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  1. Your defense is playing well so far.
  2. Should you go for it here on 4th down?
  3. That penalty hurt your momentum there.
  4. If the Skins can go down and get another TD that would be huge! Dallas would feel very worried then.
  5. As a Packers fan I think the Skins are the best team so far in the East.
  6. TD Skins!!! Yes I enjoy watching the Pukes lose.
  7. I hope you guys win today! Go Skins!
  8. ThePackisback

    Hey Skins fans

    We have the Rams after our bye week in LA. Ouch.
  9. ThePackisback

    Hey Skins fans

    Congrats on last Sunday's Big Win! I hope you stomp Dallas this week.
  10. ThePackisback

    Looking forward

    To watching you guys tonight. My Pack looks done so I'm hoping the Skins win the East. We still love ya despite you taking us to the woodshed 2 weeks ago. We missed 4 field goals, an extra point and Rodgers fumbled twice and lost both. We only lost by 8. We should have been blown out but rooting on you guys tonight.
  11. ThePackisback

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Packers

    I'm a Packers fan but we got beat up bad and didn't deserve to win at all. End of story.
  12. ThePackisback

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Packers

    I don't think it affected the outcome. You guys went three and out anyway on that drive.
  13. I will say the Skins have kicked our butts the last couple times in Fed Ex. We left reeling.
  14. ThePackisback

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Packers

    I hope we don't see you guys in the playoffs after the beating we took.