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  1. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Troy Apke S Penn St

    think he would be available in later rds as he was the #2 safety at Penn St. and Marcus Allen was #1 at Penn St. and still available. I would have taken Kyzir White in a heartbeat. He must be a development project and a Special teams player 1st year in their plans. Guy does show speed though.
  2. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    Upset they didn't pick Kyzir White as I think Apke would have been there in later rd's if you want a development project. Don't know if I like this pick but I guess he could contribute on special teams right off the bat.
  3. Here is a stat on ESPN website and why Bruce Allen's firing should be the first point of business: the result is that the Redskins now have only one player left from their eight-member class of 2014, and just six out of 17 players combined from the 2015-16 draft classes (run by former general manager Scot McCloughan). All 10 members of last year's class remain. They have four players remaining from the 2010-13 classes.
  4. Another reason Allen should be fired...here are some stats from our draft picks as noted on ESPN website: " the result is that the Redskins now have only one player left from their eight-member class of 2014, and just six out of 17 players combined from the 2015-16 draft classes (run by former general manager Scot McCloughan). All 10 members of last year's class remain. They have four players remaining from the 2010-13 classes." This is no way to build a team through the drafts with Allen.
  5. With the 53rd pick in Rd 2, Allen chose Cravens... and for that we get to move up 4 picks Rd 4 (109) and lose pick (113),up 7 picks Rd 5(142) and lose pick (149) and get a 163rd Rd 5 pick...all for a 2nd rounder #53 that should be a starter. Nice job doing your homework Allen...as Cravens did the same bull in college at USC. What a waste of a 2nd rd. pick and what a waste of a team President. Take a hike Allen as you have botched too many signings and non-signings and can't figure how to build a team. Go to school with the Rams and Eagles and see how its done.
  6. Now that T Solder from Patriots signed with the Giants, their other T Fleming is visiting the Cowboys....What is up with our OL that we can't get visits Washington? Our OL was eat up with injuries...how about some depth? Take off your blinders Allen!!! And how about Pouncey to replace Spencer Long! Whats going on and stop sleeping!
  7. Yeah, put a second punter on the roster as our punter gets too tired from all the kicking during our games. I realize he won't be on the final roster but how about looking at the quality FA's on the market, or keeping at least some of our starters. Remember all the injuries we had to our OL last year?....and now 2 failed physicals this free agency period and both were Redskins.....Great strength and conditioning job by our staff. Seems we always are in the top 5-10 for injuries year after year. Snyder please sell the team so that you and Allen can take an extended vacation. You have ruined a great franchise and made it a laughing stock for front office management over the last 2 decades.
  8. Why didn't we make a play for OL Justin Pugh or T Nate Solder , or DB Tyrann Mathieu , or C Ryan Jensen, or DL Richardson ... Dontari Poe ....Suh, or CB Kyle Fuller...or any of the pro-bowl players. We picked up WR Paul Richardson and paid big money to someone who wasn't a starter and his career high was 730 yards...even Richardson stated that he was shocked with the Redskins offer, but we didn't even look at Jordy Nelson. Why do we always get the lower rung quality players without even interviewing the pro bowlers. We should have tons of cap space considering the lack of pro bowl players on our roster (2-3) unless some idiot is overpaying average and below average talent....Wonder who that could be? Thank Goodness we re-signed Brown....he was leading the NFL in tackles before his injury with 3 games left and this is what you get for signing previous pro bowl talent. We have to add Spencer Long also to the list of players lost even with our lack of OL depth. This team has too many holes to sit and watch other teams sign the all the decent players and we can't rebuild this years draft with just 7 picks that includes 2 7th rd and no 3rd round. We needed Fuller who Allen gave away with our 3rd. round pick to a team that was getting rid of Smith anyway. Intelligent panic move due to blowing off Cousins long term for cheap money, 2 years ago. Mistakes lead to more mistakes compounded by someone who should have been fired years ago.
  9. So far Richardson WR is only pickup off free agency....We have lost Cousins, Murphy, Grant and Breeland.....Grant had great hands. Fuller was given away in the trade for Smith as well as our 3rd rd. pick.....WHY is Bruce Allen still with the Redskins and what has he accomplished as far as building our team...a losing record? We are going to continue to lose with this maniac and Snyder sits with his thumb up his rump to keep his brains from falling out. We are constantly digressing......while the Eagles and Rams can make changes and go from the bottom to the playoffs and SB trophy in 1 year. Kiss my tickets goodbye and HTTR (Hell to the Redskins). Such a dysfunctional franchise.
  10. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Brown is the beast we need to re-sign and someone to replace Fuller. We need lineman O and D....and a new strength and conditioning coach who can cut down our injuries.
  11. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    I think BA is a lot more than a tool and I do realize that Snyder has done damage to this franchise. BA admitted before the Scotty hire that even he needed to re-evaluate his moves and everyone was being reviewed for their performance. Well, Scotty's gone and another year has gone by and its gotten worse. We are going backwards. Same as BA did in Tampa Bay...Bruce Does need to be fired now but you can't fire the owner sadly. Funny but here's an old bit of Tampa news with a warning at the end....." Call it a panic move, call it cleaning house prematurely, call it a genius move as Gruden/Allen had eclipsed their welcome. The bottom line is what's done is done. Jon Gruden and Allen didnt provide consistent results and so the Glazers moved on. As far as the $25 million left on Gruden/Allen's contracts, if they were to sign somewhere else for more money, the Glazers would be off the hook, if not the Glazers would have to cover the difference. At this point, I don't see either guy signing some where this season, but both will certainly land on their feet for the 2010 NFL Season. Hopefully for that prospective franchise they do not come as a package deal".
  12. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Allen blew it with Cousins when he had the chance to sign him earlier. He definitely did not understand the rise in QB salaries and is inept at judging talent. He wasted too many years "building a team" and is incapable of doing what the Eagles did in 2 years. The Cousin situation was on Bruce so trading for Smith was his only option at trying to save face since he alienated Kirk....but Fuller? Are you kidding me? A 3rd rd pick was enough since Smith was gone from KC anyway and if not , we have McCoy and trade our 1st and 3rd to move up for a QB in the draft...but giving Fuller away also??? Shoot ourselves in the foot trading away an up and coming inexpensive stud on defense where we need to improve..... Fire Bruce Allen now!
  13. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Your right.......going to the games since 1962 and suffering through losing seasons and then rise to the top, only to suffer this BS. Redskins have always been a big part of my life.....I have incurable cancer and was hoping for 1 more SB to enjoy with my kids.....it's history now with this idiot. Will just have to live with the memories and that will have to be enough. Sad franchise we have become. More important things in life anyway.
  14. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Allen destroyed any possible signing of Cousins 2 years ago, losing Fuller will hurt and another waste, Brown should have been given a LTD last year coming off pro bowl seasons, not sold on Breeland as he is up and down and not consistant....if we sign FA's, we won't get 3rd rd comp pick for Cousin leaving. All around pathetic moves by Allen/ this is NOT how you build a team. Take lessons from Eagles how to go from last place to SB in a year.
  15. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)