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  1. 3 minutes ago, crabbypatty said:





    IIRC they offered him $16 million a year after the season. That obviously wasn't enough as he didn't even bother to respond to it, so yes, north of $20 million with more guaranteed money would probably have been what was required to extend him after the 2015 season.


    But even then, everyone knew it was going to take more than $16 mil...he was heading into FA...and that was going to cost us $19+ the only one being disingenuous is whoever authorized that obvious low ball offer...

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  2. 39 minutes ago, AlvinWaltonIsMyBoy said:

    See, I think Jay's ability to develop QBs goes woefully unnoticed around here.  Maybe we'll field a good enough team to find out in a few years. :cheers:


    it had better be this year...for all involved...and they know this...Jay is still going to develop Alex...and every one, including Alex, knows that we are taking a QB next year ... and how good our team performs will directly impact what round we take him...which will make Alex an apt pupil...



  3. 5 hours ago, JSSkinz said:

    I get the other point of view though but I also get why the team is scared to death after blowing it on the RG3 trade and not getting any picks for Kirk, our margin for error is zero right now.


    If we did decide to use the draft to address QB, personally I would rather go all in and give up the picks to get the guy we really wanted.


    There's nothing about Alex Smith that excites me but he's here so let's see what happens.


    well, Alex traditionally hasn't been very exciting...but...he's getting more exciting as he matures...could be we picked him just as he's ripening? We shall see...


    /and that could be very entertaining to watch unfold on many levels



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  4. Payne possesses one of the most impressive combinations of strength and athleticism that we've seen from an interior lineman. He will be the premier run-stuffer in this draft, but he may have enough in the pass rushing toolbox to project as a better pro than college pass rusher. Payne is a game-ready starter who immediately upgrades a defense's ability to slow the run. If teams view him as just a run-down player, then his draft value could fall a little, but he could become a Pro Bowl defender early in his career.

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  5. On 4/12/2018 at 5:58 PM, Darth Tater said:

    No, it makes the point that our draft fails have very little to do with any issues.  From 1969 to 1992, we had a total of three losing seasons, only 1 which saw 10+ losses, only two more non winning ones and were either in the playoffs or in sniffing distance every other year.  We went to 4 SBs in that period, twice beating a division opponents in the NFCC game.  In 1983, we went 14-2 but did not clinch the division until our last game! We did not do this because we were good drafters.

    great points....5 super bowls though...played Miami twiced, Raiders, Denver and Buffalo...

  6. 3 minutes ago, sjinhan said:


    NFLPA need to file a grievance on Grant’s behalf...  I mean Ravens fails him on a physical and voids the contract as soon as Crabtree becomes available then Grant has no problem passing physicals for other teams within days...


    its clear that Ravens has Buyers remorse and costed Grant of any leverage to get a decent deal from other teams!!

    yep...the Ravens should pay the difference between the two contracts

  7. 6 hours ago, JSSkinz said:

    Anyone know why Roquan Smith didn't do the bench press?  This kid is growing on me but I would like to see what kind of strength he has,


    Vea looks like a beast, runs a 5.1 forty and did 41 reps on the bench.

    wow 225 41 times?? thats incredible.