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  1. carex

    Gameday Thread

    what the hell is wrong with that Cardinal to make a play like that
  2. carex

    The Offensive Line Thread

    Christian is inactive ever week. If Trent went down while Ty was playing guard then Ty would move back out to tackle and we'd be back to Roullier at G and Bergstrom at C
  3. carex

    Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: Who Wants To Be On Top ?

    it's only been two years
  4. carex

    Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: Who Wants To Be On Top ?

    Skins 20 Cowboys 16. Fairly low scoring for these days Should be a run heavy game, the Cowboys have a lot of injuries at WR too. We need to cover Cole Beasely.He had 9 catches yesterday, the next highest number was 2
  5. Dak Prescott only 17-27 for 183
  6. carex

    Does Doctson even care?

    he also had a fourth for a really good gain nullified by a penalty
  7. carex

    Does Doctson even care?

    there's been players who always get up slow, so your opponent don't know when you're getting up slow because of pain
  8. I just do not know what you're seeing to say that
  9. you gotta be good before you can be great Gave them?
  10. carex

    Improved Rush Defense...(Shoutout)

    he also caught two passes. That's over a third of their offense
  11. carex

    Gameday Thread

    personally I think a pass like that requires you to put out a lot more effort than that
  12. carex

    Improved Rush Defense...(Shoutout)

    the Panthers only had like 22 plays on offense in the first half tdoay
  13. well, we've had two bad games against that to adapt for the rest of the season we lsot bad to them last year, but we were within one score the year before and we swept them the year before that. So a Gruden offense can beat them
  14. let's hope we can do it with Zeke and Dak
  15. I think part of the reason we're seeing less from Ionnadis is because he's actually playing less. Allen and Payne are doing so well the Skins are rotating less and Kerrigan and Smith are still the 4-2 ends.