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  1. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Vea is the sexy pick. Extremely big guy who can move. Carries his weight well. The pulled hammy on the 40 at the combine puts caution signs all over him. The speed and agility that he'll be seeing every down in the NFL is going to stress him more than trying to chase the clock. If he lost 20lbs though... Payne is sick. Dude is yoked and moves like a ballerina. Great hips. Great fluidity when changing directions. Did I mention that he's yoked? He's also mean af and a hard worker. Unlike Vea, I have no worries that his weight would balloon. Harrison Phillips is a hoss. A little stiff in the hips but this guy is strong like bull. More athletic than most, but I see this guy being an every down tackle who pushes the line of scrimmage into the QBs lap. His strength will demand double teams, which translates into more opportunities for the MLB to remain clean, the need for the offense to leave the RB in the backfield to contain our ends or a free blitzer, and shorter zones for the secondary to cover. Deep passes diminish against us. So, my picks go Payne, Phillips, then Vea. One of them will be there at 13. No trade backs!! We have to have one of these guys. Let Wilkerson sign with the Raiders. We don't need attitudes and dudes taking 3rd and long off...
  2. 72 Sorry. I have a newborn in the house... First son...
  3. 2017 ES GM's Mock Draft is now in the books. FULL details in the OP.

    I want more in... If there's room...
  4. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Alex Smith is going to be fine. His success or failure will not be dictated by him per se. Moreso, it will be getting the LG and defense squared away. Alex's numbers were always going to be what they were in KC. He suffered with a defense and special teams that consistently provided shirt fields, and a competent run game... All things we have sucked at these past few years. His numbers were bound to be less. All of you stat boys, find me a graphic thay shows how many times Alex had to throw KC back into a game/lead versus how many times Kirk had to. Again, Kirk numbers will always look better on paper. Personally, I'm looking forward to not holding my breath every time we're backed up or going into the end zone. It always felt like a 50/50 chance Kirk would ground it, throw and INT, or fumble. Alex just doesn't turn the ball over nearly as much as Kirk in pressure situations. Alex reads defenses better than Captain Checkdown pre-snap and during the play. Alex IS NOT sexy in a Brady/Brees way, but I know he will never hide behind religion or circumstance when it comes to his commitment to D.C., the locker room, his guys, or the fans. Glad to see Kirk gone. And yes... I LIKE THAT!
  5. Your 2018 Redskins Predictions

    The front office will do the right thing and let Cousins walk. In the midst of the p.r. nightmare the Skins will sign a surprise free agent cast-off, who will become the new story. After a good draft, that sees us move up to select a q.b., training camp will feature a lot of characters and questions while filmed for Hard Knocks. Half way through the season, with a losing record, Gruden, with the hottest coaching hot seat, gets the ship back on course, and we finish 9-7, one game out of the playoffs. Cousins finishes with his new team at 8-8, and Gruden and the Redskins are vindicated for not paying a king’s ransom for similar results, giving Cousins the moniker ‘system quarterback’.
  6. The Coaching Free Agent Thread

    Bevell may be a good voice for our running woes. It wasn't that long ago that he was seen as an offensive genius and head coaching candidate. I want him nowhere near an 'assistant head coach' title, but another voice to help get the run/pass situation and the red zone offense squared away will be much appreciated.
  7. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    Everyone has that friend who's kinda ugly... Smells odd in public... Has a wonky eye. Lo and behold, one day the hottest chick in the bar takes him home. She has a job... All of her own teeth... Can write complete sentences without using emoticons. Yanno.... Great chick. After a while she starts getting drunk and poops her white shorts.... Throws up in your lap... And starts flirting with your buddy. Valentines Day is coming up, and your stinky, ugly buddy has seen enough, but wants her to not bang your friends so he can have one Valentines Day where he isn't alone, eating gas station sushi, while wearing his old high school letterman jacket in his grandma's basement. So he starts negotiating with her. He offers Prada shoes... Coach purses... A gift card to Alcoholics Anonymous.... Just so she'll stay. That's the Redskins and Cousins.
  8. Josh Doctson the new 50/50?

    I think Doctson will take a similar arch as Reed did. Remember Lil Bo Reed? Couldn't catch a cold without being on IR at first? Then something clicked and he started taking over the universe. Reed started off injury riddled. This season is what Doctson needed. He got batted around... Made some memorable catches and played a decent number of snaps. Look for him to be a world beater next year.
  9. This is starting to feel more like Kato Kaelin and less prodigal son. If he wanted to be here and win he'd negotiate now, take less in order to bring in more weapons, and be out actively recruiting free agents. He wants to stay... At this point we've seen enough. To the pit of misery. Dilly... Dilly!
  10. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    I'm so ready for this to be over. Been a Skins fan since I was 5. I am so tired of this Kirk debate. I haven't been this stressed about this team since between the 1st and 2nd quarters of the Broncos Super Bowl. I'd almost rather see any QB suit up for us next year than Cousins. Someone find John Beck. Cousins is too mediocre inside the 20s and has over-inflated value. Cousins has played his best football. He will never play better than he has. Is that worth $23-27 million? Nope. If he wasn't a Skins QB, would you be picketing at the gates for Snyder to sign him? Doubtful. This has gone on long enough. Let the guy go to be that.... just another guy who is over-paid. Build the team first!
  11. Should Bill Callahan be back next year?

    Anyone in the executive suite who would even question removing Callahan from the coaching staff should be beaten about the head with a bag of hot nickels. Callahan coached Morgan Moses up. He's helped Scherff become a repeat Pro Bowler. He had to literally shuffle a neglected deck during a murderously bad season injury-wise. Cal should be given a raise.
  12. Advice for Jay Gruden

    Let Cousins walk and sure up the 53.
  13. You forgot RG3, Keep, and T. Bradshaw. All jokes aside, there are a couple of past-their- prime and unproven QB talents available next year... i.e. Brees and Garrapolo