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  1. you know what? I hate to admit it but that Kirk interview does make me feel better...but if this franchise fuggs this up again for a 3rd time....
  2. I like what he said about Gruden a lot
  3. I see nothing wrong with having faith in a higher power. ><>
  4. sorry, I've been fillin' my mind with a ragin' torrent of vodka, flooded with rivulets of despondency, cascading into a waterfall of depressive alternatives....where does one find said audio?
  5. did i just hear on the radio that bruce called Kirk "Kurt" again???...really??...i meAN REALLY?!!!
  6. which, if the 80s n 90s a 27-28yo was hitting his prime then a 31 yo in 2020 is just hitting his prima
  7. ive thought that since 2015 come on know better than what you are perpetuating 2 know
  8. gentlemen...gentilemen...ill say it for the LAST time...Kurt will be our qb longterm come tuesday morn...our fo is NOT that stupid....a lot of marketing n advertising money has been made by stretchin this out...they aint fools...n neither should we b...HTTR!!!
  9. lol you kno me i slide in n i slide out...but i was agreeing with your original statement...except i woulda gone further n taken brad over green...Johnson was a mofo for abouta 5 year stretch...real talk...
  10. We always beat Dallas in the playoffs >: )
  11. didnt andy dalton just sign a $100 million dollar contract...and he's 0 for 4 in the playoffs...
  12. didnt we draft some qb in the 7th and he just decided suddenly to quit football? /never mind he was an udfa
  13. he went to a few pro bowls...and was without a doubt our best qb since ryp
  14. true, good, injuries can happen at the shower...driving...etc..
  15. well, I for one can't stand him because he's Amish....friggin' Quakers creep me out...I'll see them in Mennonite hell!!!
  16. well, they're idiots....but, you know that...
  17. I was opposite, I didn't wanna play the Browns
  18. its all fluff...there is no way in Hades this deal doesnt get done...NO me...