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  1. Word... I think that's what we all meant.
  2. That’s how they stopped all the illegal recruiting that was going on in high school sports in Northern Virginia... made it legal.
  3. I'm down with that but the only solution then is to make legal immigration easier. I'm sure that most immigrants would prefer to be legal citizens... they just don't want to wait years or even decades. As there will always be people who are desperate enough to get themselves and their loved ones out of the situation that they are currently living in that they are willing to risk the consequences, there will always be illegal immigration.
  4. Oh it works like a charm. It does exactly what it is intended to do. They are just lying about the actual intent.
  5. The "Remember That Time..." Thread

    We've had so many major dramas, I feel like events that would be permanently ingrained in the brains of other fan bases could easily be forgotten here. Let's revisit some, shall we? Can be good or bad, on the field or off. I'll start. Remember that time when we were down by 7 against the Bucs, scored on 5th down with less than 10 seconds left, then botched the extra point?
  6. Sacha Baron Cohen Dupes Political Leaders

    That is unbelievable
  7. Is Donald Trump a racist?

    I think you missed the point. Your argument is that W is worse because 911 happened while he was president. My point is that a lot of horrible things have happened in our country and you need to assign a fair amount of responsibility and blame. What would you have had W do to stop 911? Trump is actively assisting a hostile foreign nation attack us with cyber warfare. Trump is actively trying to divide our country's citizens. Certainly arguable but let's say that you're right... how is that an endorsement of Trump if the country is in better shape right now but the POTUS is intentionally doing his best to make it worse? Again, W was not a good president. Trump is purposely trying to wreck our country though. It's not even close. Trump is the worst.
  8. Is Donald Trump a racist?

    I wasn't trying to change your mind. I was asking because I was genuinely unsure.
  9. Is Donald Trump a racist?

    Why do you say that?
  10. Anything MMA, except thumb wrestling

    That guy is a puss
  11. Is Donald Trump a racist?

    Yeah but Pearl Harbor and some other bad stuff happened while FDR was president and he’s still remembered pretty fondly. Not that I think W was a good POTUS. There’s a difference between a horrible attack on our democracy happening on your watch vs being the one who is intentionally attacking our democracy and dividing our nation though.
  12. Someone else did run... Luther Strange. Roy Moore defeated him easily in the primary. The GOP base nominated Roy Moore Just like they nominated Donald Trump and a bunch of other recent **** stains. edit: What about Hillary?
  13. Is Donald Trump a racist?

    Yeah, no. Trump is the worst.
  14. Is Donald Trump a racist?

    W isn’t worse because he’s a Republican. His email scandal is also ok because he’s a Republican. Nothing ****ing matters except the letter after your last name.
  15. I mean, he’s spent the last two weeks defending a policy that is going to create orphans because he cares so much about the law in one thread and then ****s all over the law on a daily basis in another. But, we already knew that was coming. Anybody who pays attention knows you’re going to be getting commentary based on no guiding principles other than blind loyalty to the GOP... just the way they like it.
  16. You don’t need no friggin guns. You got a Costco card? You’re good.
  17. Roger Stone? No ****ing way. How crazy is it that we keep learning all this stuff that we already knew over a year ago.
  18. Is Donald Trump a racist?

    Some people sure are ****ing assholes.
  19. That was months ago... maybe years. They’ve chosen... poorly.
  20. He did was he thought was best based on a belief that there was no way enough idiots existed to elect a Donald Trump. His mistake was underestimating how much rot had already taken hold in the GoP base. We all gave them too much credit. This argument is ridiculous. Just like the entire ‘Republican’ Party nowadays. Nothing ****ing matters to these dopes except the letter after your last night. The mental gymnastics you guys will do to completely miss who is obviously doing intentional damage to our country and their motivation for doing it is so absurdly bizarre.
  21. That hearing was an embarrassment and a disgrace. The GOP is treasonous. And don't give me any of that "Oooooh, the left is losing it!!!" **** that I've been seeing on here lately. First, I'm not part of the left. Second, what else am I supposed to call it? How many of the top intelligence experts do we need to hear say it? Russia attacked our country. Many people from Trump's campaign were involved with Russia and a whole lot of other shady ****. There has been a coordinated effort from the GOP to obstruct the investigation with a campaign of lies and idiotic conspiracy theories that are effortlessly swatted down in every instance whenever they are unable to keep us from hearing from the top men and women in that field. Every day they tell Americans that the free press is their enemy and that the FBI is not to be trusted. **** these mother****ers. Now I'm going to go pop into the other thread where some our resident pawns defend the monstrous policy of unnecessarily taking children from their parents because their party's idiot base will let them get away with treason, pedophilia, and making super rich people a little more rich at the expense of everyone else as long as they get to see some brown people suffer. The GOP is the ****ing worst. Sometimes I just can't believe how many people are so brainless and/or unprincipled to still support this garbage.