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  1. no one to pinch run for Weiters? Why not a pitcher like Ross
  2. love this team is starting to get the respect it deserves. But also this team always did seem a bit better than the sum of it's parts. I me we had great starters on O and some great ones on D. But our great depth was mainly only at certain positions. OL, RB, TE, LB. At WR Sanders was out number 3 but we'd shifted from the two TE regular offense to 3 WRs most of the time. Our backups at WR were Joe Johnson, Wlater Stanley and Stephen Hobbs. At DL we were Charles Mann and a bunch of guys who never started before, Eric Williams wouldn't regularly again. At DB it was Darell Green and the Plan B free agents. Our backups were AJ and Sidney Johnson and Alvoid Mays. Now I liked AJ, and thought he should start over Mayhew, though I don't remember why(probably something I read at the time) but these guys were the DBs who had to play all three run & shoot teams in the NFL five times that year
  3. I wouldn't mind signing him for like 5 years $130 though I'd hope that this years went down a little. Something like $20, 23, 25, 27, 35
  4. or maybe Cousins gets wrecked as our starter while we're building and we don't have a top QB either
  5. I swer I can feel when Taylor is going to get a big hit
  6. if the process and structure wasn't working, so why repeat it
  7. and that roster was built by the guy we're lamenting losing and not replacing, that's why a lot of these complaints seem kind of weak
  8. well plenty of other teams suck with all that stuff in place.
  9. NFL isn't exactly a land of deals. And as for GMSM, I am less impressed with him as time goes on. Many of his football players, do h do have a lot of heart but it's seemingly like they actually can't overcome their limitations. The guys who got hurt still get hurt, Jones can't fix his fumbling. And he's never successfully gotten that pick we need most, a top DL
  10. well, you know there's not a lot highly successful guys out there looking for jobs, and even if you get a guy who can't advance with his current team there's still a chance that he could blow it. Meaning every move is "let's just wait and see" whether you want to admit it or not
  11. Walker left the team in 85 Williams, came in in 86. Walker's other team was the Bengals, and he played college ball at UCLA. They were never teammates
  12. Zim has been out for four days now. When do you put him on the 10 day DL, retroactive?
  13. ugh. Gonna be swept by the Rangers.