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  1. nice scootin' by that Penn St RB
  2. done that before...jus to let you know for next time, I believe you can always go back and highlight a portion of the quote (even after you have posted it) and delete to shortin'....HTTR!!!
  3. Has anyone else noticed that Mr. Peck and TrueSkins are never here at the same time?
  4. cool cut up...yeah and doesnt look too indecisive either /liked the CB #2 too
  5. your just playin' know most of anyone's yardage is between the 20s
  6. 1) He played 4 seasons at the same school. He only started the last season 2) It took him 4 years in the system before he was good enough to win the job. You better look good after 3+ seasons of riding the bench. Well, for your first two points, he had to wait for this guy to graduate - Marquise Williams, UNC (2012-15) Marquise Williams was an exciting player to watch during his UNC career. In the first part of his college career, he was the second-string quarterback behind Bryn Renner. He has sixth-highest QBR in a season (150.2 in 2015), the fifth-highest career QBR (141.84), fourth-highest career completion percentage (61.3%) and he ranks fifth in career passing yards (7,965). Williams ranks third in passing touchdowns (61), has the fourth-most completions in a season (271 in 2014), ranks fourth in career completions (625), the fourth-most touchdowns in a season (24 in 2015), the sixth-most passing touchdowns in a season (21 in 2014), ranks fourth in career passing yards (7,965 yards) and ranks fifth and sixth in most passing yards in a season (3,072 yards in 2015; 3,068 yards in 2014). Williams holds the record for the most passing yards in a single game. During the 2014 season, Williams passed for 494 yards against the Duke Blue Devils en route to a 66-31 victory. Williams set this record at the beginning of the second half against Duke. Some people labeled Williams as a running back playing the quarterback position. After looking at his statistics, it should be noted that he was a heck of a quarterback who had the skills of a running back. Williams was a second-team All-ACC quarterback in 2015. Williams led the North Carolina Tar Heels to the 2015 ACC Football Championship where they lost to the Clemson Tigers 45-37. He was the first UNC quarterback to be first-team or second-team All-ACC since Chris Keldorf in 1996. As for Mitch - 2015 - Sophomore Season Appeared in nine games, completing 40 of 47 passes (85.1 percent) for 555 yards and six touchdowns • Also rushed 16 times for 101 yards and three scores • Did not throw an interception on the year • Came off the bench after Marquise Williams lost his helmet and completed passes against NC State and Clemson • The pass against the Wolfpack was a first-quarter touchdown, while the completion against the Tigers picked up a first down on third and long • Completed 5 of 5 pass attempts for 84 yards and scored his third rushing touchdown of the year in the win over Miami • Completed all five pass attempts for 43 yards and tallied his third rushing touchdown of the year in the win over Duke • Scored his second rushing touchdown of the year late in the win over Wake Forest • Earned ACC Offensive Back of the Week honors after completing 17 of 20 passes for 312 yards and four touchdowns against Delaware, setting a single-game UNC record for pass efficiency rating at 282 in the process • Also rushed six times for 39 yards against the Blue Hens, with both totals establishing career highs • Completed both passes he attempted in the win over Illinois • Completed 5 of 7 passes for 37 yards and a touchdown and added a 35-yard touchdown run in the NC A&T win • The rushing touchdown was the first of his career. 2014 – Redshirt Freshman Season Named to the 2014 All-ACC Academic Team • Appeared in 10 games • Completed 42 of 78 passes for 459 yards, four touchdowns and four interceptions • Also rushed 11 times for 30 yards • Played the final two series of the Quick Lane Bowl vs. Rutgers and completed seven of nine pass attempts for 65 yards and a touchdown • Completed a 1-yard touchdown pass to Kendrick Singleton against the Scarlet Knights • Finished 6 of 13 for 80 yards and a score in the NC State game • Had 61 passing yards late in the game at Miami • Came off the bench for one snap after Marquise Williams had to leave the game when his helmet came off on the previous play • Tossed a strike to T.J. Thorpe for a 16-yard touchdown that proved to be the game-winning score • Had a season-long rush of 16 yards against Virginia Tech • Completed just 1 of 4 passes against the Hokies and threw an interception that was returned for a touchdown • Finished 6 of 11 for 49 yards at Clemson • Completed 8 of 16 passes for a season-high 103 yards and a touchdown at East Carolina • Finished 10 of 16 with 66 yards and a score in his Carolina debut against Liberty • Redshirted in 2013 after enrolling at UNC in January. 