck if a team makes it a practice to draft guys with injury histories because they have fallen in the draft because other teams are leery.
  9. 2018 Season Injury News

    It may be mere speculation but it has the ring of truth. Snyder is a billionaire but he may be a lightweight compared to other owners who can afford to build better facilities and fund larger guaranteed contracts. The Vikings owners have invested a lot in brand new facilities. Yeah, I would think it would be especially hard for younger fans who didn't enjoy the success in the 80's and early 90's.
  10. Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    Any game Griffin is not laying on a stretcher is a good game for him
  11. Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    Yeah, and any team can catch the injury bug and a Super Bowl contender can end up limping to a 6-10 record. That said, I like their chances with Cousins and those receivers a couple of decent running backs and a great defense.
  12. Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    Just 1 series but clearly a good start. After 6 years in Snyder's soap opera, Kirk must feel he is in heaven. Everything is brand new in Minnesota including the stadium and entire training complex and the team is harmonious and loaded with talent. I think I am really going to enjoy following Kirk and my second team this season. I hope he kills it. It was also strange that the Vikings were playing the Bronco's. Case Keenum had a rough start, it had to be a tough day for him and the Denver fans.
  13. 2018 Season Injury News

    This really pisses me off and while I shouldn't mention it I can't resist I have wanted them to draft guys to open up the 1, 2 and 3 holes instead of yet another running back. Oh yeah, this one is magical and doesn't need bigger 1, 2 and 3 holes. ACL in the first preseason game, WTF???
  14. 2018 Season Injury News

    Of course, it is the ACL and out for the year. I blame Snyder.
  15. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    It time to tee it up and start to play some ball even preseason games would be something to see and talk about. This has gotten so stale.