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  1. ES Soccer Thread

    Sean Dyche is some performer to be fair to him. Amazing some of the results he's getting with that squad.
  2. All Things Boxing

    Ortiz will wreck him. Fair play to Wilder but can't believe he's going to blow that big payday with Anthony Joshua. Massive risk to be taking. I think Ortiz beats every heavyweight maybe apart from a fit and motivated Tyson Fury.
  3. Maybe the best half of football Bree has played since Norman has been here. Locked down that side entirely.
  4. D looking much much improved so far. In all areas.
  5. I'm worried by how much we've included Ryan Grant in the gameplan. Surely not a sign of things to come.
  6. I think we've learned at this stage that there is no such thing as looking forward with Bruce and Snyder in charge. We're going nowhere but backwards. Hope McCloughan absolutely fleeces them in court.
  7. That's a ****ing awful drop.
  8. Pathetic effort at the tackle by Swearinger.
  9. Uninspiring start to say the least.
  10. These first few games are going to be crucial aren't they. Think there is serious implode potential in this team if things don't go to plan in weeks 1-3. At the same time though the talent is there to be compete in the division. Great news that Crowder is good to go. I really think Gruden has been holding back the offense this preseason to not give any other teams any looks. They'll release the shackles today. Lot of underrated talent we have on that side of the ball.
  11. All Things Boxing

    I think it's a case of GGG's recent fights being ultra deceiving. Kell Brook and Danny Jacobs have rotted the minds of people in relation to this fight imo. Canelo brings a completely different skill set to the table. He won't win rounds from the outside. He's going to have to get into the pocket and GGG is going to stuff him with a jab every single time. Just like he did to Lemieux. Canelo has a terrible time with fighters with an accurate jab like Trout, Lara and Mayweather. He has a hard time getting past it and Golovkin's jab is the best he's ever faced. The Jacobs that fought GGG probably beats Canelo and all imo. Canelo is coming off wins against the undersized Khan and Liam Smith as well as the corpse of Chavez. Obviously he was going to look good in those fights. They're fooling a lot of people though because fighting GGG is a different story altogether. I think GGG fights a very methodical fight, for the first six rounds or so anyway. Cuts the ring off and lets Canelo's slow feet do a lot of work before he eventually wears Canelo down and takes him late. When Canelo does his usual thing of tiring late on and sitting against the ropes GGG will put it on him good and proper. If Liam Smith can push Canelo up against the ropes and land on him I can't wait to see GGG do the same. Only difference is Canelo will get stopped taking those big shots by GGG.
  12. All Things Boxing

    How does Canelo do anything that Jacobs did in that fight though? He doesn't have the size, reach, power or feet that Jacobs does. Very confident GGG wins this. Canelo doesn't have the feet to stay out of harms way imo. Late stoppage win for Golovkin.
  13. ES Soccer Thread

    I think this might finally be Leeds' year Unbelievable squad we've assembled. Battered Burton yesterday 5-0. 30 shots to 1. Not seen a Leeds' team since like this since the Prem days. No doubt it'll all end in tears.