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  1. Cool...I'm liking the way our FA strategy is playing out, let 3 of your best players walk and start signing career bench warmers that probably won't be here in September.
  2. Ok well he played like one on the field.
  3. Sucks he is leaving...he was a true Redskin.
  4. What the hell's going on around here?!
  5. Chump change for a guy who doesn't even wanna be here.
  6. Thank you for your service! HTTR
  7. Are you asking me or agreeing with me? That was exactly my point...people and their system QB bull****, they just repeat what they hear and they think a "system QB" is areal thing.
  8. A system QB is a good QB. People act like any mediocre QB can be one but if a guy can successfully run a system then he qualifies as a good QB. Not just any middle of the pack system QB can have a season like Kirk has had...twice. Pay the mother****er, lock him up long term, and let's focus on other areas of need. So many fans here act like we can find a replacement with ease but we haven't had a QB this good since Brad Johnson's one good year...that was way back in the 20th century for christ's sake.