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  1. The Conspiracy Thread

    yeah...someone needs to bring this up to the media and make a big stink because this is collusion on some level...
  2. The Positive Thread

    Our Extremeskins is the best fan board I've seen
  3. The Positive Thread

    lol I know but apparently thats the rule now...mug 'em but make sure you turn your head around...
  4. The Positive Thread

    yeah...I don't know how he got enough on it...and put it in stride and on the getting better...we are lucky..
  5. The Positive Thread

    Cali!!! pooper ; ) I don't care if it was because wind, rain or blind luck...we beat a good team on the road to go 3-2 ever for the Redskins..seriously when have we ever started 0-2 (shoulda been 1-1) and won the next 3 with 2 on the road to improve to game back...I like our trajectory...and the Defense is definitely improving...their tackling was night and day...kudos to you for pointing out that Barry puts them in position...they proved it on Sunday...HTTR!!!
  6. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    3rd...everyone be safe....mostly dont go out jogging...always amazed me how people would go out in it...
  7. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

  8. The Conspiracy Thread

    when I get my first td im going to do the "football is The Golden Idol" routine in the this... /unless its already been done..
  9. The Conspiracy Thread

    well you could tell the net was natural...nature vs nurture, Wildbunny...nature always wins...
  10. The Conspiracy Thread

    That's conspiracy here...its blatant
  11. The Positive Thread

    Trent Murphy will get 16 sacks....if he keeps playing like he's playing and gets more snaps...14 isn't delusional thinking....from what I've seen he's been Johnny on The that he's lost those xtra pounds the coaches had him put on, he looks quicker than I've ever seen him...the plays he's in he's always around the ball...plays with very opportunistic instincts....he's smart...good size..and he wants to I'll predict 16 Sacks 55 Tackles 6 FF 3 Ints...yep looks about right to me...
  12. The Positive Thread

    lol he should be ashamed of himself.....and some one should let him know that a man who drinks like that is going to die....
  13. The Positive Thread

    fastest TE to 200 catches ever...
  14. The Positive Thread

    we're in 3rd place after starting 0-2...our running game seems to be heating back up...haven't seen it as good since wks 1 n 2 last year....I should probably knock on wood before I say this...knock knock...who's there??...Decimated..... Decimated whom??...a team that isn't totally decimated by injuries after week 4...we've lost some guys we were depending on... rough loses (looses?)...but the team as a whole, and this is the ultimate team sport, isn't just just paper thin...I mean, its not like a book shelf you bought at the Kwik-E-Mart down the know, a thin mahogany veneer and then cheap ass particle I guess I'm happy because we are acquiring depth and not debt thanks to GMSM...he's building a foundation...a foundation that will give us so much freedom in so many ways...unimagined ways...we will be able to make decisions that are malleable...flexible...through out this entire organization...we are already seeing the benefits in just his second season..sure we are banged up but our depth is paying's a long season....and a war of attrition...HTTR!!!
  15. Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    TY FS!! You are a life saver!!
  16. 2017 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    well first of all we wont pick that worst we will be 15th or 16th...
  17. Random Thought Thread

    CBass...that'd been genius
  18. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Good question, I always just assumed they had their own cameras when i played in HS...
  19. Random Thought Thread

    ahahhaha...we need to do that interview with overdubbed real voices!!!
  20. Random Thought Thread

    Here's my random thought... let's start a 4-8 team league where the fans vote on what play to run next (4-6 plays) on O an D...the fans have 10 seconds to vote... the votes are tallied and the team has to run the play with the most votes no matter what...would have to figure out how to stop the opposing teams fans voting bad plays for your team...or maybe that would just even out... /and no you can't have what ive been smoking...chits expensive,,,obviously..
  21. Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    You are awesome FS!!
  22. Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    ty KB & FS21 !!!
  23. Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    dont have nfl there another place?
  24. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Well that was quick! well, i think it was more that got him banned