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  1. I don't know that I agree with that because that let's guys off the hook
  2. Compton was dumb as **** dropping on the QB there. Very risky
  3. Skis first team offense will not enjoy practice next week
  4. so the Packers are all second team now. what about the Skins?
  5. that flag better be holding on the offense
  6. that was a quick snap? Did the Packers sub on that play?
  7. here's a funny thought? A guy turned towards the sideline running towards it can't actually see when the ball is snapped
  8. I hate technicalities. He's away from the play heading for the sideline. He doesn't have to be accounted for, he's not trying to make a play. Make em regret challenging it this play Skins
  9. a Skin accidentally hit someon with the ball post play they'd probably get flagged
  10. good jo getting away but a poor throw. He's probably have been running and sliding
  11. great play by the special teams
  12. looks like he landed on his head, hope it's not a concussion
  13. Grace doesn't seem as bad as some people think. Supposing nothing changes from this point on, we use one guy for the the next two outs and a different guy fr each of the next 4 innings. Who gets the win?
  14. they don't attack in waves since they're more likely to get a score on a return than a block, plus the penalty for nailing a punter gives an automatic first down
  15. Chase Roullier was a sixth round pick