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  1. But ideally in the 3rd/4th round I'd still have a few top 50 players left on my board. There's a lot of guys stated as mid round guys that I see as 1st/2nd round talents and a lot of guys who are consensus top picks that I see as 3rd/4th round value. We'll see how it plays out but if there's a DL top of my board in that range I'd be disappointed as it means the value picks have been taken.
  2. Just giving my opinion. Didn't think I was being condescending but apologies if you took it that way.
  3. I'm prob just lower on the DL guys than most I suppose. I don't envision too much of a chance of a DL player being top of my board in the first few rounds. I like Eddie Jackson more than Malik McDowell as a prospect for example. McDowell not a top 50 prospect for me, Jackson is early 2nd round kinda talent being overlooked due to injury. Out of those guys you just listed Wormley is the only one I'd have top 50. The value just isn't going to be there and I'd be fuming if we reach on a DL prospect just because the good ones are in such short supply.
  4. I just can't get on board with the thinking that you'd chase DL picks in this draft of all drafts. We've holes everywhere and the DL talent is the poorest in years. BPA is the only way to tackle any draft imo but especially this one. Will agree to disagree.
  5. Disagree to be honest. It's all about finding value with your picks. Baker is a top 10 talent in this draft as is Reddick imo. You don't pass up a 2nd top 10 talent just to fill a need at DL. OL is weak overall but Elflein is the best interior one in the draft imo. Easy pick taking him where I did.
  6. It's a weak DL draft. If we go picking worse players to fill needs thats when a draft goes balls up. BPA is the way to go. We aren't loaded enough in any position to for it to make sense to do any different.
  7. 5 round mock I did on another site for the Skins. 17 - Haasson Reddick, LB, Temple. 49 - Budda Baker - S - Washington 81 - Pat Elflein, C/G, Ohio State 123 - Eddie Jackson, FS, Alabama 154 - Tanner Vallejo, LB, Boise State Would be absolutely delighted if we got anything near as good as that next week. Baker being there in the 2nd is prob a bit of a pipe dream though.
  8. The New York Jets select Kyle Kalis, OG, Michigan
  9. Westbrick
  10. Westbrook with about 10 straight bricks.
  11. Just going pure BPA here. The New York Jets select Elijah McGuire, RB, Louisiana-Lafayette A prospect who's kind of been lost in the shuffle with so many good RB prospects to choose from this year. He's really impressive receiving the ball out of the backfield and gets separation from LB's with his acceleration. Reminds me a bit of Chris Thompson in that regard but he can run it up the gut too. Just lacks that bit of power to break through contact. Nice utility guy to have coming out of the backfield for the Jets.
  12. I was all set to take Harlow.... Give me a few mins to put a Plan B together.
  13. The real MVP showing up.
  14. The New York Jets select Tanner Vallejo, ILB, Boise State Been watching more tape on the fly this week and this guy stood out to me. Unbelievable mover and a pure ball magnet. Always finds his way to the football. Size is his only real issue but he helps make up for that with his ridiculous energy and motor. Get him playing in space and he'll make plays all game long. Really nice tool to add to the Jets defense.