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  1. 5 hours ago, volsmet said:


    It may have been addressed, but Alex Smith is a far superior QB, he will help the running game immensely with pre-snap calls/audibles that take advantage of matchups in ways the Cousin couldnt. Kirk, imho, is a reactionary guy while Smith is someone who sees things in advance. I don’t think they are particularly close, but few agree with that.

    did you see that throw to Diggs?

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  2. On 8/5/2018 at 9:22 PM, Anselmheifer said:


    I disagree with this contention. Coming out of college, Kerrigan was thought of more as a 4-3 DE, and that I think remains his natural fit. As a 4-3 OLB, he much more often is rushing the passer and seldom drops into coverage. He's almost always playing a de-facto DE in a 4-2. Kerrigan is stout enough against the run for our run defense to be solid. Ditto Preston Smith. The traditional 4-3 RDE is a speed player without great size. Only rarely have 4-3 DE's has both thespeed to rush the passer and the power to stop the run. Those players are rare, and that is part of the reason for the rise of the 3-4. It's easier to find personnel. 


    I think we were soft against the run in our 3-4 defense for two reasons. One, our DT's have not been very good for quite some time. Our 4-3 was fine against the run when Allen was playing and before Ioannidis broke his hand. The second reason is that a 4-2 by nature is a nickel defense. There is one less LB close to the line of scrimmage to stop the run. 

    good points...hence the hybrid...a la Sua Cravens...chasin' an Urlacher-esque type

  3. 1 hour ago, OVCChairman said:



    Thats the problem... if you wrap up chest to chest, the defender will either get called for going head first, or will have to stand straight up and down and get bowled over, hoping to bring the ball carrier down in theproces



    Ball is up... goes off receivers hands causing his ribcage to be exposed.  Defender puts shoulder pad into ribcage... no helmet to helmet... textbook tackle... he gets penalized 


    wow, that was a penalty??....they are ruining football...

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  4. 12 hours ago, SWFLSkins said:
    This Notre Dame game showed off everything

    that is beautiful...

    13 hours ago, Morneblade said:


    Not really. But maybe I should clear up a couple things. First, none of the guys mentioned (except one, and I'll get to that later) were not around long enough to solve "that problem". Allen, had 3 good years with us, and in only 2 did he score double digit TD's. I'll also admit, I don't remember how good he was in short yardage, generally speaking. But he was about as good as Alfred Morris in solving that problem. Byner was probably a tougher back in short yardage, but not great and not here that long. And there is Stephen Davis, who I already said I completely forgot about. Now, he was a guy that could get the tough yards, and was with us for several years. He definitely is a guy that deserves to be talked about, and I was wrong in not having used him as "the last guy we had". I totally spaced on him. He, not Riggins was the last guy we had that really solved the problem. Maybe I should have clarified I was looking for Guise to be a long term solution, not a 2-3 year stop gap, like Riggs for example. I hope that clarifies my position.

    the damage we coulda done with Marty Ball n Davis...smh...Rogers was perty good too....

  5. 36 minutes ago, Morneblade said:


    There is a difference between being a good goal to go back and a power back. Marcus Allen was one of the best goal to go backs ever, but he was by no means a power back. Marcus knew how to get into a crease and slip between bodies, and when to go high. Terry Allen was similar. I'll also say, I think our OL was more physical then than ours is now. Currently, we really don't move anyone in short yardage. And more times than not, give up penetration to the DL.Most of the time our guys get stood up and moved back, giving out back no place to go.


    I always liked me some Terry Allen, but he was never a guy like Riggins or Stephen Davis when it came to getting tough yards. He could not make something out of nothing by just bowling a guy over.

    yes, Terry running was like a combo of Bryant and Byner...but bigger...he wasn't small...seems like Terry was 220 ish


    /i was wrong...204lbs...sheesh, way off...musta been the shoulder pads...

  6. 13 hours ago, Darth Tater said:

    Well, we disagree big time then about Allen.  Remember, Terry Allen was one of the best goal to go guys in his era running behind a line that had only one guy of note, Tre Johnson (although, he was probably one of the best during his time).  You might have an argument for Portis although only Samuels should be considered as good as what Riggins got to run behind.  Riggs always had issues with ball security which was not a good problem to have, especially on a Gibbs team. He was not a young pup when he came here and had injury questions.