3) It is much more difficult to play in the NFL Very True - but at the very least 32 prior college QBs do it every year 4) Mitch has to learn a new system for the first time in 5 years - Named to the 2014 All-ACC Academic Team 5) It will take Mitch years to learn the bears system well enough to flourish *See Above 6) Before he masters the bear's offense, he will stink the joint up and get the coaches fired, thus starting the "learn a new system" process over **See above the aboved aboved This my ES friends is why Mitch is doomed to failure in the NFL and why he looked so good while only starting 13 games. Although Trubisky started as UNC’s quarterback for one season, he has the highest career quarterback rating for any Tar Heel ever (166.3 from 2014-2016). Trubisky has the third-highest QBR in a season (158.3 in 2016). Trubisky’s QBR in 2015 was the highest in a single season (226.4). Disregard the 2015 QBR because he did not throw at least 100 passes. Trubisky started one game that entire season, in addition to backing up Marquise Williams. Trubisky finished the 2016 college football season as a third-team All-ACC quarterback behind Clemson’s Deshaun Watson and Louisville’s Lamar Jackson. Moreover, Trubisky has the third-highest completion percentage in a season (304-446 pass attempts at 68.2% in 2016), the highest career completion percentage (69.03% from 2014-2016), the most passing yards in a season (3,748 in 2016), ranks fifth in passing touchdowns (41). He has the most completions in a season (304 in 2016) and the most passing touchdowns in a season (30 in 2016). It is safe to say that Trubisky’s 2016 season was one for the record books and one to remember. If and when you look at his footage from the 2016 season, seldom did Trubisky overthrow a receiver. His accuracy and all-around skill set give him a great shot to succeed at the professional level. This is one of the reasons why the Bears selected him with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. Trubisky has the pedigree to become one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL in the near future. Trubisky has projections to be a good NFL quarterback. Some people are concerned that Trubisky was a risky pick for the Bears. Although Trubisky’s professional career and future are up for debate, what he achieved as a Tar Heel speaks for itself.
  7. Oh there's no doubt he will be the highest earning player ever...45 mill already plus 130 mil contract for 5 years already puts him in top 5 category. And all of that before he turns 35....which ain't over the hill for a qb now.... / and all of those around the country who are poo-poo'n the bears decision are going to eat their crow...they obviously haven't watched this kid today's NFL u can't win without a qb...and the bears just found a pro bowler...I bet Mitch wins Roy...any takers???
  8. I always hate to see a Redskin leave....HTTR!!!
  9. true...but I bet we coulda gotten a 2nd after 2015 and 2016
  10. lol that was awesome!!! /still...suck it eagles
  11. we can still place Daniels on PS, right?
  12. No one in the NFL does that crap. No one. if Colt was a realistic or even an adequate comparison to Cuz, where are all these teams that should be calling us up about a trade for him??...if there was even a remote chance that our team sincerely thought Colt could be serviceable then why pay Kirk $45 million over these last two years??...answer - cuz there ain't no comparison and it ain't even close....and everyone in football or with any football acumen and no agendas/biases knows's really absurd to even postulate...either they are being delusional or disingenuous...HTTR!!!
  13. damn...I shouldnta started reading this thread!!!...I aint got the time to truly savor it. ..I gots to go for a bit....but the main thing/vibe I'm gettin' is that we are all at least satisfied or, like me, overjoyed with this draft...and, boy, what a great feelin' this is...for every Skin!!!...bout damn time...lovely reprieve as long as it last....HTTR!!!
  14. I bet KB does too
  15. dude benches 4 fifty??
  16. good God look at the guns on that RB....would make Pittman and Landry jealous
  17. Great job Morne!! Keep it up....hard to do...I know that dark place very well...HTTR!!!
  18. ummm naw...I'll walk you out....just to make sure....and lock the door... ; )
  19. love this pick too...what a beautiful draft for us...this dude just keeps drivin those legs...all heart...
  20. man in those highlights he's just tossin' tackles left and this pick...does look a lot like Wilber...