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  1. Disappointed thus far with the draft. I know the Skins need to improve their edge rush and they have select a couple of linebackers to help but I think the Skins have a bigger problem that always seems like an afterthought, the Redskins aren't as big and tough as the need to be on either line. The OL can't open up holes and support a power running game and the DL can't stop a strong running attack. I don't expect these linebackers to improve the rush defense.
  2. The ignore feature has a major flaw post from ignored posters are still seen if they are quoted.
  3. The guys that want to have the Skins to let Cousins get away and draft a QB in 2017 or 2018 are the smart guys here. They are the smart ones because they found an NFL franchise owned and operated by a guy with the same mental deficiencies they have, it is the rest of us who need to smarten up and either select an alternative NFL franchise to follow that is run by a like minded owner or abandon the NFL. Making a decision to bail makes a lot more sense than continuing to follow Snyder and expect him to get smarter. Maybe Dan got dropped on his head as an infant or was flagged once to often on the bus during grammar school or it could be Snyder is just genetically predisposed to devalue his people, the ones who have served him well, and overvalue other people. I don't know but expecting him to change his stripes after 20 years is crazy. The players and coaches are different every few years but the Snyder chaos story line will remain the same for the rest of my life. I hope Snyder signs and trades Cousins now. That way I can wean myself off the Skins by following the new team of my favorite player. This is probably my best hope.
  4. Yes, of course you can. You can also get to Paris by flying West, it just takes a lot longer. I prefer the direct eastward route myself. If you think trading a 28 year old Pro Bowl QB for 2 pig in poke draft picks from Cleveland is a winner than I'm glad you aren't involved in making these decisions for the Skins. Thankfully, Dan Snyder isn't going to get that chance unless he signs Cousins before the draft. I don't think that happens in fact at this point I expect them to have tag Cousins again next year. I think it would be funny if next year the Skins put the transition tag on Cousins and he signs the tender without bothering to entertaining any offers, smiles and plays 2018 for 28M and other than that the Skins get bupkis.
  5. The Skins would have to be certifiably stupid to take 2 1st round draft picks for Cousins. Even if you used both 1st picks on drafting a QB the chances of having 1 of them blossom into a reliable, consistent Pro Bowl level QB are minuscule. Bucking the odds like this on a franchise QB would be brain dead stupid. Doing this is as dumb as a guy taking a lump sum retirement check from his employer and going to the nearest 7-11 and buying lottery tickets because he is confident if he spends several hundred thousand on lottery tickets he'll hit the jackpot. Are the Redskins dumb enough to take a sucker bet like this ABSOLUTELY! Dan Snyder is definitely a sucker for the big move masterstroke play an probably gets a woody thinking about making the bold move, being the center of media attention, drafting Deshaun Watson ( I the first), making millions on jerseys, and having another 1st pick to blow. Thankfully, Cousins is just on the franchise tag so Cleveland isn't going to offer 2 first round picks to rent Cousins for 1 year at 24M.
  6. Very good Cousins interview. Extremely bright, articulate, tremendous attitude, affable young man with a remarkable focus and amazing self discipline.
  7. I don't know which OL or DL guys to draft in the first couple of rounds the Skins should take but that is what they should do. Getting tougher up front should be the priority in the draft. Unfortunately Danny & his hand puppet Bruce will be making the calls so I'll be shocked if it goes well even if they pick OL or DL guys, they are bound to pick the clown show guy who shows up at 350 and runs his mouth. Danny with or without his sock puppet just don't have it in him make a smart pick. I just hope Danny doesn't go full on retard and draft Deshaun Watson to gear up for a next generation messiah jersey sell bonanza. Danny needs a new bro and Deshaun Watson might prove an irresistible temptation especially if Danny has to lean over skis and trade up. Nothing like a bold, high risk, low reward trade to get give Danny a chubby. Quiet, hard working, keep his nose clean and work his tail off road grading OL like Brandon Scherff are too bland for Danny. The OL needs at least 1 more like Scherff but I don't think it happens, too boring for Danny. How many jerseys will a LG or Center sell? None, so if Snyder doesn't go full on Deshaun Watshedoing I think he picks a DL who will slam buckets of chicken all over NOVA but very few QB before eating his way out of the League. If Snyder goes for lineman in the first round I am almost certain it will be a DL who will prove to be a low performing loud mouth, you can bank on it. If 10 DL prospects were standing before Bill Belichick and Dan Snyder I think you can pretty much count on Snyder drafting the first guy Belichick would have eliminated from consideration.
  8. Cut the bum and use the roster spot for someone who isn't a dumbass.
  9. I thought before that if a LTD didn't get done before the FT deadline it will never get done and I'm back feeling that way now. I think Dan Snyder's inaction has convinced Kirk Cousins that he will never be Dan's guy. Kirk is probably at a point now were he would be leery of signing a good LTD because he'll fear getting traded to Cleveland or some other undesirable team by Snyder. Better to finish his Redskin career under the FT in 2017 and review the offers in 2018 when he is in control.
  10. If Danny Snyder did this deal than Myles Garrett would turn out to be an epic bust, epic nearly as bad as RGIII. Garrett would show up supremely full of himself, immediately balloon up 50 pounds and than develop hamstring and or back problems and sweat like a pig on the bench after 1 series. I have nothing against Garrett, it is Snyder who I think is awful and turns to crap everything he touches. The HUGE flaw in this scenario is the Skins don't have Cousins under a long term deal now. Unless they have Cousins signed to a long term contract than all they have to trade to the Browns is the rights to Cousins in 2017. No team is going to offer a lot for a 1 year deal since it also cost 24M.
  11. I envision Daniel Snyder sitting stupefied in his office after the end of the 2017 season when it finally sinks in he can’t get Cousins to sign at any price because he jerked him around too long. Dan will have no option but to fire Bruce Allen to expunge his bad feelings and more importantly serve as the sacrificial lamp for the angry fans because of course he won't take responsibility, that is for disposal employees.
  12. I don't believe the for public consumption BS about Snyder turning control over to his employees. I think Snyder calls the shots is too wound up in winning a negotiation with Cousins agent to do the smart thing and offer a satisfactory deal.
  13. Missed FGs played a big part in missing the playoffs. The Skins had one of the very best passing games the last 2 years but the running game and defense were mediocre to woeful at times. Kirk carried the team with the help of a great TE and good ensemble cast of receivers. Hopefully the 2017 team will be more balanced.
  14. Derek Carr is the most impressive name on the list, in my view there is still a question mark hanging above every other guy's locker. You don't respect Cousins, we get it. I think you are going to get you wish in 2018, Kirk will be starting for his new team and you'll be wearing Snyder's new Mr. Wonderful jersey and carping about the sorry coaching Wonderful is getting from Gruden when Wonderful sucks.
  15. If the moron had learned he would have offered Cousins a satisfactory deal months ago, had a celebration at the signing and we'd all be happily contemplating what draft picks could help the modestly successful Redskins become more successful, but instead we are going through another chapter of Snyder induced dysfunction and misery. My advice to all is define for yourself what the red line is for you, the line Dan Snyder must not cross. Life is too short. My red line that Dan Snyder must not cross is losing Cousins. If Snyder can't hang on to the easily the best talent of his tenure as a owner than I am absolutely done with his team. Every week this crap goes on the harder my heart is getting towards Snyder's team.