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  1. What to do with LG

    they don't need a center they have Chase. Your way of drafting would have led the Skins to two fairly major reaches I'd say cost us three players, cause no trade down
  2. Old School What-ifs

    he's willing to sell and his teams sucked, what the hell was wrong with Marshall he wanted to keep going when he had a buyer
  3. I feel like we only had two real coaching disasters under Snyder, Spurrier and Zorn
  4. I think Snyder "matured" a while ago. Just because he hasn't gotten the desired results doesn't mean he's continued to make the same bone headed rookie type mistakes he was earlier. I'd say the last really immature move I really remember him making was the Zorn tenure as coach
  5. Incognito is the kind of signing we've done in the past decade, with Jackson and Norman so I can see it happening
  6. that's a shame. But with his injury history, if he feels under valued I can see it at this point we should only sign a LG, or someone we could convert to there
  7. that's why I think Scandrick might actually be on the bubble more than the young guys. He's here in case they fail, you can't hae that with guys like Breeland and Cromartie
  8. I feel like that is the intent, a rental until someone else can develop with someone else brought in to provide insurance. Scandrick is this year's Justin Rogers or Greg Toler
  9. learning to be a C isn't that easy. More likely someone like Bergstrom would push Catalina off the roster. I think Davis would be more on the bubble than Harris
  10. because he played well? Think about it. There are teams that actually cut starters after last year. We're just not bringing one back