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  1. sudden crazy thought about the Skins, Hankins and Poston. He represented Lavar Arrington, right? Have the Skins signed ANYONE represented by this guy since Lavar?
  2. a lot of teams don't particularly like the color rush, you can tell by the number who try to be all black or all white. I wonder if the fact the Mara doesn't like Color Rush either is the reason the Skins pulled it. Frankly, it's the all one color thing that's the issue. they can still make more colorful unforms. Imagine the Skins in the red pants with a yellow jersey
  3. I hate to tell you this but that era never happened, go back and look at super Bowl teams and the guys who made it in only once are pretty rare
  4. I'm refering to the board in general, and frankly I''m the one people are trying to shout down, I've got more people coming at my opinion than you do at yours
  5. okay, if Cooley's vision is accurate... am I the only one who finds that whole not doing enough to show the team loves him thing to be both irritating and disheartening? Like if this is accurate he better not sign a long term contract and have a bad stretch. Cause what's he gonna do when the fanbase says it's time to try Sudfeld or whoever? I seriously dislike this suggestion of a fragile ego
  6. yes, having good depth is very important, it was one of the big failings of the team for years. But improving depth at positions where your starters are pretty good and not improving starters that need it is not enough
  7. Looking at the contracts signed, I have to say the idea we had a lot of cap space has been shown to be wrong. We had a lot of cap space for other years. Turns out to not be the case for this year As for the one year signings, a lot of people are doing that this year, so it's hard to blame the Skins for it And personally, I am getting sick of GMSM, I feel he improved our depth, but not much more well, I don't think you're being objective. I believe you're being unreasonably critical
  8. I want to address something, as I've been called a homer recently as a negative thing. Well, I am a homer and I make sure to post as that because I feel there's a lot of negativity around here. Like people would theoretically like the Redskins to win, but more important is that they're on record with their displeasure with the Skins. Any player who had some success leaves, they get an immediate upgrade in talent. Same for other personnel.
  9. I have two guys who contributed a fair amount to defenses that were pretty good. You have two guys who contributed alot to defenses that did nothing I am a homer, that's why I come to fan boards, and I am sick of the constant expectation of failure from people who supposedly like this team.
  10. until the game is played you can't show me a guy like Calais Campbell would be an improvement. Any of the top guys could fall off a cliff or get hurt or something
  11. well then considering the coach has to tell these guys what to do, I want him as the final decider. I want him as guy who says "this is what I need for my offense and my defense," and the GM looks at what the coach needs and the money he has and finds guys for that
  12. allow me to correct a typo, I want the GM to get the coach's players, not his.