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  1. really? Just a few months ago he was thanking us for sticking with him
  2. of course with the right NT you don't have to pull him when you get into the nickel, he can be on of your DTs in the four man front
  3. Orlando Franklin has started at LG in the past. it's simple, we like the potential of the people already on the roster, we just want them to have some time to develop. For me at least, I'm looking at a one year rental
  4. Scandrick can play the nickel so he could be a target. As for Hankins, maybe him being available means one less team for a guy like Logan with his injury history?
  5. well I guess you two aren't on the list for those teams personnel divisions
  6. they may bring lesser contracts and lesser picks, but I have to figure Breeland and Grant will still get contracts I think the Skins were really hoping for Phil Taylor to be able to handle like 20% or the Skins plays last year, McGee and McClain were mostly meant to be ends
  7. Terelle Pryor has three teams looking at him, and the way WRs are paid this year he'll probably get a decent contract
  8. I get the feeling a lot of people are buying into the Barkley to the Browns first thing. Though if everyone trades up the Browns might figure that they'll be able to switch it around. there could be plenty of top ten talent left by the time number 13 comes around with potentially 6 QBs being in the first round and no one willing to risk and Aaron Rodgers or Dan Marino thing. Good for trade down situations for us
  9. number of picks is tied to number of players lost, it's he size of the contracts that determines where the pick is located though
  10. two years ago he was a second round pick, he's only slightly above the basic rooke salary cap, he just doesn't seem like a big risk
  11. Ty is a little tall for a guard, I'm kind of wondering if they might try to plug Orlando Franklin there. Rob Kelley average 3.9 yards a carry over his, admittedly short career, improve the line and I think he can carry the load for another season, especially since it'd be running back by commitee I'm surprised no one is interested in Cravens, especially with the kinds of guys who get second chances in the NFL
  12. Cause Jon Gruden cut Michael Crabtree, which got a Redskins free agent's contract messed up, costing the Skins a comp pick Hope Grant finds some place good for him. And with WRs signing for what they are Pryor might push a comp pick into the sme relative area