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  1. Cmon Jets offer this years first and third and a conditional 3rd next year. Make it happen and let's move on
  2. Here’s what we are all missing. KC has not signed his offer, this in fact is holding up what the team can do. If he wants to move on, work out a deal, if not sign the tender and concentrate on a LTD. Holding the team for ransom is a greedy move and this has nothing to with the front office. The, I just want to be wanted excuse is a crock. Gruden stood on a table for him and it was reported that SM even went to bat for him. So what is the real deal? Let’s get on with the offseason, I am waiting for a shiny new toy.
  3. From what understood, We would be working a trade with the niners for KC. In return we would package a couple of draft picks to the Cowboys probably lower rounds like a conditional third and a fifth. they would not end up with a first or second round for a 36 year old QB. If they do, There are a lot more people drinking other then SM