    Terry Allen was a great goal-line threat...and one of the best we've had in the last 30 5 for sure...and PLEASE let me forget about Riggs....ptsd...philadelphia traumatic syndrome...

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  7. 6 hours ago, Califan007 said:

    I also remember reading somewhere that if a head coach hasn't won the SB in his first 5 years he likely won't win one at all. 


    chuck noll, tom landry, john madden, bill belichick, dick vermeil, bill cower, tony dungy, tom coughlin, pete carrol and I believe mike holmgren and maybe mccarthy...and of course our very own vince lomabardi...all won the super bowl after 5 years at hc...

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  8. 10 hours ago, thesubmittedone said:

    Richardson is going to be a fascinating study for me, even within TC and preseason. 


    Watching a lot of his work with the Seahawks last season, it’s crazy just how little separation he had on so many of his catches. That isn’t a knock on him, YET. Especially considering he made so many of those catches anyway. It’s damn impressive for his size. 


     This is why it’s so fascinating.


    The Seahawks offense with Russell Wilson has not been one of timing or rhythm. As much as fans love to see a QB like Russell make plays, there are negative aspects to it. But without getting into what is a nuanced topic regarding QB play in the pros, one of those negatives leads into the question with Richardson. 


    Was his route running and ability to separate mainly wasted in that offense? Are we going to see him suddenly shine  in that department with a coach who runs an offense that’s all about that? How much of his speed wasn’t capitalized on within the Seahawks offense; is he that burner his combine 40 suggests or is that just who he is on the football field? 


    What’s exciting is we’ve seen him show the ability to make catches in traffic. That is already something Djax wasn’t exactly good at. He’ll catch balls in the middle of the field. If he can be anything like the deep burner Djax was and if he can show that his route running skills are as precise as our offense requires, we might actually have a guy who ends up being a steal in Free Agency, which is a tough task considering his contract. 


    Those are significant ifs, of course, and it’s a rarity to see such things pan out so wonderfully in FA... but that’s what makes this case so fascinating because I think there’s a pretty decent shot for the above to happen here. 


    I also think the answers have a good chance of presenting themselves quickly. One has to always be careful to judge FA acquisitions too quickly as they can take time to adjust, but if Richardson’s abilities were under-utilized within the Seahawks offense we’ll see the difference in terms of separation almost immediately. I know Gruden’s offense emphasizes precision route running to an extreme, so it still might take Richardson time to get it... but he’s going to get the ball thrown at him with more rhythm and timing than he’s ever seen. 

    so maybe he is more like a Garcon/Djax hybrid...not quite Desean speed but more than Garcon...not quite Garcons hands but better than Jackson's over the middle...

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  9. 1 hour ago, SWFLSkins said:


    I never wrote that one last year, lol. 

    well Trey Quin could write one last year, right now!...its some kinda quantum entangled einstein paradox power he has...or is that just what I'm smokin...

    Cali gif take me outta here



    Thank you...ummm, which ways the exit?

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  10. 3 minutes ago, crabbypatty said:





    IIRC they offered him $16 million a year after the season. That obviously wasn't enough as he didn't even bother to respond to it, so yes, north of $20 million with more guaranteed money would probably have been what was required to extend him after the 2015 season.


    But even then, everyone knew it was going to take more than $16 mil...he was heading into FA...and that was going to cost us $19+ the only one being disingenuous is whoever authorized that obvious low ball offer...

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  11. 39 minutes ago, AlvinWaltonIsMyBoy said:

    See, I think Jay's ability to develop QBs goes woefully unnoticed around here.  Maybe we'll field a good enough team to find out in a few years. :cheers:


    it had better be this year...for all involved...and they know this...Jay is still going to develop Alex...and every one, including Alex, knows that we are taking a QB next year ... and how good our team performs will directly impact what round we take him...which will make Alex an apt pupil...



  12. 5 hours ago, JSSkinz said:

    I get the other point of view though but I also get why the team is scared to death after blowing it on the RG3 trade and not getting any picks for Kirk, our margin for error is zero right now.


    If we did decide to use the draft to address QB, personally I would rather go all in and give up the picks to get the guy we really wanted.


    There's nothing about Alex Smith that excites me but he's here so let's see what happens.


    well, Alex traditionally hasn't been very exciting...but...he's getting more exciting as he matures...could be we picked him just as he's ripening? We shall see...


    /and that could be very entertaining to watch unfold on many levels



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