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  1. 2018 Season Injury News

    he knows what he's doing in the sense he knows we need more bodies. As for Sudfeld, the Eagles brought in Christian Hackenberg to compete for the final QB spot so they must not be that
  2. 2018 Season Injury News

    remember when we signed Larry Johnson and Willie Parker before training camp. Parker didn't last past camp and Johnson played two games. Signing guys who are done, because you need someone to run the scheme so everyone else can practice doesn't stop these guys from being done
  3. I think it will. The highlights I saw had him crashing into the backfield fairly often and just barely missing. Well a lot of NFL QBs move less than college ones
  4. I guess Perine must not be to hurt.
  5. 2018 Redskins Roster Prediction

    I think Taylor is out mostly because even though Payne can play DE they mostly want him at nose and DT in nickel. That means Settle and Taylor would be two dedicated NT and one mostly NT. That's not enough DE depth. We'll definitely keep four RB cause Gruden flat out said he'd like for Thompson to have a backup. We kept ten OL in 2015. After last year's injuries and with the supposed unreadiness of Geron Christian I thought maybe we keep ten this year. With Christian out there playing early he might be better than expected and we might go with nine. If the Skins go with nine OL I can see us keeping more defensive players than offensive which could take care of the question of which ILB we keep
  6. you can have some people who have up to two accrued seasons. Hogan has played in four games each of the two years he's been in the league and an accrued season is six games. So he should be good
  7. so, do you even give Hogan a PS spot or do the Skins need to be watching other teams preseason games to look for a potential PS QB?
  8. nice to get the win. Hogan finally had some decent throws
  9. McCallister was cut fellows
  10. no, that's a bad call. He was trying to go low, if anything the Jet lowered his head into him
  11. Kevin Hogan is lousy I miss the days the Skins carried four QBs in camp