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  1. An overpay but a necessary overpay I think given the state of our receiving group. He has that DJax ability to track a ball down. Just the guy we were missing last year to stretch the field. Happy with that.
  2. ES Soccer Thread

    You can add in Ireland and Australia to the list of countries where most call it soccer too.
  3. ES Soccer Thread

    Flag does often shoot up quicker than it should yeah. Seen it many times. I said all along that Liverpool were unlucky to have all the big decisions go against them. By the letter of the law they got the offside 100% correct though so I don't see how one can blame the ref/linesman for doing their jobs correctly. There's no epiphanies, I'm being consistent with what I've said all along with everything. I thought I was being very fair throughout that whole discussion to be honest, you guys just didn't see it that way.
  4. ES Soccer Thread

    According to the rulebook he's then onside yes.
  5. ES Soccer Thread

    Not sure what I'm missing here. Any time I said the correct decision was made it was in the context of the offside part of the decision. I'm still genuinely not even 100% sure about the Kane dive part as it's not a clear call. Every call in football isn't plain black and white unfortunately. My summary though was that Liverpool were very unlucky to have so many close calls not go their way. I stick by that. Let it go GHH.
  6. ES Soccer Thread

    I'm not getting into another mad debate but I called the Kane penalty decision harsh at the time if you read back.
  7. ES Soccer Thread

    Ah I'd never defend blatant diving to be fair.
  8. ES Soccer Thread

    Yeah it's every game now really he does something. England international's always get preferential treatment when it comes to these things which isn't right.
  9. ES Soccer Thread

    Video isn't working but I presume it's the Ali dive from earlier. Terrible dive I agree 100%. He should be punished at this stage no doubt.
  10. Jets drafts so far.. 2015 - New York Jets trade the #6 pick to Houston for the #16 pick, the #51 pick, and the #82 pick 16. NY Jets from Houston - BUD DUPREE, OLB Kentucky (Starting OLB for Steelers) 37. New York Jets - JAKE FISHER, OT Oregon (Starting RT for Bengals) 51. NY Jets from Houston - BRETT HUNDLEY, QB UCLA (Backup QB for Packers) 70. New York Jets - DAMARIOUS RANDALL, FS Arizona ST (Starting CB1 for Packers) 82. NY Jets from Houston - TYLER LOCKETT, WR Kansas St (Starting WR for Seahawks, Pro Bowl 2015, First Team All Pro 2015) 104. New York Jets - MIKE DAVIS, RB South Carolina (Finished year as Seahawks starting RB, will be in training camp battle for starting role 2018) 223. New York Jets - ADAM SHEAD, G Oklahoma (Without a team) 224. New York Jets from Chicago - NEVILLE HEWITT, ILB Marshall (Backup Dolphins LB, 7 career starts) 2016 - New York Jets trade pick#20 to Arizona Cardinals for pick#29 and pick#128 - San Francisco 49ers trade pick#207 to the New York Jets for pick#241 and New York's 5th round pick next year 29. New York Jets (from Arizona Cardinals) - WILLIAM JACKSON III, CB, Houston (Starting CB for Bengals) 51. New York Jets - STERLING SHEPARD, WR, Oklahoma (Starting WR for Giants) 83. New York Jets - JOSHUA PERRY, ILB, Ohio St (Backup LB for Colts) 118. New York Jets - ISAAC SEUMALO, G, Oregon St (Starting LG for Eagles) 128. New York Jets (from Arizona Cardinals) - DANIEL LASCO, RB, California (Backup RB for Saints) 157. New York Jets - KJ DILLON, S, West Virginia (Without a team) 207. New York Jets (through San Francisco 49ers (from Broncos)) - VERNON ADAMS JR, QB, Oregon (Without a team) 2017 16. New York Jets - Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State (Starting CB for Saints, Pro Bowl 2017, Defensive Rookie of the Year 2017) 238. New York Jets - Obi Melifonwu, S, Connecticut (Missed most of rookie year through injury, will compete for starting safety job in camp) 370. New York Jets - Taywan Taylor, WR, Western Kentucky (Backup WR for Titans) 106. New York Jets - Eddie Jackson, FS, Alabama (Starting Safety for Bears) 150. New York Jets - Tanner Vallejo, ILB, Boise State (Backup LB for Bills) 191. New York Jets - Elijah McGuire, RB, La.-Lafayette (Part of Jets RB committee, good chance of becoming starter in 2018) 224. New York Jets - Kyle Kalis, OG, Michigan (Redskins practice squad, starting two games for the Colts in rookie year) 22 players drafted, 2 Pro Bowlers, 7 quality starters, 2 fringe starters, 7 backups, 1 practice squad member, 3 FA's. 50% of players being important contributors. Happy enough with that. McCloughan/Allen drafts in that time period for comparison: 27 players drafted, 1 Pro Bowler (Scherff), 6 Starters (Smith, Crowder, Doctson, Fuller, Ioannidis, Allen), 4 Fringe Starters (Perine, Anderson, Nicholson, Roullier), 9 Backups (Jones, Kouandjio, Spaight, Reiter, Sudfeld, Moreau, Sprinkle, Holsey, Harvey-Clemons) 3 Practice Squad members (Mitchel, Marshall, Davis), 3 Free Agents (Jarrett, Spencer, Daniels) and whatever you want to label Sua Cravens at the minute. 40% of players being important contributors.
  11. Trying to look up my previous drafts. Are the 2016 & 2015 mock draft threads still out there somewhere? Can't find them for the life of me. Edit: Got 2016 , no sign of 2015 anywhere but I found my picks saved on the laptop.
  12. @Epochalypse I'm in with the Jets again. Thanks.
  13. ES Soccer Thread

    This puts it to bed anyway. Decision was the correct one even if they made a bit of a balls of the process in giving it. Wonder if Klopp will come out and apologise for not knowing the rules of the game and wrongly calling the referee inadequate.
  14. ES Soccer Thread

    Hopefully this clears it up:
  15. ES Soccer Thread

    That's the rule according to the book so I don't see Clattenburg's argument to be honest. These rules are made in order to give the benefit to the attacking team and that's exactly what happened. "Deliberate" means any attempt to play the ball that results in a touch. The mere fact that it causes so much debate means Liverpool were pretty unfortunate to come out the wrong end of it to be fair. I do think the correct decision overall was probably made though. Yeah I respect the linesman for putting himself out there to be honest too. Most would shirk from the responsibility in that position.