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  1. that's a dumb view of the Hall of Fame because it ignores the number of sportswriters who are idiots
  2. I saw that at first and was wondering if he was hurt in Tampa or something
  3. I guess the way to get a fast game is to have it raining all night, so everyone is moving quick
  4. I think he still looked good that inning
  5. Trea needs to start hitting and beating out ground balls again
  6. ten run lead on a nigt like this, might just want to end it to move it along
  7. has the rain slacked off there?
  8. since Ross has only pitched two innings if the game was called could he pitch again tomorrow?
  9. CSN is purposely making the Skins/Cousins negotiations sound bad for ratings and hits. I mean the last we heard last week was a twitter mention that negotiations weren't so bad. Today they have an article basically dismissing the idea of an LTD and talking about another franchise tag next year
  10. everything I've seen about him n Oakland list him as a DT. And you know what, we weren't that late on Brown considering we signed him and frankly he didn't seem to be getting much interest
  11. only one type of touchback has been changed, the kickoff spot has returned to the place it was before the early 90s and I have never seen a team be particularly conservative at the end of the first and third quarter, beyond not running a play if there's more time on the play clock than on the game clock
  12. they don't make huge changes every year, if they did by now the game would be unrecognizable from just a few years ago. And my rule would actually do the exact opposite of what you suggest because if the team stopped playing then they go into OT in a hole. It might kill the hurry up offense in tie situations,but there could no kneel downs or anything like that because then the wasted downs hurt you at the start of OT and if you're trailing you still have to hurry up
  13. here's an idea. Besides shortening it to ten minutes and stop treating it like it's the start of a new game, just a new quarter. Flip sides but the team with the ball keeps the ball and the same yard line and down