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  1. This x1000 I hardly ever miss a Spurs game these days. So good to watch. Pochettino is the best manager in the league in my opinion. They'd want to pray they hold on to him.
  2. Brilliant fight. Fair play to both. I do think Fury gives Joshua absolute fits when they eventually get into the ring together.
  3. Was the smart move there really. I'm not as in love with him as many and don't necessarily think he's steal here but don't deny he's a good player and fits our biggest need. Happy with that.
  4. I've a bad feeling about this one.
  5. 2nd round is stacked with talent. Budda Baker is the 2nd best player on my board for example and there's loads more to choose from. I'd love a trade back.
  6. Really hope we can find a trade partner.
  7. Happy to get Hooker off the board too. Late 1st round talent for me. Baker and Melifonwu superior prospects.
  8. Happy with that outcome anyway. Far better prospects on the board than Barnett imo.
  9. @stevemcqueen1 nails it below me. Lot of question marks for me. He's fine at #17 though for me. Would've preferred Reddick for sure though.
  10. Allen is probably the most overrated prospect in the draft. His value is in and around where we pick for me. Never a top 5 pick.
  11. Texans gonna be dangerous now they have a legit QB. Great pick.
  12. Foster >> Reddick >>>>>>Allen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Hooker
  13. Great value for the Saints.
  14. Someone is going to get some serious value on Deshaun Watson imo. Best QB in the draft for me...
  15. Lovely. Everything going in our favour so far.